“Teach Me Something New” and Why This Is A Foolish Approach

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Teach me something new is not a good approach

After spending 8 years of reading personal development books, I found out one astonishing fact.

There is nothing new.

I had read about personal success from great authors from Napolean Hill, Anthony Robbins, Stephen R. Covey, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy and many other awesome authors that I am unable to completely list down here.

These are excellent authors and they have great philosophy that I believe help many others to achieve success in their life.

I would say I learn a lot from their books but I found out that there isn’t anything new. Once you read enough personal development books, you will find out that there isn’t anything new and all you need is to understand the core message and get out there and apply the new knowledge that you gained.

Search For The Elixir Will Put You Through More Misery

Are you on the search for elixir?

Elixir doesn’t exist. I don’t believe there is anything like that and if you will be simply wasting your time if you are searching for something like this.

It is the same in personal development. Are you searching for the “next big thing” that will help you transform your life?

If you are, be prepared for more disappointments. Because there isn’t any next big thing that will help you turn your life around.

Should I Continue To Read Personal Development Books?

Even though the core message in every personal development books is similar, I don’t think you should stop reading them anytime soon.

The point that I am driving to is that you shouldn’t have the mindset that you are searching for “the next big thing” that will help you transform your life. All the ideas and concepts that can transform your life or make your life a better one can be found in almost every personal development books.

The key is to apply and follow through, which means take action!

Once you embrace the mindset that you do not need to search for the missing piece of jigsaw puzzle and just apply everything that you learn from the current personal development book that you are reading, you will experience almost instant results.

What Do You Plan To Do Now?

I believe you should keep reading and learning. Even though most personal development books contain the same core message, you tend to gain some new knowledge every time you read a new book.

If you read consistently, you learn better because repetition is the base of learning. We may not get the idea the first time we read a book, but getting the same message over and over again will help us understand it better and hopefully induce us to go and apply the knowledge that we picked up.

So stop searching for the elixir and start applying everything that you picked up from the current personal development book that you are reading. It is going to help you to get so much more in life.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Note: If you want to take action, read this article about overcoming analysis paralysis and this article on how to get things done even when you don’t feel like doing anything.

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6 Responses to ““Teach Me Something New” and Why This Is A Foolish Approach”

  1. chi says:

    Do you consider yourself a successful person earning a comfortable amount of money and enjoying good health?

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Chi,

      I’m pretty happy with my life right now but I still seek improvement in all areas of my life. I believe self improvement is a life long process and I hope to keep growing and improving.


  2. helen says:

    you are right. I always found the same thing. I think I already read enough post related to personal development. but if I dont apply them nothing would actually make great change in my life. sometimes I just enjoy the progress of reading those stuffs even forget why I am reading. It seems sucks, I really hope I can take action as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Helen,

      This is the first step – Awareness. Once you are aware of the fact that you are not taking enough action, it is possible for you to change. The power to change is in your hand. Go for it!


  3. Hi Vincent, I am completely agree with you.

    Actually people have many tools to self-help but many people fail because of 3 issue.

    Issue 1: They are not enough organized
    This is the main problem. You may have great talent or be super intelligent but without a plan you can’t reach any peak.

    Issue 2: they try everything without succeed
    People need to understand they need to focus on a main topic and succeed it. After that, they can pass to another step. So the issue 2 is something related to issue 1.
    Again organization is a requirement. People need to understand how to chuck-down their aims and how to create task and sub-task

    Issue 3: they don’t have any external help
    People often believe they are able to do the work themselves. This is a limitation that only poor people have. Only poor people do everything themselves. Rich people use consultant and use to delegate to other.
    I know it, because I have fail so many times. And every time I wish to do something that I know I didn’t have the technology or the knowledge, I use to give up or try to study the problem myself.
    The conclusion was that after I have studied the technology, someone else have had already come in the market with the same idea I originally have.
    So now I have a different approach, I use to ask help to other that knows the problem better than me.
    I use to ask how to solve my problem to people that HAVE had experience with the same or similar issue.

    Hope that help 🙂
    Ecletticamente´s last blog post ..Qual è lo scopo primario della tua vita? Decidi che cosa vuoi veramente

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Ecletticamente

      Thanks for the great input. Asking for help is one of the things that most people have difficulty with. However, they will be surprised by how efficient they are when they seek help and there are so many people out there that can help us make our journey a much easier one.