Powerful Goal Setting

How many times have you set your goals and found that you deviate from the route to your goal? Have you ever wonder what happened? Is it you lacked capability? Lacked the resolve? Or worst of all, you forgot what is your goal in the first place.

We can dream about going anywhere, but we are going to stay stuck when we don’t have a “map” to reach the place we want to reach. Goal setting is like attaining a map to your destination. Without a map can you be confident that you can reach your destination in places you never been before?

By following the guide lines below, you are on your way to be a goal setting expert which will lead you to a better life.

Goal setting must be S.M.A.R.T

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely


Specific is about
the what, why and how. What are you going to do, why is it important that you are going to do it and how are you going to achieve it. Make sure it is specific and clear. For exp, instead of setting a goal saying I want to be healthy and fit, set a goal which is specific, like I want to have 6 pack abs, slim down to __Kg by____Date.


Goals must be set in ways that are measurable. If you can’t measure it, you can’t derive clearly whether or not you are making any progress and see the changes you are making. For exp, a goal that state that I want to be able to do run 2.4km under 10 minutes would definitely be better then I want to be fit.

Attainable/Action Oriented

Goals that you set too far out of reach may cause you to lose the drive to attain it. You must make  sure that the goals you set are able to stretch you but not so much that it is not attainable. For instance when you set a goal stating that you are going to be a millionaire overnight isn’t really attainable. It would be better to break it down and attain smaller goals and eventually to your millionaire goal. The feeling of success will help you to gather momentum and  help you to remain motivated. Set goals and make sure that you are action oriented. Money is not going to fall down from the sky if you are sitting in your room lazing your days off.


Always remember to set your bar just nice enough to stretch you and have a satisfying achievement. For instance, stating a goal saying you want to do a 100 push ups tomorrow when you are doing none now isn’t really realistic.


Always have a time frame. A time frame can help to create a sense of urgency. Without a time frame, your motivation for achieving your goal may waver as you might think that you can always start it all over again. Having a time frame let you have a clear target and able to see the end.

Lastly, always remember to write down your goals. Goals that are not written down are just dreams.

Using SMART will definitely enhance your capability of setting your goals. Good Luck

The difference between a goal
and a dream is the written word.

-Gene Donohue