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21 Days Challenge #002 (Are You In?) | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

21 Days Challengek#002 (Are You In?)

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[Challenge is over now]

21dc #002

Congrats to everyone that participated in the 1st 21 days challenge. You guys are great! Tony Robbins mentioned that less than 10% of the people read books and out of these 10%, less than 10% of them took action. This means that only a tiny fraction of people see results in their life.

There are many self help junkie out there. I admit that I am one of them in the past. I spent countless hours reading personal development books, blogs and listened to audio tapes. However, I did not see significant results in my life. I wonder why I am not seeing the results in my life since I am spending tons of time and money on self help programs. The answer is I am reading and learning but not taking action. It may look obvious to you now but do you really get it? You get it when you start to implement what you had learned.

Before you want to delete my blog from your RSS reader or throw away your personal development books, listen to what I have to say. I still read personal development books and some selected blogs but I keep information intake to the minimum. It is a waste of time and energy to absorb new information when you haven’t even use the previous knowledge that you had gained.

Many people have the misconception that life is going to become different when they immerse themselves in personal development material. If you have this mindset, be prepared to face frustrations. Tons of it.

If you are able to take one book, “absorb” the knowledge and take action, you will see much more results as compared to reading 100 books. It is the same for reading personal development blogs. The one who see the most changes in their life is not the one who read the most blog articles, it is the one who bother to take action with the knowledge they gained from each blog post they read.

I’m going to try to include homework for you to do in each of the post that I write in HMS to help you see results if you take the required action. Participating in this 21 Days Challenge (21DC) is also taking the action to help you see results in your life.

21 Days Challenge #002

Congrats to Milan, Nikola and Ryan. They are the few who took action and participated actively in our first 21DC. Regardless of the results, give yourself a pat on the back for having the courage to step up to the challenge.

21DC is created to help you to take action and get new habits. This time round, we are going to cultivate the habit of exercising everyday for at least 15 minutes a day.

All you need to do in this 21DC is to exercise everyday for 21 days straight. If you fail to exercise for any day, you have to start from Day 1 again.


Monday (Day 1) – Exercised for 15 minutes
Tuesday (Day 2) – Exercised for 15 minutes
Wednesday (Day 3) – Exercised for 15 minutes
Thursday (Day 4) – Didn’t exercise
Friday (Day 1) – Start from Day 1 again. Exercised for 15 m)nutes

In this challenge, state the minimum amount of time you will commit everyday to exercise. You can jog, play your favorite sports, weight train or simply start by walking around your neighborhood for the stipulated time that you committed.
Start gradually. Don’t make the mistake by going into this challenge with intense exercise for the first day and fail to exercise the next day due to a sore body. Start small. Walk around the blocks or do any light exercises you are capable of for at least 15 minutes.

How To Participate In This Challenge

Start Date: This coming Wednesday at your time zone

1) If you choose to participate in this challenge, drop in a comment below. In your comment, state the amount of time you will commit everyday to exercise.

2) Go to our and post your updates in the Discussion page. Update everyday for 21 days consecutively. Over the HMS Facebook Fan Page, we can help to monitor everyone progress. This helps to keep us accountable and increase the probability of following through.

You can of course choosekto do this 21DC on your own but the chances of you giving up are much higher without anyone to support you. I would highly recommend you to participate this action in our Facebook page.

If you want to see results in your life, it is time to start taking action. Don’t seat on the sideline, it is time to get into action. I will see you in the 21DC #002.


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11 Responses to “21 Days Challengek#002 (Are You In?)”

  1. winsey says:

    hi vincent.. i just discovered your site and i know it will help me live a much healthier life with discipline… can i start today? in the afternoon i walked a very long distance and one area with high inclination and i walked about 20-30 minutes.

    thank you for this great site… i’ll keep on reading and applying to myself and share to others too…

  2. Linda says:

    I’m looking forward to participating in the 21DC #002!
    This couldn’t have come a more perfect time. I will commit to 60 minutes a day of exercise.

  3. Milan says:

    Hey Vincent,

    First of all i want to thank you for letting me part of the first 21DC for waking up 🙂
    I had been struggling for year (literally years) to tackle my over-sleeping habit.
    When i saw your post here on HMS about that challenge, i told myself “Milan, this is your chance” and guess what? it was.

    It was fun to post your update on the facebook page daily.
    Just because i didnt want to look failure in front of fellow participant, i woke up early every single day.

    I had some difficult time when i had to travel overseas but that was no excuse !
    I kept at it without failure, finishing 21DC.

    Now, i am a early bird 🙂
    All thanks to you. You have been a real motivation to all of us over there.
    And do i want to take part in 21DC 002 ?


    See you on Wednesday morning on facebook page.

  4. Ana says:

    Hey, I’m in 🙂 I’ve been trying for 3 weeks to exercise regularly, but I always postpone if I can :)) No more excuses from now on 🙂
    Ana´s last blog post ..Intre mit si realitatea