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How To Become An Expert In Anything Starting From Nothing

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In life, there are many skills and knowledge that we need to acquire. You need new skills and knowledge when you venture into unfamiliar territories and these may range from starting a blog, learning a new language or starting your own business.

The lack of skills and knowledge also proves to be an obstacle for many people. However, if you stop when you find that you lack the necessary skills or knowledge to proceed, you halt your own progress.

However, you will make significant progress if you choose to acquire the required skills and knowledge for your new endeavor.

3 Steps To Become An Expert Starting From Nothing

1. Willingness To Venture Into The Unknown Area

If you want to become an expert in any field, you need to be committed to acquiring new knowledge and skills. If you are not willing to venture out and you chose to stay in your comfort zone, you will never learn anything new.

Most people made the decision to stay in their comfort zone. If you want excellence and the best in your life, choose to learn for life and be willing to step outside of your comfort zone regularly. Don’t let a single day pass you by without learning anything new.

2. Acquiring New Sources Of Knowledge

You can acquire any new skills or knowledge by searching online or looking for books in the library. There are blogs, podcast, articles and wikis that can teach you almost anything that you want to know.

Any topics that you want to learn are covered online and the best thing about it is you can get everything for free. One free resource that you can start with now is Unleash Your Maximum Potential.

I learn how to start my own blog by reading blogs and searching for “how to” videos on Youtube. That is all that is needed for me to get HMS up and running.

There is so much free education around you but most people chose to ignore them. The library and the internet have everything that you need. If you want to learn something new and become an expert in that topic, all you need is to search for the new knowledge or acquire a new skill thorough researching online or learning from books.

Podcast is another wonderful source of learning material. You can find topics ranging from teaching Thai languages, fashion tips, yoga and starting your own business. I am currently looking into learning Thai language and I’m browsing through a few Thai language podcast to help me with the pronunciation. I just came back from Thailand and I will do an update soon about my Thailand trip.

Remember this – There is nothing to stop you from learning except yourself. The resources (which can be free) are there for you and all you need to do is to stretch out for them.

3. Repetition Is The Key To Learning

Notice how you get better when you do the same thing repeatedly? This is the Law Of Repetition and it states that the more repetitions you went through, the better you will get.

This law works for everything. The only thing that can stop you from progressing is your mindset and attitude. You will never get the results that you want if you are not willing to put in the time and effort into the “process”.

Having a successful business that earns you a stream of passive income is an event. Most people want this event to happen in their life but they don’t want to go through the process.

This is why they are always envious of others who “made it” in their life. They think successful people are lucky and they have everything laid out smoothly for them.

Instead of thinking about how “lucky” Mark Zuckerberg is for creating Facebook, think about the hours he had spent in the dorm writing codes. You can also look at the successful businessperson working their ass off for 16 hours a day on the start of their business. They are not lucky. They are ready because they went through the process which prepares them for their big breaks.

If you want to have a harvest, first you have to sow

Make the decision to sow and be willing to learn. If you want to learn to speak a new language, start to learn and speak it. If you want to play a guitar, start training every single day. Malcom Gladwell wrote that you need to commit at least 10,000 hours in your craft in order to become an expert in it. I promise that you are going to get better in anything if you are willing to go through the repetitions.

The formula for becoming an expert is simple. All you need is to be willing to learn, know how to acquire new knowledge and be committed to go through the repetitions. These are the only factors that you need to become an expert in any field of your choice.

Not everyone is willing to go through the process and this is why experts are the minority. If you want to become an expert in something and make a difference in your life, make the decision to be committed to go through this process. Doing so will help you become an expert in any field of your choice.

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2 Responses to “How To Become An Expert In Anything Starting From Nothing”

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Vincent

    I hope you had a lovely time in Thailand and looking forward to your post telling us all about it.
    It is so true, it is so easy to stay in your comfort zone, sometimes we think we are too old too learn. That is the excuse that people use. But in this world you cannot stay behind. You need to keep learning all the time. It does not need to be just technical skills, but also life is just a constant learning. We are always learning from others, how to behave, how to understand others. And as you said you need lots of hours to become an expert.
    Repetition is a key factor. The thing is that adults repeat it a couple of times and if it does not work or if they failed they give up. Imagine if a baby gave up at walking becuse he fell down? Somehow we lose that determination as adults, but it is important we find it again.

    Hey Vincent
    By the way I wanted to let you know that I am linking to your site and have been for sometime. You have an excellent site and would be honored if you would consider linking to my site as well.
    My site which is A Happier Self is located at:


    • Vincent says:

      Hi Andrea

      Thanks for linking back and I will share a link if I find any content that will be great to share with the readers.