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How To Be Happy And Make Achieving Your Goals Easier | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

How To Be Happy And Make Achieving Your Goals Easier

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How To Be Happy And Achieve Your Goals

Everyone has their own journey and each of us have our own set of goals. Our goals and journey may differ but everyone will definitely go through some hardship before they achieve their goals.

There will be time when life hits hard at you and reaching your goal seems so impossible. Some may find this journey too hard for them and give up trying altogether.

I don’t hate the fact that the journey to achieve our goals are filled with obstacles. In fact, I find them necessary. This doesn’t mean that I actively seek out problems to stress myself out. But whenever I face obstacles, I see them as challenges that will help me grow.

Barrier As A Filter

I don’t know how you feel towards obstacles and barriers that appear during your journey. However, I recommend that you see them as something positive instead of something that you want to avoid at all cost.

As I had already said, obstacles and barriers help us grow and become better at what we are doing.

Another thing about barriers and obstacles is it helps to filter away people who are not committed to their goals. It helps to separate the people who are not committed to achieving their goals from serious achievers who will surmount any obstacles in front of them.

I hope you are at the side where the serious achievers are instead of the light achievers. You can have many fancy goals to show off to others but it isn’t any big deal when you can’t achieve any of it.

Focus On Enjoying The Process, Not The Destination

I find that there are many life lessons that you can pick up from running. I had written article about 7 life lessons that we can pick up from running previously and you may want to read it first.

I don’t really like running at first. However, I run long distance every weekend now and it is something that I look forward to.

Sometimes people wonder how I can wake up early just to run and why I run long distance every weekend. Many people find long distance running boring. They rather spend that good 3 hours in the morning to sleep in rather then run.

Why is it that I can’t wait to wake up at 5 am to go for my run during the weekend and other people just want to continue lying on their bed?

It may be passion but I think there is a more important lesson here.

Learning to focus on the enjoyment of the process instead of focusing on the destination (outcome).

People focus on how hard and grueling the process will be to run 20 miles and this makes them give up before they even started.

I don’t focus on how hard my weekend runs will be. I will give up running anytime if I were to focus on the difficulties and the pain of running 20 miles.

When I think of running, I associate adventure and exploration to it. I find new destination to run every weekend. There will be new routes and new places that I can reach by foot. I take photos of places that I ran to and I share them on Facebook. I make the process of running fun and this allows me to enjoy running. The process of running makes me happy and this in turn makes it much easier for me to reach my destination.

Is Your Journey Fun?

Are you enjoying your journey? Are you finding it pleasurable to take action everyday to achieve your goals? If you are not happy during your journey and you find it so hard to move forward, you are self-sabotaging yourself.

If you are not happy in your journey and you are not enjoying it, ask yourself this question – are you focusing on enjoying the process or reaching the destination?

When you find your journey too hard to take and you associate so much pain to it, it is easy to give up on everything. However, making the process enjoyable will make it much easier for you to reach your destination.

So are your enjoying your journey? If not, it may be time to shift your focus on enjoyment of the process instead of thinking too much about the destination.

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3 Responses to “How To Be Happy And Make Achieving Your Goals Easier”

  1. Lawrence says:

    Thanks Vincent for the sharing, yes indeed obstacles are part and parcel of our journey towards our goals, guess the challenge for many is the temptation of opting for the easier option – give up/ quit, rather than to persevere and enjoy the process.

  2. Vincent says:

    Thanks Harry. I have been running a lot more lately and hence there are more articles on with the hybrid between personal development and hybrid.

    I hope all is well at your side and keep running. 🙂


  3. Great post, Vincent.

    I took up running lately and I can relate to what you wrote here. There’re some great lessons to learn in running that can be applied to reaching goals. Love to see more of your posts on running and personal development topics.