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Is Your Attitude Bringing You Towards Success | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Is Your Attitude Bringing You Towards Success?

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What is your attitude?

Among the 6.7 billions of people in the world, there are people who easily quit and there are people who will keep moving on and walking or running towards their goals.

Why is it some people can be successful in life and while others can only live in mediocrity.

I believe it all boils down to a word. Attitude.

Attitude is an important key to success.

Different attitudes can be found in different people. Most of the people have high expectations but they just can’t bring themselves to achieve it. Those are the people with the “just get by” attitude which put themselves into a passenger position. They want to be rich, they want the manager position and they want everything that is good yet there are no form of actions that justify their “wants.”

Attitude of successful people

Successful people are the people who are not satisfied with being mediocre. They have the “wants” and they will have an action plan and attitude to bring themselves towards it. They will climb over every obstacles that appears in their way and let nothing stop them.

Let us take a look at some key attitudes of successful people.

1. Ambitious

2. Never give up easily when met with obstacles.

3. High expectations and acceptance level for themselves.

4. Love taking actions.

So how to have an attitude that bring you success?

Luckily, attitude can be changed. You just need to put in a little more energy into attaining what you want. If you want to be traveling around the world, become rich, live in a big house or a fancy car, just go get it! You will be asking, “so how do I get what I want?” First of all…

Get into the driver seat

Do people always tell what to do and you are always listening to others for your directions in life. If you continue to stay in the passenger sit, where you are going to be is where the driver is going to. Do you think you can get to where you want if the driver isn’t you? Take charge of your life now and get into the driver seat now.

Raising your level of acceptance to your level of expectation.

You can expect a luxurious life but if your level of acceptance isn’t matching your level of expectation, you can’t get what you want. Let me state an example. If you want to earn $10,000 bucks per month, but you are comfortable with $2000 per month. Do you think you can achieve it? I don’t really think so.

If you want to earn $10,000 per month (expectation level), but you are comfortable with $2000 per month(acceptance level), you tend to linger around your acceptance level because you are comfortable with it. It is only when you bring your level of acceptance up to the level of expectation, then you will achieve your goal.

Your Goal is a MUST

Many times people set goals and do not achieve it because their goals are not a must. Many people choose to diet and they are motivated for only  the first week but in the end they just gave up. What if someone is pointing a gun at you and tell you to lose 10 kg in 16 weeks or they will shoot you on the spot. I believe that anyone can lose that 10kg (or maybe alot more just to be safe) at that time because it is a MUST for you to lost weight. We have all the necessary resources to be successful, what we need is to have a compelling reason to achieve it.

Let me share a story about the Chinese general with you

The Chinese general brought his army with him to defend against the invading enemy. His army was outnumbered by the enemy by a ratio of 4 is to 1. Upon reaching the shore, the general ordered his man to burn down all the ships. When he was questioned why he did that, he replied, “This is to ensure that our only way of leaving this island is only in victory.” By doing this, he put his men and himself on the line and cutting all possibilities of retreating. They were put in a situation that they can only win to survive and retreating is definitely not an option. The men fought as their life depends on it and ultimately won!

Put yourself on the line to achieve something. You must think of a reason to let yourself know that you can’t fail and success is the only way out.

“Human beings, by changing the attitudes of their minds, can change their outer aspects of their lives.”

William James

“Achieving Your Best” Project

I am thinking of organizing a campaign where people from all over the world share their goals publicly on this blog. By sharing our goals publicly, we have a compelling reason for us to achieve it as everyone are watching it. Please leave me a comment or contact me regarding about this campaign. If there are enough response, I will put it up on the blog.

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25 Responses to “Is Your Attitude Bringing You Towards Success?”

  1. Vincent says:

    Hi wasim,

    Their great stories have taught us valuable lessons and hopefully most will learn from them. Thanks for sharing the history.


  2. wasim says:

    This story is very much appreciated I believe that the chinees generol had done this, when you read history you will find that the one another name Tariq bin Ziyad also done the same hundred years back. Ultimately the moral of the story has reached many friend.

  3. Vincent says:

    Hi Miss Gisele B,

    Being surrounded by people with the right attitude definitely will help us to become more successful. Thanks for the comment.

    Personal Development Blogger

  4. Miss Gisele B. says:

    This is such an important lesson because our attitude dictates our actions. Since actions are the only way to lead us to success if our attitude towards life is negative, we have little chances of adopting the type of actions winners adopt to reach our goals.

    Studying and being surrounded with people who have the right attitude … the winning attitude is the ONLY way for us to also succeed and become winners!

    Thanks for the great inspiration on a Monday morning!!!

    Miss Gisele B.

  5. Vincent says:

    Hi Rhondal,

    I definitely believe how we shape our inner world can definitely affect what will happen in the actual aspect of our life. That is definitely a great line from John Mellencamp.

    Personal Development Blogger

  6. RhondaL says:

    There’s a line from a John Mellencamp song: “If you can change your mind, you can change your life.” Or something like that. (I might have paraphrased a little.)But I am pretty sure that’s the idea.

  7. Vincent says:

    Hi Nassorn,

    Thank you for subscribing to my RSS and joining my community. I am glad that you have figured out how to have a positive attitude and thinking. I wish you luck in your journey towards success.

    To your success,
    Personal Development Blogger

  8. Nassorn says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Three years ago, I had questioned to myself what is really positive attitude should I develop. I ran into a library searching for the answer. I got “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale as the first book that I really start figure out how to develop myself positive thinking.

    You will be a very successful young man. I just do RSS and join your community. Yes, being your fanclub. 🙂

  9. Vincent says:

    Hi David,

    I definitely agree with you that attitude and persistence is the key ingredient to success. If you like my articles, remember to subscribe to my email updates or RSS. =)

    Personal Development Blogger

  10. Vincent, I enjoy reading your blog specially the story of the chinese general. Indeed, to me attitude and persistence to attain your goals are two ingredients for success. Cheers!

  11. Vincent says:

    Hi Daphne,

    The worst is many people are not aware that they have a lower level of acceptance compared to their level of expectation. Ignorance is definitely not bliss here.

    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for the compliment. Great articles coming up.

    Hi Andrea,

    I have written a post on keep trying and fail more. You can read it at http://www.healthmoneysuccess.com/150/law-of-the-seed/

    Cheers and Good day to everyone
    Personal Development Blogger

  12. Andrea says:

    Enjoyed your comments on having a good attitude for success. The other flip side is to not fear failure. We teach this exact concept in our book, “Go for No!” which is a story about a guy who learns that the ultimate strategy for success is to fail more – or do what we call: go for no. Most people would be amazed what they could achieve if they’d be willing to hear no (fail) more often.

  13. Nathan Onn says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Great post. I like it very much.
    Hope to see more from you 🙂

    All the best,

  14. Daphne says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Good advice there. It’s so true that we have to raise our level of acceptance to our level of expectation, otherwise we’ll just settle for less.


  15. Vincent says:

    Hello Jeremy,

    That is a great story on putting ourselves on the line. Your goal is noted.

    Personal Development Blogger

  16. Jeremy Day says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Another great post. I like the story of the general burning his ships. My goal right now is to build my readership for my blog. 😉