Why Reading Too Much Can Be Disastrous

Read too much and not taking action

Most people stop reading when they graduate from college and the graduation signals the stop of their education. I recommend others to read more but reading more without taking action can also be disastrous for one’s personal growth journey.

Read Religiously But At The Right Time

It is appropriate and normal for you to start reading about a new skill that you want to acquire. Learning from books is one of the best ways to acquire any skills that you want.

Most people don’t read and they stop finding ways to grow themselves. However, some people waste too much time reading that they got stuck in consuming information and not applying it.

One big mistake one can make is to stop reading and learning. Another mistake would be to read and not do anything with the new found information.

You can read all you need about starting an online business but it isn’t going to happen unless you put the knowledge into good use. You can also read all about fitness, simplicity, personal development and losing weight but nothing will happen unless you stop reading and start applying your new knowledge. Reading helps you to get the understanding of the subject but nothing will happen when all you do is read and not taking action.

The Key To Getting Results Fast

The key to learning anything fast is to learn and do it at the same time. I am learning how to write sales letter for my upcoming new ebook. It is something new that I never did before and I bought a course that teaches me how to write sales letter.

Another thing that I did is I go through each module and apply everything new that I had picked up immediately. Learning and applying what I picked up at the same time means that I will get quicker results because anything new that I learn will be quickly put into action.

What You Can Learn From This

1. Learn What You Need Only When You Need It

Don’t start learning something when you are not ready to apply it. Don’t start learning about marketing a blog when you don’t even have a blog yet. Learning how to set up a blog will be a better choice.

Don’t spend so much time consuming information when you are not ready to apply anything. You will simply end up forgetting everything and you will need to waste time to re-read what you had read before.

2. Apply Something Immediately When You Learn Something

It is harder to recall what we learn through reading and listening compared to actually doing it. The knowledge sticks with you when you learn and apply it immediately.

Whatever you read, find a way to apply it immediately. This helps to build momentum and the bonus is that you will get faster results too.

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  1. Its like you’re writing this to me. Boy can I waste time reading stuff that does not relate to what I am currently doing. But its a great way to back up the fear which is the reason behind not doing.

    These are great reminders and its good to know that I’m not the only one reading stuff that is for future reading. Focus on what needs to be done now and not what needs to be done after several steps are completed. Thanks

    • You’re not alone Catherine. I’m like that too but I do my best to get myself out of that situation. You can do it too!


    • Thanks for dropping by. This is a common problem that most people suffer from but once they start creating instead of consuming, everything will change.

      I just read your article, “The one question you are not asking yourself, but you should”, it is a great piece and that advice is priceless. That is the most important question to ask when one is creating a business.


  2. I had to laugh when I read the title of this article. I know exactly what you mean. The one that stuck out for me what learning what you need to know only when you need it; it just doesn’t make sense otherwise. Interestingly, at the end of the month I will be taking this course for this application at work that I will be supporting and of course my concern is that by the time I need to use what I learned, I would have forgotten it… in fact, I know I will. My plan is to regularly work my knowledge. 🙂
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