I Want To Start A New Habit – Anyone Want To Join In?

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In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that you can make a big difference in your life by doing just one thing. The one thing is to gain positive habits and eliminate negative ones. It takes around 21 days of doing something consistently to gain a new habit and this means that you can get to gain 17 new habits in a year. How much difference would it make to your life if you gain 17 positive habits every year?

I Want To Have This Habit – Do You Want In?

I have some bad habits that I have gotten into and I want to replace them with positive ones. I plan to do this 21 days challenge on a consistent basis to accumulate good habits. The first habit that I would like to start with is waking up early.

I tend to work in the wee hours and it affected my sleeping pattern. Right now, I sleep more during the day and work more in the night. My mind feels foggy and I don’t work well around 12 am to 4 am. My productivity has taken a hit due to this bad habit and I want to make things right.

I am a deep sleeper and my alarm clock seems to be just a display. Therefore, I need to sleep earlier than usual to allow myself to wake up naturally. I aim to wake up at 6 am every morning and I think this is the best time for me to exercise and work on my essential tasks that will help me move toward my goals.

I know the benefits of waking up early because I used to wake up at 6 am regularly and I seem to have enough time to exercise and work. It makes me feel good for the rest of my day too. Think about the benefits of waking up early for you.

You can use the extra hours to:

  • Make yourself a good breakfast
  • Meditate
  • Work on your essential tasks
  • Exercise
  • Read books
  • Learn a new skill

What we need to do in this 21 days challenge is to wake up at your specified time (mine is 6am) for 21 days straight. If you fail to do it for one day, you have to restart from day one. You can keep track of your habits by recording it down in a notebook or you can try out Habit Forge. Habit Forge is a free service and it helps you to keep track of your habits for 21 days.

I’m excited about starting this new habit because I know I am going to jog in the morning and use the extra hours to work on my niches sites. I will start this new habit on Monday and you can join me if you want to. You can choose to wake up even earlier than 6 am. It is your choice and you can choose the timing that works best for you. If you would like to join me, just write in a comment below stating that you want to join. It can help to keep us accountable for this challenge.

I may set up a Facebook page so that we would be able to keep track of everyone in the challenge. It will be sort of like a support group to push each other to forward. That would be all and drop me a comment to let me know if you are joining me.


P.S: Check out the HMS Facebook page. We will be using this page to track our 21 days challenge. See you on the inside. Click here to go to the HMS Facebook page.

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26 Responses to “I Want To Start A New Habit – Anyone Want To Join In?”

  1. Dee says:

    I want join I get up at 4:15 am to work out

  2. David says:

    Looking at you guys earning $$ off the net. I would to do the same. Currently I am on Google Blogspot. Wish to revamp it via wordpress. Is wordpress really good at SEO? or is it because of plugins?

    David´s last blog post ..COT- Commitments of Traders &amp How to Leverage

  3. Harold says:

    Better late than never. I am in for 5:00am.

  4. Javier Chua says:

    Great post Vincent, now you are getting everyone motivated with your new facebook fan page. Let’s do it together!!
    Javier Chua´s last blog post ..Enounce MySpeed Review – Watch Video at a Faster Pace

  5. Craig says:

    I’m in. Over the past several years, I’ve gained way too much weight. It’s now time to lose many of the excess pounds, in part, by going to my health club at least three days every week. That’s the new habit I want. Thanks, Vincent, for all of your useful tips.

  6. Randy W. says:

    My shop starts at 6 am and I used to get up at 4 with time to get everything lined up for the day but lately it`s been right at 5:30 with just enough time to get to work and i hate that, I`ll also join you guys , my wake time will be 4 am, good luck to us all and thanks for the challange

  7. Shana says:

    I want to join

  8. mathews says:

    my cigarette smoking . i just don’t knowhow to stay stop smoking.so i need to stop a new habit which will he;p me to stop smoking or reduce it.

  9. sahil says:

    count me in…vincent…and thanks it seems lyk whenever i m in need of something..everytime i get a article from ur side…….

  10. Vincent says:

    Hi everyone,

    I had created a Facebook page where we can keep track of our 21 Days Challenge. You need to have a Facebook account and click on the “like” button to proceed to the discussion board.


    It does not have a pretty url yet, since I can only change it when I have at least 25 fans. That would be all and see you inside.


  11. Milan says:

    Lately, I have been over-sleeping regularly.
    At times, I have been sleeping untill 9 am.

    If theres one habit that can bring profound change in my life, it is waking up early.
    I have been wanting to develop this habit from few months now, but due to lack of motivation, i never got started.

    But this sounds like a good idea, and 6 am is great for me

    I AM IN

    Thanks Vincent


  12. Jia Jun says:

    I do waking up early for most of the days, around 7-8am, 😀
    This was the practice I train myself months ago, and it goes well. When everyone probably still asleep, I can sit in silence and write my sphere of silence(diary type) reviewing myself, what I had done yesterday, and what I can do better today, what’s my plan for today, and what’s my target for the coming weeks, coming months, and year.
    It’s a silence way of talk to myself, what’s there that I can improve and should do better on today that can makes me better than my yesterday.
    It works well and I have practice it for months and it goes well. 😀

    Spend half to one hour to take control the remaining 23 hours of the day, instead of “just another day”. 🙂
    Jia Jun´s last blog post ..Life Sucks Who Are You Compare Your Life With

    • Vincent says:

      The review is a great exercise to help us to keep track of our progress. You have one great advice for us and thanks for sharing. 🙂


  13. Jon says:

    Fantastic idea! I’m in and 6am sounds great!