What If You Only Have 10 Years To Live? And What Would I Do

What If You Only Have 10 Years To Live

Since Steve Jobs passed away, I have been thinking about how fragile is life. No one can predicts what will happen tomorrow and we have is only today.

I idolize Steve Jobs. He is a great innovator and he builds Apple Inc into one of the most influential and biggest company today.

He also made a speech at Stanford that I watched countless of times. I still go back to watch the video to remind myself about the valuable lessons that I had picked up.

He not only changed our life with iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac, he also changed many lives of others with his teachings and this includes the students who attended or people who had watched his commencement speech at Stanford University.

Below is the wallpaper on my iPhone and it includes one of my favorite quotes from Steve Jobs which is;

Steve Jobs Quote

“Remembering that you are about to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Wonderful quote. The first time I read this quote, I felt enlightened and empowered that I believe I can squash any fear that want to stop me from progressing.

When our time on earth is limited and we only have a finite amount of time to do what we want to do, you wouldn’t want to spend time on things that don’t matter to you. You will shift your focus on doing things that matters and things that you believe in.

I decided that I would not conform to the society norms such as getting a job after I graduate from University or working hard and retire only at 65 years old. I also don’t want to think of traveling is a once a year event.

*Note: Retirement age is being pushed back and I can imagine it being pushed back more for the next decade. Do you really want to work to your 70s?

My Question To You – Your Last 10 Years

I find myself asking this question.

“What if I only have 10 years to live? What will I do to make it a much fuller and meaningful life that I will be proud to share with others?”

10 years is a pretty decent time. You will be able to achieve many things during this period and at the same time, it also isn’t too long for you to idle and settle.

Asking this question makes me feel clearer about what I truly want to do. I also know there isn’t anything to fear since I know time is limited and I have nothing to lose.

If I only have 10 years to live, I will make sure that I take massive action to help build HealthMoneySuccess into a blog with wide reach so that I am able to inspire more people to take charge of their life and live their best life.

This includes helping others to get out of thinking that they need to conform to the norms and stay stuck in doing things that they hate (think job) and also do things that they can enjoy while they can.

How about you?

What if you only have 10 years to live?

What are the things that you will stop doing?

What are the things that you will start doing?

Take your time and think about these questions. Write your answer down in your journal or create a Vision Board to paste your answer on it. This can help to serve as reminders so that you do not stray away from your True Path.

These questions can help you to get unstuck and help you to start moving and create the life that you desire. So spend some time to think about these questions. I believe you will find some interesting answers that will help you to start making significant progress in your life.


  1. Great post Vincent. These are some great questions, especially this time of the year. Well to be honest, any time of the year. Was reading one of your other posts after finding your site for a specific search…and stumbled on this post.

    Take care man and have a Happy New Years!

    Sean Mitchell´s last blog post ..Persistence and Energy

  2. Funny, I was just telling a friend how I listen to Steve Jobs Stanford speech all the time. It really makes you think deeply about the purpose of life and why god put us here to begin with.
    So when I ask myself ” what would I do if I had ten years to live” most of my answers seem unrealistic and impossible to achieve ” . So then I ask myself to give a more realistic answer and its still difficult because my brain isprogrammed to fight what really makes us happy because we r too afraid to take risks that society doesn’t agree with or think is immature or unrealistic for that matter.

    I think our biggest battle is taking risks bc we r afraid of failure or afraid that society might not approve.

    But to answer the question. What would I do if I had ten years to live??? Maybe I’ll paste this question on my iPhone screen and read it everyday till I can come up with a honest, realistic answer….

    • Seeing the question over and over again and asking yourself the same question will help you to get the answer that is most aligned to your value.

      Society may not approve of what we want to do but it doesn’t mean that what we want to do is not the best for us.


  3. Hi Vincent, thank for asking and apologize for my dreadful English 😀

    What I wanted to say was that the “moment od make a decision” is gold.
    In that moment your destiny could really change and so your life.

    In this field (leadership, self help, motivation) straordinary people are studied in order to understand why they are able to do straordinary things.

    Bat at the base of that there is the process of “make THE decision”

    Hope I had explained better my mind 🙂

    ps. thanks a lot for compliment in my picture. I wanted figure out the power of our mind and its ability to perform in many field the human nature knowand yes the brainstorming properties 🙂
    Eclettico´s last blog post ..Le credenze, come si creano e come si distruggono

  4. Hi Vincent, thank for your post I found as usual very interesting.
    This is the first time I post on your blog, but I am really going to do it much more often.

    Steve Jobs was driven by passion, passion to discovery new things and to leave his own mark.

    I this is the absolute starting point in order to decide to start doing something useful for own life

    • Hi Eclettico

      I love your display picture. Is that someone brainstorming or?

      It would be great to hear more of your input. I look forward to hearing more from you.


  5. hey,vincent!

    yeah, I am listening to his speech recently too!

    We should believe something, believe our choice will connect down with our road and that will make all the difference!

    According to his words,I think the most important things in our life is to have our own dreams and believe it will come true by our commitment to the dream! Its more than the result we want to achieve and the future others told us that will our life more than now if we take their advice. Its all about what we want and to what extent we believe that we can make it !

    I really dont like to take advices and dont like communicate so much with friends who tell me what I am doing is useless and silly by giving me an overwhelming amount of reasons to follow their ideas in a high speed talk. Remember, the most important thing is follow your heart! And it will make all the difference!

    yeah! its what I think and you are allowed to have your own idea!

    • Hi Helen,

      There will be people who wants to put us down and I’m glad that you didn’t fall into the trap of listening to them. Keep going strong. 🙂