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Danger Post: Don't Read Unless You Are Prepared To Face The Truth | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Danger Post: Don’t Read This Unless You Are Prepared To Face The Truth About Your Productivity

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Are you sure you want to read this article? If you dare to, you may find out something that is really important. If you choose to read on, please continue.

In my previous podcast, I spoke about why 80% of the people who indulge in personal development materials are self-help junkies.

For those who do not know what self-help junkies refer to, it means people who consume personal development materials but do not implement what they learn. Simply speaking they do not take any action.

Many of us are not living consciously or I would like to say living in self-denial.

If I ask whether you have implemented what you read in the last personal development book, you may say yes to defend yourself. However, how much truth is there in your answer? I don’t know but you certainly know it.

Are you really taking action? Or I would say, are you taking MASSIVE action that counts? Most people say that they took action but they did not take sufficient action. For those who took action, most did not take enough action that counts.

If you want to create an online business, taking action does not mean that you are reading forums, blogs, commenting, Facebooking, Twittering, Googling and whatsoever.

Taking action means that you are doing something that will help you move towards your goal. Sadly speaking, taking action is not sufficient. You have to take effective action to move towards your goal.

Most people mistook activity as REAL effective action. Lets take running an online business as an example.

  • Lingering in forums is not REAL effective action.
  • Updating your Facebook status is not REAL effective action.
  • Surfing online mindlessly in search for the next magic bullet to get thousands of visitors to your website is not REAL effective action.

These activities will not move you closer toward your goals.

Real and effective actions are things such as:

  • Creating products
  • Marketing
  • Improving conversion rate
  • Design your sales funnel

Are you even doing any of these if you are aiming to create an online business?

If you do these 80/20 tasks every day, you are going to see much more results definitely.

Time To Face The Truth

Think about your goals. If you haven’t even written down your goals on a piece of paper, you should go write it down now.

I want to ask you this question:

How many productive hours have you spent last week on working towards your goals?

It may be zero. It may be 30 minutes or it may be more. Nevertheless, I bet most of you don’t even know how many productive hours did you put in last week to reach your goals because you were just going with the flow.

Beware. Going with the flow often bring you to a destination that you may not want to end up at.

Back to the question. So are you a self-help junkie? You don’t need to tell me this, but in your heart you know how you fare. Even if you are a self-help junkie, don’t worry because you can make the decision to change now.

What you can do now is start to dedicate time each week for your goals (how many hours per week). If you don’t dedicate time for doing productive work, you will give yourself excuses such as

  • I’m too busy
  • I’m too tired
  • I don’t feel like doing it
  • I got work to do
  • I will get to it after this show
  • Tomorrow will be a better day to work on my goals (yeah, right.)

Sound familiar?

Each week, I dedicate a specific amount of hours I will work on activities that will bring me closer to my goals. This helps me to keep track on my progress and to ensure that I am constantly moving towards my goal.

Do You Want This Ebook?

I got a system to help me stay productive and I would be able to write it into an ebook. This ebook will not be free and it will be the first ever paid ebook in HMS.

However, whether the ebook will be launched or not will depend on the response on you – my dear readers.

If you would like to know how to start taking REAL action, be productive and move towards your goals instead of being a self-help junkie, fill in your name and email below.

Once you had opted into the email newsletter, you are officially in the early bird notification list. This early bird list is free and it is only use for informing you firsthand once the ebook is about to launch.

It is time to start taking action and seeing results.

Till then,

To your success and beyond

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5 Responses to “Danger Post: Don’t Read This Unless You Are Prepared To Face The Truth About Your Productivity”

  1. Kwan says:

    Great post. Admittedly I haven’t listened to your podcast you mention but intend on doing it today. But I did want to chime in with a few thoughts about self help junkies. While there is no doubt a large number of people that fall into this category, I think consuming the materials for months or sometimes even years is necessary before you will be able to begin creating the life you want. But most people don’t want to hear that. They want a quick “30 day system to riches”

    The reason why is because “You must be before you can do.” Alot of these books tell you what to do, and even some of the good ones tell you how to do it. But none of this matters if you are not the type of person Within, that could execute these strategies without. So the transformation could take months of reading a lot of fuzzy feel good personal development books. Especially when you figure that some people have been programmed for failure their whole lives (failure in the sense of not creating your ideal life). They have to begin pumping in lots of positive so they can start the reprogramming process.

    The key is making a small amount of progress every day, and then when you are ready, increase the amount of progress you are making on a daily basis.

    But I agree wholeheartedly with the question you pose and think that it is one of the primary keys to success “How many productive hours have you spent last week on working towards your goals?”

    Awesome post, great blog!


    Kwan´s last blog post ..Effective Networking in the Social Era

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Kwan,

      Great input. Little progress everyday will help to bring us closer to where we want to be. I also like the idea that you mentioned, “You must be before you can do.”

      It is important to reprogram ourselves through correct inputs (books, blog, podcast) but it will be for nothing if no action is taken everyday.


  2. When I first started reading self-help books back in 1997 I was definitely addicted. When I read the books I felt good but my life didn’t change in the way that I wanted it to.

    Now I consume far less material but I take action on what I have learned.
    Justin | Mazzastick´s last blog post ..Are You Being Fairly Compensated For Your Work