Learn How To Be Happy From Andrew Matthews

Who is Andrew Matthews?

For those who don’t know who is Andrew Matthews, I will do a quick introduction here.

Andrew Matthews is an author, cartoonist and international speaker on attitude, success, happiness and prosperity. He is the best selling author In the field of personal development and motivation classics like “Being Happy” and “Follow Your Heart”.

Personally what I like about Andrew Matthews is his humor and his ability to cut out the clutter and present his ideas to you in the simplest way possible.

What did I learn from his audio program?

Seminars are good ways to learn new information but there is a tendency that even though you did a fire walk or jump off the cliff at the seminar, you are still the same person as yesterday because I believe that you can’t change into a better person in a day. So I decided to buy the audio program as I believe that it will be good to have a mentor always near me, constantly teaching and reminding me, so I can change myself bit by bit.

Andrew Matthews audio program talks about how to achieve happiness, drawing power from your subconscious mind, having good relationships, prosperity, personal power and developing action plan towards your success. There is a total of 144 useful strategies in it and I will share with you some of the ideas I got from his audio program. I am going to talk about two points that was mentioned in his “144 Strategies for Success and Happiness” which is Happiness and Worrying.


What is more important than being happy? If you ask around people what they want, most of them either want to be happy or want to be rich. If you ask why they want to be rich, they will answer that I will be happy if I am rich. Ultimately in life, what we want to achieve is to be happy.

Why are we not happy?

Some people say they are not happy because they are old, young, poor, unhealthy, feel they are not appealing or think that when they meet someone special, then they will be happy. There are people who went through the same situations like us or maybe worst, but they are still happy. Why? Because they knew that they can choose to be happy and happiness is a choice. It is a decision.

We don’t depend on others to make us happy. What makes you think that when you are miserable and depressed, there will be people who will come to you and say they want to spend their whole life with you. You will think that they are crazy. We need to work on ourselves first and be happy before we can attract others into our life and be happy together.

Happiness is a daily decision, it is a choice.

Why do you lose your temper at your family members more easily compared to losing your temper towards your friends? Because we choose our emotions depending on the situation.  Happiness is a choice that we can make.


Make it a motto to choose to be happy by saying this every morning, “Today I choose to be happy regardless of any situation. This is my day, my 24 hours and I choose to be happy.”


We worry about lots of things in life. We worry about whether will we be rich, will we be healthy, will there be any groceries left in the store or are we still sexy. Excessive worrying attract misfortunes and is detrimental to our health. So true about the phrase “worrying ourselves sick”.

Worrying comes from our thoughts. This means that we can stop worrying because we can control our thoughts. Some people may say that, “I can’t help what I think.” If you cannot help what you think, then who can? It is our own brain and we have control over it.

How to stop worrying

Stay in the present and take action.

Let’s take an example.

You need to pay your landlord a thousand dollars by Saturday and today is Monday. You can keep worrying and let worrying inhibit you to take action or you can choose to forgo your worries and do what is necessary at the present moment. You can choose to take action by calling up your friends or get an extra part time work to earn more money. When it is Friday, if you still don’t have the money to pay your landlord, it is Ok. Saturday is the day to pay the rent and in the present you have no problem. You postpone your worries and do whatever you can in the present. If by Saturday, you either have enough money to pay your land lord or not enough. If you can pay your landlord, then you can stay. If you can’t, you leave. It will be a little more inconvenient to pack your stuff and find temporary accommodation but you still survive!


  • Procrastinate your worries.
  • Make it your life motto, “I do what I can in the present, I don’t worry about the future. Right this second, there is no problem.”

Everyone will have their fair share of crisis in life and we can deal with it moment by moment. It is only thinking negatively into the future that cause us troubles. Have there been any situation that you did not survive in the present? it is only thinking negatively about the future that cause us to worry and start to attract all the misfortunes to us.

So always remember that we can choose to be happy in life and we can choose to procrastinate worries and do what we can at the present.

If you like the ideas above, I am sure that you will like Andrew Matthews 144 strategies for Success and Happiness. If you are interested in his audio program, you can click here and listen more to his simple yet powerful ideas. The audio program is at the homepage or you can see the chapters in it at the CD categories.



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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Being happy can definitely attract good things into our life and the best thing about it is we can choose to be happy whenever we want.

    To your success,
    Personal Development Blogger

  2. Hi Vincent,

    Worrying is definitely a big factor that is holding us back from our best. Happy people always get more done and create more value in life. Great article. I look forward to reading more.