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Why Solving Problems Makes Your Bank Account Grow (It Makes You A Better Person Too) | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Why Solving Problems Makes Your Bank Account Grow (It Makes You A Better Person Too)

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how to solve problems

Do you hate problems? I bet most people do and want to avoid problems. Who loves it when they have a big problem to solve?

But think about it. Are really having problems in your life a bad thing?

Avoiding Problems Will Hurt You Badly

If you hate problems, most likely you are moving really slowly in your personal development highway.

Life is full of obstacles and problems and the only way we can move forward is to tackle the problems and overcome all the obstacles blocking us from our destination.

Being able to solve bigger problems also means that your bank account is going to benefit from it.

A janitor is paid much lesser than a CEO because a janitor solves smaller problems as compared to a CEO.

How much can an entrepreneur flourish first lies in how is he or she able to solve problems for others. If you can solve problems for others and bring more value to people’s life, you will be able to create a decent business and make an income out of it.

Decide To Grow Now

Stop avoiding problems in your life. What are the things that bother you? What are some of the problems that you are facing?

Face up to them. Solve a problem and move up to a higher level problem. This is like a game of leveling up. Once you are able to tackle level 1 monsters, you will proceed to tackle level 2 monsters and so on. Being able to tackle higher level monsters mean that you get better rewards (experience and items).

If you can feel the entrepreneur in you calling, ask yourself what are some of the problems that you or others are facing and turn it into a business.

Some problems may include:

Problem: Mum worried about child not making grades in school.

Solution: Provide tuition or open a tuition agency.

Problem: Website owners have trouble keeping up with writing content for their sites.

Solution: Sell them your service. Provide article writing service.

Problem: People finding it hard to cook healthy meals.

Solution: Sell catering service. Prepare ready to eat meals and sell the service.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Stop avoiding problems and start finding bigger ones to solve.


Following Up

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You always have a start doing list. But do you have a stop doing list (which is equally or more important)

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2 Responses to “Why Solving Problems Makes Your Bank Account Grow (It Makes You A Better Person Too)”

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey just had a read through and uv got to
    Say this is sounding worrying familiar but as
    My new years resolution was to develop the skill and mind set
    Of positive thinkin I’m looking at it like all these problems I have been
    Putting of solving are actuall opputunItes to grow and improve
    There fore soon as I deal with them I’ll be much further in my goal
    Thanks Vincent this is nearly as good as the differences between
    Winners and losers which iv book marked and reference weekly
    This site is seriously informative hope your carving your way to succses