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A Small Hiccup And An Update For You | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

A Small Hiccup And An Update For You

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My final year exam takes place in 3 weeks time. It means that it is the time for me to study in school and not leaving until night time and not to mention the many cups of coffee that accompanies me.

Life Throws You Curve Balls

I had mentioned earlier that I want to launch my first ever product at HMS on early April but it seems that I will not be able to do so.

I had completed the productivity ebook and the fast action guide workbook that comes along with it. It is ready to be launched but I decided to push the deadline back.


I can go ahead and launch the ebook right now, however it won’t do the readers and the product much justice.

One thing that bothers me is that I won’t be able to dedicate my full attention and time to the customer service area if I launch the product now. This is because I am spending so much time on my studies and I don’t think I will be able to give my best in marketing the product and also keeping up with providing the best value for my supporters of the product.

This is the first ever product for HMS and I’m really thrilled about the experience of launching it. I will ensure that I give my best to make it a remarkable product.Hence, I decided that I will push back the deadline.

Direction For HMS

I have been thinking a lot about the direction that HMS is heading. (Talk about being distracted while preparing for my exams) I believe that I will need to create a new agenda for HMS.

HMS doesn’t really have a clear agenda and message to everybody and sometimes I wonder if this is inhibiting the growth of the blog. I also wonder if I am attracting the right crowd.

This is to ensure that I am writing for the right people so that people will be able to make full use of the ideas and value that I share through my articles.

Anyway, my exam will end in June and I will announce any changes along the way.

That would be all for today’s article. Keep striving to be your best.


P.S: If you have any questions about how to be more productive, motivation or eliminating procrastination, let me know and I will see what I can add on to my new productivity ebook. Share with me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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6 Responses to “A Small Hiccup And An Update For You”

  1. Mike says:

    I just want to wish you the best on your product launch. As for the direction of your blog, people are always searching for unique quality content whether it be in health and fitness or any other niche so putting your own special touch to the site makes it what it is.
    Mike´s last blog post ..Diet Mistakes and How To Maintain Weight Loss

  2. Harry says:


    Just some random thoughts about your blog. Perhaps you want to narrow it down a little bit so that you focus on only one or two areas that you are really passionate about and feel easy to produce great content for. I love your writing and I think you will succeed even more if your blog is more focused.

    Regarding the ebook, you can always give it a test by sharing its basic outline, such as table of content, before fully committing time to work on it. I know it’s hard to launch a product, especially when you have other obligations in life. Again, wish you best luck and please keep it up. 😉
    Harry´s last blog post ..Eight Common Goal Setting Mistakes

    • Vincent says:

      I thought about giving a whole agenda behind the categories. As it is of now, HMS is a personal development blog, but how does it help others and what message does it carry?

      As of right now, HMS is a very general personal development blog with a blurred mission. I hope to address it by giving it a purpose and agenda. I

      I like the idea of testing by sharing the basic outline of the ebook before working on it. I should have done it earlier. I will definitely note this down for my next launch.


  3. Vincent,

    I love your blog and definitely think it has a clear direction in terms of health (mental, physical, and spiritual). I’m really looking forward to your product launch – a little disappointed at the delay, but happy that it’s important enough to you to do it right even if it takes a little more time.

    Keep up the great work, and good luck with your studies!
    Sandra @ Get Relationship Back´s last blog post ..Why Did He Break Up With Me? The Real Answer…

    • Vincent says:

      I’m a little disappointed about it though but I hope that the delay means that I will be able work a little more on the ebook before launching it to the world. Thanks for dropping by!