How Changing Your Beliefs Can Bring You Success Part 1

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The Power Of Beliefs

What are beliefs? Belief is a set of thinking that will provide you with meaning and guidance in your life. They are our perceptions of the world.

Beliefs are the commander of your brain and when you think that something is true, your beliefs will command the brain to look for facts that support your beliefs.

That is to say that if you believe that you can be successful in life, be it being happy, wealthy or healthy, you have already won half the battle. Your brain will search for the facts that will support your beliefs.

This shows that your beliefs is one of the most powerful forces that you can use to give birth to your excellence.

You have seen people who have been empowered by beliefs and overcome great obstacles because they have deep beliefs that they can succeed. Your beliefs can help you tap to your deep inner resources and use them to reach your desired goals.

If you have read my previous post on Nick Vujicic, you will see that he is a good example for someone with deep beliefs. He believe that he can overcome his physical disability and God will definitely be beside him to help him. He also believe that God will want him to use his story to inspire thousands and millions of people and it is this belief that help him to break all the walls that are obstructing him and direct himself to where he is today.

Double Edge Sword

Are you using beliefs to your advantage? Have you heard of the placebo effect of drugs? It is the improvement in health but not attributable to any medical treatments or drugs. Research have shown people recovered miraculously when doctors gave them drugs that were stated to help them improve their condition but the drugs that were administered were actually of no medicinal properties. This shows that the patient’s strong belief that the drugs will cure them actually help them in their self recovery. How strong beliefs can be!

What if you are using negative beliefs in your life? What if you are thinking that you can’t be as good as your colleagues and you are always late. Do these beliefs help you?

What you think is what you get. Even if you are skillful at what you do, you can get lousy if you think you are lousy because your brain will scour for information to help you support your beliefs. This is somehow the scientific version of the law of attraction as stated in “The Secret.” What you believe is what you get.

“They can because they think they can.”

Look at the above picture. Is it a concave or concurve? You can see it as either way because either way you are right.

“Man is what he believes.”
Anton Chekbov

How to create beliefs that will empower you.

1. The role models – Who are your role models or do you even have one? If you do not have one I suggest you better read up more books and know who and where you want to be in the next 10 years. Find someone that you want to be like them and learn from them.

2. Environment – The environment plays a big part in fostering beliefs. Have you noticed that why is it that people in the Ivy League seems to be smarter and work harder? It is because of the healthy and positive environment around them! They see people in the school studying, working hard, graduated and land a job that pay them good money. This positive environment let them believe that it is possible for them to achieve the same results by applying the same strategies.

What if they are put in a bad environment. Environment that have people smoking weeds, taking drugs and fighting seems to take over the importance of studying. Do you think they will succeed in graduating from college? I highly doubt so and I also predict that they will start to learn from the people around them and they will gradually become one of them.

If you are in an environment that you think cannot aid to your prosperity, change it. Find a place that you can learn and improve yourself. If you have friends that are negative and keep saying that you can’t succeed in life, run away from them as quick as you can. If your house is in the street where there are only disastrous sights to be found, move to the other street. Find a place where there are positive energy flowing around the neighborhood and there are bountiful of successful people who will empower you and soon you will find that you will become one of them.

3. Knowledge – Gaining knowledge through reading, watching movies or on the internet can help you to gain new positive beliefs. By studying the accomplishment of others, you can create the belief that you need in order to succeed. One great movie I would recommend would be “The Pursuit of Happiness” starring Will Smith. It is a wonderful movie that shows how Chris Gardner struggled with poverty and getting rich in the end. The story is based on real story and it is possible to find that your eyes are teary when you see the obstacles he faced.

This is the end of part 1 and I will continue to elaborate on other points on creating empowering beliefs in part 2.

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6 Responses to “How Changing Your Beliefs Can Bring You Success Part 1”

  1. Vincent says:

    @Hi Keith,

    Got to agree with you. Changing our circumstances is within our power and by changing our thoughts we will be changing our reality.

    Personal Development Blogger

  2. Keith says:

    This article is fantastic! You couldn’t be more right about the power of beliefs! If you find youself in circumstances that are holding you back, then CHANGE those circumstances. This is within our power! Super good article.