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Do You Prefer To Get Rich Fast Or Get Rich Slowly? - Find Out What Others Think Of This | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Do You Prefer To Get Rich Fast Or Get Rich Slowly? – Find Out What Others Think Of This

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Recently I came across a book call the Millionaire Fastlane written by MJ DeMarco. He believes in getting rich fast instead of getting rich slowly. Getting rich slowly means that you will save your income consistently, spend below your means and invest in safe investment towards your riches. Getting rich fast means that you will be someone (maybe an entrepreneur) who creates businesses and multiple streams of passive income.

I used to believe that getting rich slowly is the way to go. All I need to do is to follow a rather safe route (invest in safe investments and save regularly) and I will reach my destination. However, I am having second thoughts about this idea.

Millionaires and billionaires (Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook) are getting younger and this means that the world and the way to make money may be changing (rapidly). Taking the slower route to riches may not seem like a good idea anymore. Especially with the presence of the internet, people are using it as a way to run their businesses for 24/7. The internet also helps to expose ourselves to a global market. It means that we can sell to anyone regardless of where we are located.

I wonder what you think about it? Do you think getting rich slowly is the way to go or getting rich quick is the way to go? I’m open to listen to your view on this and I think it will be interested to see what is your preference. Remember to vote in the poll above.

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6 Responses to “Do You Prefer To Get Rich Fast Or Get Rich Slowly? – Find Out What Others Think Of This”

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Vincent

    When I was younger i thought money was not important.As long as I could do what I love and have loved ones around me. I learned then that to provide for my chidlren I need moeny, and I also learned that the best way of doing it is through yor own business and doing what you lovve. I am not rich yet. But I learned also that everyone has a right to have a great life. The world is abundant, and there is enough for everyone. It is just our mindset that keeps us poor. Money is just an energy, if we get that concept then money starts flowing.The problem is we have so many beliefs about money and scarcity that it is not easy to change them. But they can be changed. People that grew up in rich families mainly continue to be rich because they gre up in that mindset. In their mind money flows easily, and is abundant. People that grew up in average or poor families they were told many times over “Money does not grow on trees”

    I am still working in my beliefs/
    Thanks for the article.
    A Happier Self

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Andrea,

      I agree that money is a form of energy and when we have the belief that money flows in easily, it is much easier to make money in this mindset. However, there will be blockages in the mind whenever there is scarcity in the mind. Nice input.


  2. Hoshyar says:

    Sure, getting rich fast is what required, I don’t want to be rich person after 60 YO, or in grave.

  3. David says:

    I too used to believe being hardworking and discipline is the way to success until I saw my dad work for SSC all his life for $2k / month. Then I tell myself I don’t want to be in the same shoes as him and work for myself. I never manage to earn much as freelance IT consultant aka Technician as the workload + compensation can be easily replace by FT. China, India, Philipine.
    Until I met my wife then everything change. I now work only 20hrs per week earn a decent revenue most will envy.
    Then came forex and 4hr workweek by Tim Ferris and elance and now I only work 4hrs per week and trade 1 week once with 10% return every month on borrowed $$. You know the good part. I’m trying to earn my 3rd passive income without breaking a sweat. Just outsource. Blogging, clickbank, ebook. You name it someone else has a price tag for it. Cheaper.

    ps follow the herd will only get u slaughtered. Be the Sherpard.

    • Vincent says:

      Hey David,

      Great to hear that you are living the 4 hour work week. I read Tim Ferris’s TH4W too and I think it is a fantastic book. I think right now, getting rich fast is much easier as compared to way back then. There are so many things that we can do to accelerate our income growth, especially with the internet. Even trading is done online to give you the edge.

      Great to hear your story and thanks for sharing with us. I hope it can inspire others to create their own destiny.