33 Tips To Help You Wake Up Early

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33 tips to wake up early

Note:The 21 Days Challenge (21DC) for waking up early is still going on. If you would like to join us in this challenge, read up more in this post and join our newly created HealthMoneySuccess Facebook Fan Page where we keep track of our challenge and motivate each other. I also have a very interesting clock that I would like to share with you in this post below. Keep on reading. 🙂

We are now at Day 5 of the 21 Days Challenge to wake up early. I have successfully woke up at my desired time for 5 days straight and I can see the benefits of waking up early.

I use the extra time in the morning at 530 am to go for a jog, which help me to get some fresh air and the extra energy boost. It feels great to have my face brushing against the morning wind. The regular exercise also helps me to feel more energetic for the rest of the day.

I also find that my productivity level improve since I am able to get more things done in the morning. This results in more free time for myself in the afternoon and evening.

There are many benefits of waking up early and I think you would have to see it for yourself. If you are interested in taking part in this challenge, you can proceed to our Facebook Fan Page and share your updates over there. We have a small community over there and we keep each other motivated by posting our updates and encouraging each other.

Since we are going through the 21DC for waking up early, I will share with you 33 tips that will help you to wake up early feeling refresh.

1) Have A Reason

I started this 21DC because my sleeping pattern got out of whack. I slept late and woke up late. This causes my productivity level to dip, as I feel tired all day long. I’m also doing this to improve my health. It also helps to know that most successful people wake up early. 🙂

Doing something without a reason will not help you to achieve it. It is the same for trying to wake up early or setting up an online business. If you do not have a compelling reason behind your goal, you tend to falter along the way.

2) Have A Support Group

I intended to do this 21DC by myself in the first place but I changed my mind and set up a Facebook Fan Page to gather like-minded people to join me in this challenge. It makes things fun and I’m glad that I made this decision. The group in HMS Facebook Fan Page helps to keep each other motivated and I wouldn’t want to disappoint people. These reasons give me an extra boost to wake up early.

3) Have A Friend To Wake Up Early With You

If you do not want to have a support group, you can have a friend who want to gain the new habit of waking up early. Both of you can try to motivate each other to wake up early and keep each other on track.

4) Promise To Give Someone A Morning Call

When someone depends on you, you have the extra responsibility to wake up early. This gives you the extra motivation to wake up early instead of snuggling in bed.

5) Call Someone To Give You A Morning Call

Bring others into the picture and ask for a morning call. You can use some help to help you wake up early. Your friends or parents can fit the picture here.

6) Use An Alarm Clock That Works For You

Some people need an alarm clock that has the noise level of a siren while some need just a cell phone alarm to wake them up. Determine your need and get a suitable alarm clock. There is no point in using a beeping alarm when you can sleep through it. I’m a deep sleeper and I usually use alarms that have a higher noise level to wake me up.

7) Place Your Alarm Clock Far Away

If your alarm clock is near your bed, the tendency to hit the snooze button is high. Place it somewhere far where you need to walk away from your bed to silent it. Let me share with you one alarm clock that I found online. It runs away from you when it alarm goes and it is pretty interesting. Let me introduce Clocky.

8 ) Use Multiple Alarm Clocks

If one alarm clock doesn’t do the job, use 2 or more. Place them around your room. If you can’t wake up with this, something is seriously wrong.

9) Set Your Alarm Clock At Various Timing

I set around 5 timing to wake up in the morning. Example: 530am, 535am, 540am, 545am. 550am. Even if you are able to get to the snooze button, you will be too frustrated to get back into sleep.

10) Give Yourself A Buffer

I aim to wake up at 6 am but I set my alarm clock at 530 am to give me a buffer. This leeway helps me to wake up at 530 am instead of 6 am.

11) Cut Out Stimulant

Drinks like tea, coffee and alcohol can affect your sleeping pattern. I can’t sleep when I drink coffee at evening period, and this can make me wake up late in the morning. Avoid these stimulants to get better rest at night.

12) Avoid Exercising 3 Hours Before Bed Time

Exercise keeps your heart rate high and it can help to boost your metabolism rate too. It makes it harder to fall asleep and indirectly cause you to wake up late.

13) Avoid Eating Before Bed

You can’t sleep well with a full stomach. It can also cause indigestion and a bloating stomach.

14) Refrain From Using Your Computer 2 Hours Before Sleeping

The bright light of your monitor screen can cause your brain to go into alert mode. Your brain will become active and it will be hard for it to settle down when you are going to bed.

15) Read Books To Help You Fall Asleep (No Harry Potter Please)

I wanted to suggest avoid reading fictional books before bed but there are books like Harry Potter that can keep people reading for hours. Textbooks or any books that will make you feel bored fit the bill here.

16) Your Bed Is Only For Sleeping And Sex

Don’t do any other thing other than the 2 things I had mentioned above. If you read, play games and do any other activities on the bed, you associate your bed with activities that keep your mind active. You do not want your mind to be active when you are trying to sleep early.

17) Have A Good Mattress And Pillow

The bed and pillows in hotel are usually of great quality and it induces you to fall asleep. Try to get a decent mattress and pillow to help you sleep better at night, so that you can wake up early in the morning.

18) Prevent Light From Coming Into Your Room

Light can cause your brain to go into an active state. Try to cover out the light from the windows by using curtains.

19) Use Sleeping Eye Shade

If you are sharing a room with a partner who sleep at different timing, you may want to consider using a sleeping eye shade. It helps to block out the light and help you sleep better.

20) Sleep Early

This is logical. If you want to wake up early, you have to sleep early.

21) Get At Least 6 – 8 Hours Of Sleep

I recommend you to get at least 8 hours of sleep. However, it really depends on the individual. I need at least 8 hours of sleep to feel great throughout the day while there are others who thrive on 6 hours of sleep or less. Listen to your body and do the testing.

22) If You Feel Tired No Matter How Much You Sleep…. See A Doctor

Try to figure out whether you snore during bedtime. Snoring can cause airway blockage and you may wake up multiple times in the night without noticing. This will result in tiredness throughout the day. One way to reduce snoring is by losing weight but if it doesn’t help, you have to visit a doctor to ask for advice.

23) Make It A Must To Wake Up Early

Make it a must to wake up early. Commit yourself to doing it. If you have a strong reason behind waking up early, this will not be a problem.

24) Have A Reward System In Place

Where is the fun if there isn’t any reward to look forward to after accomplishing your challenge? I set up mini rewards system when I wake up early. Currently my rewards for waking up early consist of going for a breakfast to Macdonald and watching an episode of one of my favorite show, The Dog Whisperer.

25) Shake Your Body

One key battle you have to face in waking early is the I-want-to-sleep-another-5-minutes disease. To prevent succumbing to this disease, jump out of bed when your alarm clock rings and start dancing. Just move your body and you will notice how fast you can feel awake.

26) Keep Reminders

I highly recommend you to write this down on a piece of paper and fill in the blank.

“I will wake up at ___________ (time you want to wake up) every morning without fail for 21 days because doing this will __________________ (benefits of waking up early and the reasons why you are doing this).

Write in big fonts and on a big sheet of paper. Paste it at somewhere prominent where you can see it everyday. This is to remind you why you want to wake up early and keep you going for the 21 days.

27) Vision Board

If you are a more visual person, create a vision board instead. A vision board consists of pictures and it has the same function as the reminder post as mentioned in point 26.

28) Make It A Habit

This is why we are doing the 21DC. It helps to make waking up early as a habit. When our body is used to our newfound sleep pattern, we will be able to wake up early without much difficulty.

29) Exercise Everyday

If you exercise everyday, you expend your energy so that you can sleep better at night. Being able to sleep better at night means it is easier to wake up early.

30) If You Find It Hard To Change, Proceed With Baby Step

If you find it hard to wake up early at 6 am because you wake up regularly at late morning, you can take baby steps. Try waking up 10 – 30 minutes earlier everyday until you reach the desired time you want to wake up. Our body will gradually get used to the new timing and you will it easier to transition into the new waking hours.

31) Have Something To Look Forward To In The Morning

Do something fun every morning. If you have something enjoyable to look forward to in the morning, it gives you the extra motivation to wake up early. Play your favorite game for 30 minutes perhaps? For me, the fun thing that I look forward to in the morning is a good 30 minutes jog.

32) Sleep And Wake Up At The Same Time

For me, I believe waking up in the morning at the same time is much easier then sleeping at the same time every night. I have the temptation to check my Facebook, Twitter or Skype during night time and sometime it can cause me to sleep at a much later time. Sleeping at the same time make it much easier to form a new habit as our body will get used to the new sleeping pattern sooner.

33) Contribute What Works Best For You

I left the last slot for your contribution. Share with me what do you do to help you wake up early, so that we can learn and try it out too. I look forward to your contribution in the comment section.

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11 Responses to “33 Tips To Help You Wake Up Early”

  1. Eric Chaump says:

    I’ve always had trouble waking up early. I’m excited to try some of your tips to help me out. Thanks for the list. -Eric

  2. Jeff Medrano says:

    WoW, the list you laid out will be hard for me to implement. I will first start out by doing some of the baby steps. Then gradually move up to the others like Exercising Everyday.

    Thanks for the tips.
    Jeff Medrano´s last blog post ..My First Blog Post!

    • Vincent says:

      Sure thing. Go to our Facebook fan page and give us your updates over there. One try method at a time and proceed with your own pace. This is not a race, the ultimate goal is to make the habit stick and gain the additional benefits.


  3. Great list. Once it’s become a habit, then it’s much easier.

  4. Milan says:

    Great Post Vincent !

    Very useful for us who took 21DC !
    Its been great journey so far and i am very excited to finish it successfully.

    “Clocky” is awesome man ! I could definitely use it for me 😛

    Thanks for the post and keep the great work up