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5 Free Applications To Help You Get More Things Done | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

5 Free Applications To Help You Get More Things Done

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free applications to help you increase productivity

If you want to get more things done and be more productive, this post is for you. These are the 5 tools that I use to help me make life easier for myself and help me be more productive. If you are a blogger, internet marketer, freelancer or you work for long hours with your computer, you should take a look at these great tools.

1) Dropbox

Dropbox is a must have for people who want to have all their data in a single place. It acts as a main storage for all your files. You can store all your files online, sync and even share it with your friends.

Dropbox is easy to use Dropbox adds a folder at your desktop and all you need to do is to drag and drop your files into the folder. Once you had done that, it will auto sync it and you can access these files using other computers either using the Dropbox folder or just go to their website to find all your data.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you have multiple computers and want to have all your files in one place. It is also good for travelers as you can access all your files in your home computer even when you are out. All you need is a computer and internet access and you’re good to go!

Click here to download Dropbox for free

Download dropbox

Everything is on the cloud, so that you can have access to all your data at any of computer or hand held devices

2) Launchy

I read about Launchy in Leo Babauta’s new ebook, Focus. Focus is a great book that teaches you help to clear out distractions and get things done. You can get your free copy here.

After installing Launchy, I had deleted over 30 icons from my desktop. Right now, I am left with 2 remaining icons – my recycle bin and one folder. My desktop is uncluttered, beautiful and it has much fewer distractions than a cluttered desktop.

So how do I access my files without any icons? Launchy comes into the picture now. By pressing Alt + Tab, I am able to load a small search box that I will use to find my programs, files and folders. This is a much faster way to search than digging through your cluttered icons to find the files or program that you want. Launchy puts everything at your fingertips.

Example: I want to load up my Skype program. Alt + Tab to bring up the search box, type S, Skype program appears, I will press Enter, and Skype will start to load now.

I took around 5 minutes to set it up and right now, I have an uncluttered desktop with a cool application that makes searching a much easier job to do.

Who is this for?

For people who believe that keyboard short cuts are faster than the click of a mouse (I am one) and wants to have a beautiful, clear and uncluttered desktop.

Click here to download Launchy


Sample of my desktop

3) TeuxDeux

If you need an excellent and minimalist web based to do list, TeuxDeux is the one you should use. I used to use Remember The Milk as my to-do list and I had switched over to TeuxDeux after trying it out for a week. TeuxDeux is an example of minimalist at its best. Talking about minimalist, go check out Everett Bogue at Far Beyond The Stars, where he writes about living a minimalist lifestyle. It is one of my favorite blogs right now.

Back to TeuxDeux. It is a simple web based to do list app. It is visually compelling (I love the clean design!) and easy to use. TeuxDeux doesn’t have additional functions to bloat it up, but it has all the essential functions of a to-do list.

One feature of TeuxDeux that I love is it provides the overview of the week. This helps when you are planning your week. It also have a someday bucket. Sometimes there are tasks that you do not know where to allocate into your to do list. Now you can simply throw it into the someday bucket in TeuxDeux.

The best feature of all is… (drum rolling), automatic rollover of unchecked tasks! I love this function. Try not completing your tasks for the day and you can see things start to pile up. This pressure gets me to start moving and get things done. Totally love it!

There is also an iPhone app for you to take your to-dos on the road. However, it does cost a little bit of money. I have both the web based (free) and the iPhone ($2.99) app. I think it is totally worth the money since I am away from home for most of the day and I get to take note of any tasks that I need to do on the road.

Who is it for?

TeuxDeux is for you if you want to have a great looking to do list and have all your to-dos in one place. Maybe it is time to ditch your pen and paper and start using this web based tool instead. Anyone with an iPhone should get the app to go with the web-based version too. I’m using both of it and I’m finally free from pen and paper. Get TeuxDeux and save some trees at the same time too.

Click here to get your free TeuxDeux


Take a look at TeuxDeux.

4) Leech Block Plugin

Are you indulging in Facebook and Twitter too much? Or maybe checking your email or watching Youtube videos are just too compelling that you can’t stay away from it? These common time wasters that can rob you of your valuable time.

If you rely on your self-discipline to refrain from indulging in time wasters, most likely you will fail. Self-discipline is overrated. Using willpower to refrain yourself from indulging in these time waster activities will most likely produce a short-term result. Tweak the environment and enforce curfews to assist yourself to win this battle. This will be a much more effective way.

Leech Block can help to block out any websites. You can choose to block off Facebook or other social media sites when you are doing your work. This will help you stay focus. You can set Leechblock to block any sites for the whole day or for any specific time of the day. You can even set a time limit to visit these websites in a day.

It’s time to get tough on yourself. Get this Firefox plugin and start to be a kick-ass action taker now!

Who is it for?

If you lack discipline want be a kick ass action taker, think that Facebook, Twitter and gazillion of other social media sites are just a waste of time and want to get some serious results in your life.

Click here to download Leechblock plugin

Leechblock plugin

5) Roboform

Are you sick and tired of remembering all the different passwords for your login accounts? Roboform to the rescue! You don’t ever need to remember passwords anymore with Roboform (erm.. you need to remember only one password). With Roboform, you can register an account with any sites, generate passwords and save all your login info in one place. When you need to login, just click a single button and Roboform will do the entire login for you. No more lost passwords and the hassle of trying to get them back.

Roboform also comes with the sync function, so using multiple computers is not a problem. It also generates complex passwords (better security) for your accounts that you can’t probably remember. However, it is not a problem since Roboform is there to help you store all your login info for your sites. To login, all you need to do is to click on your account on the toolbar and Roboform will help to bring you to the site and auto login for you.

Who is it for?

For people who…

  • love complex passwords but are too lazy to remember them
  • tend to forget their passwords
  • do not want to use the same password all their accounts. You compromise on your security when you do that.

Click here to download Roboform for free

Download roboform

These are some great tools that you can use for free. Make full use of the tools to help make things easier for you or help you to get more things done. If you have any great tools in mind, do write in the comment section below and share it with us. I’ll be interested in what you have to recommend. 🙂

If you haven’t noticed, I finally changed the header of HealthMoneySuccess. It took me quite some time to get a decent header. I think the previous header is a little too ugly (I did it myself!). This time round, I paid for this header and I’m glad I did. I think the current header much better looking than the previous one. What do you think?


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  2. Evan Schulte says:

    Great list there are a few on there I didn’t know about.

  3. Vivek says:

    Launchy and Roboform are the ones I use and Google Toolbar. Why the last one?
    It offers you to check Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail,Wordpress, Digg, Blogger, Myspace all at one place in your toolbar.

    Many people don’t know of this feature.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Vivek,

      I didn’t know about the functions of the Google Toolbar. It seems like a handy function to have everything in one place. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. Eric says:

    You just turned me on to Launchy and I love it! It’s alt+space, btw, and works great. I actually find myself using the calculator function quite often.

    After reading the rest of the posts, maybe I’ll try roboform. I’m just worried to store ALL my passwords in one place…
    Eric´s last blog post ..Starcraft 2 Strategies and Guide Reviews

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Eric,

      Great to hear that! Don’t worry about storing your passwords with Roboform. They have strong encryption services that can protect your complex passwords. It is much safer than using the same passwords for all your site.

      Another great password softwarre I have been trying out is 1Password. I find that they are rather good too and the fact that it only adds one button to your browser instead of multiple icons (like roboform). You should check that out too.


  5. David says:

    Nice list of apps – thanks for sharing them.


  6. Melissa says:

    Great post!
    As for tool #5, I’d like to add that RoboForm is not just for people who love complex passwords but for anyone who has any online (which includes just about everyone).
    Complexity in passwords is becoming essential to keep your accounts from easily being broken into. RoboForm has the ability to both generate and recall complex passwords. You also have the ability to specify if you want numbers, symbols, upper/lowercase letters, and number of characters you want in your randomly generated password.

    RoboForm does have a free trial but if you have more than ten logins it is really worth investing in RoboForm Pro. http://www.roboform.com

  7. Bryan H says:

    I’m digging this list. Roboform is something I utilize like CRAZY – With how many different things I do SEO-wise, I absolutely have to have that tool. It’s saved my life on numerous occasions!

    The TeuxDeux tool seems awesome. For a guy like me who is often unorganized, I’ve been looking for something like that. Going to get that now….Thanks for the hook up man!

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Bryan,

      Thanks for dropping by! I can’t remember all my logins too and Roboform does help a lot in that sense. TeuxDeux is pretty awesome too, I think you are going to love it. 🙂