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How To Deal With Busyness | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

How To Deal With Busyness

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Stop being so busy

4 more days to my first exam paper. It is the high time for stuffing myself with coffee, energy drinks and enjoy as little sleep as possible. Really busy with studies now but I will still commit to write every single week. Commitment is needed to things that you care about. Anyway, exams will be over soon and I will share with you some new stuff that I want to implement here at HMS. Stay tuned!


Are you constantly being busy?

If you find yourself constantly being busy, this article is for you.

The problem with busyness is that it is myopic. You can be really busy but all you do is running very darn hard in a hamster wheel.

There is a very big problem there, can you see it? Running really hard in a hamster wheel gets you nowhere. It also doesn’t help in your social life because you have to reject every request to hang out as you are so busy with running in the wheel.

Ask Questions. Ask Really Good Questions

When I find myself getting busy, I ask myself 2 questions.

1. What am I so busy at?
2. Am I getting results with the things that I am busy at? (Remember the 80/20 Principle?)

I can be so busy and work 16 hours per day but if I end up only reading and checking emails, my time isn’t fully utilized. In this case, being busy is just a waste of time and energy.

How To Get Rid Of Busyness

If you are busy with the things that you care about, it is ok to be busy because you are doing something that you enjoy. In fact, do more of it.

However, if you find yourself unwillingly sucked into the busyness whirlpool, it is time to take action.

The best way to stop being so busy is simply to decide to be not busy.

Start eliminating instead of adding. Are there things that you can cut out instead of adding on? Find those tasks and cut them off. You do not need the best productivity system in the world to help you to deal with your 100 tasks per day. All you need is to understand simple arithmetic and start subtracting instead of adding.

Think of it as decluttering your life. Just like how clutters tend to appear in your life as time goes by, it is the same with your life. Tasks that are worth little (clutters) tend to add up in your life and encumber you.



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