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10 Awesome Bloggers You Should Follow | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

10 Awesome Bloggers You Should Follow

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In this post, I will share with you all the 10 bloggers that I have been following. They are really awesome bloggers that help to make a difference to the life of others. Check them out.

Everett Bogue

Follow Everett Bogue on Twitter

Everett Bogue writes about being a minimalist at Far Beyond The Stars. He left his day job and started to work on things that matter to him. He got rid of his possessions and right now he possesses only 57 items.

He also wrote an ebook, Minimalist Business, to teach others how to run a minimalist and location independent business.

Karol Gadja

Follow Karol Gajda on Twitter

Karol Gajda writes at Ridiculously Extraordinary. He aims to help 100 people to achieve ridiculously extraordinary freedom.

He is not a big fan of working in the cubicle hell, and he want to help others to escape from it. Check out this article by Karol – Why You Suck At Change

Celestine Chua

Follow Celestine Chua on Twitter

Celestine Chua writes about personal excellence at CelestineChua.com. She left her job at a Fortune 100 company and went on to pursue her passion – help others to achieve their highest potential and live their best life.

She also compiled 2 years of her hard work into an ebook, The Personal Excellence Ebook, to help others live their best life.

Henri Junttila

Follow Henri Junttila on Twitter

Henri writes at Wake Up Cloud. He got out of school at 18 and became a professional poker player.

Right now, using Wake Up Cloud as the vehicle, he wants to help others succeed, find their passion and achieve financial freedom. Check out the ebook he wrote, Passionate Living, to teach how to do what you love now.

Adam Baker

Follow Adam Baker on Twitter

Adam Baker writes at Man Vs Debt and he teaches others how to get rid of their debt and start living.

His story is truly inspiring, and I love the level of transparency at Man Vs Debt – he publicly exposes his financial details to the world. You can check out his premium guide, Unautomate Your Finance, to learn how to rid of your debt and increase your earning power.

Dragos Roua

Follow Dragos Roua on Twitter

Dragos Roua is a serial entrepreneur and a personal development fanatic. He writes about personal development and other topics such as building online businesses at DragosRoua.com.

Check out one of his awesome post over here – 100 Ways To Live A Better Life.

Oscar Del Ben

Follow Oscar Del Ben on Twitter

Oscar Del Ben is a programmer and blogger. He writes about productivity, life hacks and personal development at Freestyle Mind.

He had done some interesting 30 days experiments on his blog, such as waking up early and enhancing productivity. Check out this experiment that he did – 30 Days Experiment : Killing Productivity AKA Achieving 500% More Results In Less Time

Corbett Barr

Follow Corbett Barr on Twitter

I started following Corbett Barr after reading his manifesto, 18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures. He escaped from the cubicle nation and he is currently self employed and runs 2 successful blog, Free Pursuits and Think Traffic.

Right now he splits his time between San Francisco and the sunny beaches of Mexico. If you want to escape the 9 – 5 and enjoy your life now, you do not want to miss his articles and his 2 manifestos.

Chris Guillebeau

Follow Chris Guillebeau on Twitter

Chris Guillebeau wants to visit all the countries in the world and currently he had visited over 140 countries. He wants to help others break free of the status quo and live their life with their own standards.

He writes about personal development and life planning at The Art Of Non- Conformity. Check out his Unconventional Guides here.


Follow Diggy on Twitter

Diggy runs a self development blog at Upgrade Reality. I love the personal experiences that he shares in his articles and one example would be how he ran his own supermarket at the age of 17.

Diggy also wrote a guide, Upgrade Reality ebook, which has the same title as his blog to teach you how to overcome your fear, obstacles and create the life you truly want to live.

Who Do You Want To Add Into This List?

There are many awesome bloggers who help others to improve their life, and I have not had the opportunity to know all of them yet. Share with us all the awesome bloggers that had made a difference to your life and help them to get the recognition that they deserve.

I look forward to your addition!


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20 Responses to “10 Awesome Bloggers You Should Follow”

  1. Hendry says:

    I don’t realize that there are this many great personal development blog around (I guess I got too caught up with all those IM blogs lol). Thanks for the recommendation
    Hendry´s last blog post ..Reasons

  2. Vincent says:

    Hi Jia Jun,

    Thanks for dropping by. I see that you haven’t grab your gravatar yet. You can go to http://www.gravatar.com to get your display picture for your comments.
    Vincent´s last blog post ..10 Awesome Bloggers You Should Follow

  3. Jia Jun says:

    Nice list~ gonna check it out all. 😀
    Jia Jun´s last blog post ..Empty Your Cup

  4. This is an awesome list. I also like Robin Easton’s Naked in Eden blog. That’s one of my personal favorites.

  5. These are some inspiring bloggers! Awesome, keep em coming Vince!
    Clinton Skakuin´s last blog post ..27 Lessons We’ve Learned In 2010 About Life- To Take Into 2011!

  6. Brian says:

    Some of these people I’m already following – a few of them I’ve never heard of, I’ll be checking out their sites today though! My reader is going to get too backed up with all these posts I’m following though!!

    I’d add Pat Flynn @ smartpassiveincome.com to this list – I like how he throws everything he’s doing out there on the table so-to-speak

    Great post!

  7. Adam says:

    Everett and Corbett are guys I’m subscribed to, awesome people.

    Ever heard of Kevin Knebl?

    He teaches Emotional Intelligence and business Social Etiquette and has more connections and recommendations than anyone else in the World on linkedIn.com

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for dropping by! I haven’t heard of Kevin Knebi before. Let me go google for him right now. Thanks for the recommendation.


  8. Hey Vincent, I feel honored to be in such list! Thanks a lot!
    Oscar – freestyle Mind´s last blog post ..How to Save Money When You Have No Money

  9. Diggy says:

    Hey Vincent!
    Thanks so much for the kind words and the mention! I feel honored to be among such great company!

    We’ve got a long way to go but let’s keep on blogging and kicking ass.
    Race you to 5k subscribers:P

    Diggy´s last blog post ..24 Things I Learned In 24 Years

    • Vincent says:

      Diggy you are kicking my ass with your subscribers count haha. 2011 is coming, let us set a goal at the start of the year and work towards it.