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Update On The Upcoming Ebook | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Update On The Upcoming Ebook

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 update on the upcoming ebook

I have been working hard on the new upcoming ebook recently. I had mentioned about it in a few of my earlier articles and I’m planning to release it on October. I’m still adding content into the book and I want to make sure that it is of high value to the readers. I’m sharing my productivity and time management tips in this ebook. The aim is to help readers of HMS and the book to be productive and take massive action in their life to create the changes that they want to see.

I believe that the most important thing in your personal development journey is to be able to act on your ideas. Some people have fabulous ideas but it all turns up to be a waste because they let their ideas idle. There may also be others that took action but they didn’t take actions that are massive enough to create significant results. This ebook aims to help others overcome obstacles that are stopping them from taking action and start to create massive breakthroughs.

Another thing that will be covered in the ebook is optimization of your time usage. Time is the most valuable resource that we have. Even money can’t be compared to time. Money when lost can be earned back but you can’t recover time when you lost it. Once time is gone, you can say goodbye to it forever.

I am going to reward the early birds. If you are interested in the ebook, enter your name and email below to enjoy the early bird discount when the ebook is launch. That will be all for today and see you on the inside.

To your success

*Note: If you are already in the list, your do not need to sign up again to enjoy the discount.

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5 Responses to “Update On The Upcoming Ebook”

  1. Hey Vincent,
    Good luck on your upcoming eBook. Getting ourselves moving is so important and difficult for many so your book sounds like it will provide to fulfill a need for many.
    Justin | Mazzastick´s last blog post ..The Ego Mind And The Higher Mind

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Justin

      If we don’t move nothing happens. I’m spending a lot of time on the ebook and I hope it can help others to move and take massive action. 🙂


  2. Tim Cole says:

    Very useful thanks, I think your readers would probably want a lot more well written articles along these lines maintain the good hard work.

  3. Chris says:

    Looks like you are well on your way to including that great content. Most people I know desire better self/time management but most of those people don’t do anything about it. Looking forward to reading your tips in these areas.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Chris

      Thanks for visiting! I believe time management and productivity (power of taking action) is critical in our journey to success. Hence, I decided to write on this topic. This is exciting and I hope this book can live up to the expectations of many.