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How To Be Confident - Confidence Building Exercises Included | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

How To Be Confident – Confidence Building Exercises Included

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How To Be Confident - Confidence Building Exercises Included

Self confidence is required for doing anything successfully. If you are not confident in succeeding in your tasks, you have lost 50% of the battle before you even started. It does not mean that confident is all you need to succeed in whatever things you want to do. You need several factors such as hard work, talent and effort to succeed in anything.

When you are not confident, it means that you have doubts in your mind. I had mentioned in one of my previous post that certainty is power. When you are certain about something, you have this extra burst of energy in you that will help propel you forward to get what you want.

If you are certain of your ability to get a job, do you think you will perform better than someone who lacks the certainty and confidence as you do on an interview?

Lack of confidence can portray you as a weak source of energy. Most of us can read energy, it may come to you subconsciously, and you may not be aware of it. You do have the ability to spot weak energy. You can easily see someone who is depressed or someone who is facing difficulties in their life. You can just sense it. Interviewers can also notice the weak source of energy coming from you when you are not confident in your abilities and think that you may not be capable for the job.

Body language can expose your negative energy. It is hard for you to perform your best in such a disempowered state. If you want to have confident in yourself, there are things you need to work on. Your body language, mindset and attitude will change when you start to have more confident in yourself. When you are empowered (in an empowered state), you are able to bring out the best in you.

How To Be Confident

As I had mentioned before, lack of confidence is due to several factors such as

It isn’t possible to change overnight. I don’t believe anyone can change from a person who is lacking confidence to someone who is brimming with confidence in a single night. However, it is possible for you to decide that you want to work on your self confidence right now. Once you made this decision, the only way your confidence level can go is up.

Confidence Building Exercises

1. Keep A Success List

I started keeping a Success List because I have my own negative thoughts too. These negative thoughts beat me up and I doubt my own ability at times. I started updating my Success List last year to help me remind myself of the successes that I had achieved and am capable of.

A Success List is a list of your own achievements. Never mind how little the successes are. It can be you succeeded in running around the block, completed your first marathon or you got your 1st 50 visitors to your website.

If it is a breakthrough for you, it is something worth celebrating for and you record it down in your success list. Soon you will start to have a huge list of achievements. Whenever you start to doubt yourself, looking back at your Success List can help you to get back your self belief.

2. Expanding Comfort Zone

What you think you can’t, you must.

This is something that I picked up from Anthony Robbins. He said that the only way you can grow is to expand your comfort zone. To expand your comfort zone, you need to get outside of it.

Fear is the best indicator of where your comfort zone is. When you have fear of doing something, it is a sign that this is something that you must conquer. If you conquer your fear, you expand your comfort zone.

Make it a regular thing. Think of something you think that you can’t do and try to do it every week. You can make it a weekly or bi weekly thing where you always try to identify your fear and try to conquer it.

Let me end with a quote Malcolm S.Forbes

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”

Decide now to gain self confidence and stop undervaluing your own ability.

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5 Responses to “How To Be Confident – Confidence Building Exercises Included”

  1. I was thinking it was going to be some dull old post, but it really made it worth the time. I will post a link to this work on my site. I am sure my visitors will find it helpful

  2. Confidence comes from within, if you seek it without you will never find it. I have gone through both confident times and unconfident times, in both cases my life without has mirrored the way I felt within.

    Today I consider myself happy and confident and therefore I am living a very happy and nice life.
    Daniel M. Wood´s last blog post ..My Life Story Part 3 – The United States

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Great to hear that you are doing well. I’m curious about what you mean by if you seek it, you will never find it? Is there any examples to go along?


  3. helen says:


    I really appreciate for the post.

    I used ehow.com to search for solutions in regards to how to be confidence.

    Its really hard to change in months, I think.

    Somethings, people who are lack of confidence just fail to achieve the success they deserve. The negetive emotions like rolling a ball expend from ones early years to being adult.

    I think everyone deserves the happiness of success. Some are just too lazy to change. If we are deligent, we can overcome inconfidence! Anyone!

    • Vincent says:

      Diligent definitely helps in building confidence. The worst thing to do is to sit on a couch waiting for something to happen.