My 2010 Review And My Goals For 2011 – Thanks To All The Readers Of HealthMoneySuccess

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It is the time of the year to do a review and check my progress for my goals. I set 3 goals for 2010 and I will go through with you all of them below.

Review Of 2010

First, I will go through my 2010 goals again.

  • Complete a marathon
  • Create passive income online. (4 figures)
  • Grow HealthMoneySuccess (HMS) to 2000 RSS subscribers

1. Complete A Marathon

I did well in this category. I completed a 16km race, 2 half marathon and a full marathon in 2010 and I have to say I feel pretty awesome about it. It is my first time running a marathon and I don’t really know what to expect for the race.

However, I still did well and completed the race. I enjoyed the challenge and I had signed up for another marathon next year.

2. Create A Passive Income Online

I didn’t fare well over here. I aimed for 4 figures per month but my passive income only turn out to be around 3 figures/month. Not good enough to retire on it but it can help to provide a few good meals in restaurants.

In fact, this will be my single goal for the year of 2011 and I will be updating my journey on HealthMoneySuccess(HMS). You can follow my journey by subscribing to HMS.

3. Grow HealthMoneySuccess to 2000 RSS subscribers.

Yeah, I did well over here. 🙂 HMS has grown from 700 subscribers at the start of the year to near 2000 subscribers at year-end. I really appreciate all the support from you. If you haven’t subscribe to HMS yet, you can click here to subscribe so that you will receive the latest post in your email inbox or RSS reader.

Growing HMS to hit critical mass is another goal of mine for 2011. I will give you an update later in the post.

4. Eat Healthier

For the last 5 months, I have been eating home packed meals. This means that I am able to choose what I eat and avoid all the unhealthy foods. Most of the foods that I eat include vegetables, fruits and meat.

I try to avoid eating out because most of the foods you can find outside are unhealthy and can easily lead to weight gain. I try to maintain my weight and shape by eating more consciously.

5. Gains From Investment In Stocks

I did pretty well for my stock investments in 2010 due to picking up stocks when the crowd is fearful. The 2008 crash makes everyone fearful of going into the market but that is where opportunities lie. Always remember in time of crisis lies opportunities.

Rose (Winner of the giveaway) if you are reading this, Rich Dad Poor Dad is going to be an awesome book for increasing your financial IQ. 🙂

Goals For 2011

One Single Goal

Focus on creating multiple streams of passive income online.

I want to have only a single goal this year. I aim to earn a consistent $2000 USD per month through my online ventures. Earning $2000 USD per month will allow me to stop working in a job and work solely on my passion and business.

I am currently making niche sites (affiliate marketing) and maintaining my blog. I want to create more niche sites to generate passive income. HMS will also be a vehicle to help me to launch new products that will help others and provide great value.

I didn’t focus on marketing HMS this year and it is something that I want to work on. I have a marketing plan in mind and this time round, I will be focusing on podcasting (you can check out my previous podcast here). It is something that I enjoy doing and I want to do it in a more consistent basis. If you got any ideas for what do you want to listen to in my podcast, share with me in the comment section. 😉

That will be all for this post and I would love to hear what goals you have for 2011. If you want to achieve your goals, one great way is to publish it for the public to see. It holds you accountable and the likelihood of taking action will be higher. So share with me your 2011 goals in the comment section below. I will talk to you over there.

To your success,

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11 Responses to “My 2010 Review And My Goals For 2011 – Thanks To All The Readers Of HealthMoneySuccess”

  1. helen says:

    I am so late to be here. I will let you know when I conclude my preivous year.
    I will support HMS as always.
    helen´s last blog post ..No1clicked Indie Folk Song in China-! By 翁乙仁

  2. Well, this is great! Vincent has certainly inspired me into wanting to learn some more about blogging and to paying close attention to personal development. Thanks.):-

  3. Evan Schulte says:

    Well Happy New year! The Goals you set sound attainable and I am sure you will meet or exceed your own expectations. Here is to another great year!

  4. Hey Vince,

    It’s great that you’re focusing on one single goal coming into the year. That’s almost identical to where I’m at.

    I have a goal to make a living from my business this year, and then next year to make 6-figs. I also have a goal to become debt free this year and to save and invest. I’m also moving to the city this year and am going to buy a small condo in Las Vegas.

    Stay great buddy!

    Clinton Skakun
    Clinton Skakun´s last blog post ..Bye-bye 2010- hello new decade! Many thanks- and all the best in the years ahead!

  5. Jia Jun says:

    Great to see that you’re setting up targets and keep moving forward, reaching the top of the sky. 🙂

    I’m aiming to make my blog into a monthly earning 1500USD half-passive income (As I will still writing and maintaining it myself, so it’s not 100% passive, 😛 ).
    While get connect and make friends around with all the bloggers around the world especially under the similar topic as I do, which is personal growth and development.

    2nd target of mine would be invest on a house this year in 2011
    3rd buy my first car using my own earn money.

    These are 3 of my main target set for 2011, and I’m gonna achieve it!
    Good luck to you Vincent, and good luck to me too. 🙂
    Jia Jun´s last blog post ..If it is to Be- Then Be the Strongest!