I Had Screwed Up – What You Can Learn From It

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It’s time to write about my 16 weeks fitness challenge. As the challenge draws the curtain, I’m sad to say that I have failed in this challenge. I’m reluctant to write this article since there isn’t any great results to share with you. However, there are lessons that you can pick up from my screw up.

What Happened?

Everything was going fine at the start (as everything would). I kept a strict diet and I was exercising on a regular basis (6 days a week). However, I broke my momentum after I went for a vacation to Taiwan.

Out of the 5 days in Taiwan, I managed to work out for 3 days. Diet wise, I had sinned for all the 5 days. It is really hard to control my diet when there are so many delicious foods around me. Furthermore, there is always a little voice inside my head that kept telling me, “Vincent, it’s just 5 days. It’s ok to indulge in the delicious foods.” You know the rest of the story.

Back in Singapore, I struggled to get back my momentum. Things seem to pop out one after another. My school semester started and I was juggling between writing articles, marketing, creating websites, 9 to 5 job, studying, working on my 16 weeks challenge and preparing for my half marathon.

End result: I’m overwhelmed.

This led to a drastic drop in my productivity and I started to crash. Playing games became one of my ways to find comfort out of the overwhelming workload. This became a huge time waster and it takes out a huge chunk of my time from my day.

My Mistakes And What You Can Learn From It

Here are the mistakes that I had made.

  1. Taking more than I can handle.
  2. Did not plan beforehand.

1. Taking More Than I Can Handle

It seems like I am trying to conquer the world and I tried to conquer the whole world at the same time. In the quest of trying to achieve more, I did what I knew was wrong; biting more than I could chew.

You invite disaster when you bite off more than you could chew. As you can see in my case, everything starts to crumble and I tried to escape by indulging in time waster activities.

This is the problem when you start to become too ambitious and think that you can work 24 hours a day and get everything done. It is simply not possible.

2. Did Not Plan Beforehand

I started the 16 weeks challenge with just a thought and I went on with it without preparation and planning. This is the reliable Ready-Fire-Aim approach which I use to help me kick start into action. I didn’t expect that it somehow failed me this time round.

This approach helps one to avoid procrastination and analysis paralysis. Some people can aim (planning) all the time but never fire (take action) the shot. Adopting the Ready-Fire-Aim approach can help you to take action fast instead of dwelling in the planning stage.

This time round I jumped in too quick. I should give myself a dead line to prepare and plan instead of jumping straight into the water. It is always smart to test how deep the water is before jumping.

What I Did Right

1. I Got Started

Most people tripped before they even got started. I got started and it is way better than not doing anything. Lying on the couch doesn’t help me to learn anything new and taking action allows me to know what I can do to improve on my next challenge (yeap, I’m not giving up anytime soon. :))

2. I Received Feedback

Right now, I knew what my mistakes were and what I can do to increase the chances of losing weight and gain that 6 pack abs. Instead of looking at this challenge as a failure, I see it as a feedback to help me fine tune my plan and strategy.

Instead of not following a definite plan and try to mix and match everything myself, I may pick up a specific weight loss program and follow it faithfully. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income got some great results from the P90X and you can see click on the link to see the article about it.

Parting Words

I’m disappointed with the results for this challenge, especially when I had some success from my first challenge. However, life goes on and I know what I can improve on for the next time.

One thing for sure is that you have to know that you can’t give up. You lost the game at the moment when you decided to give up. As long as you don’t give up and keep hustling, you will improve and finally reach the stage where you want to be.

I picked up some great lessons and I hope you too. I got no time to waste and I got to train for my upcoming marathon at December. I will keep you guys updated again.



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4 Responses to “I Had Screwed Up – What You Can Learn From It”

  1. Jia Jun says:

    Indeed you’re right Vincent. Most of us tend to keep learning from people’s success stories, and forgot about failure. But what makes us success is what we learn from failures and mistakes.
    Before this (and maybe sometimes for now) , I tend to put a lot of tasks in my schedule, looking good as I’m “gonna” achieve lots of thing for the day, but end up overload and achieve very limited results at the end..
    Stay focus is a must.
    Jia Jun´s last blog post ..Empty Your Cup

  2. Eric says:

    I think you did good – 5 weeks is a long time and you should congratulate yourself for that. I find something that really helps me stick with a goal is measuring and recording specific goals. For example – how much weight did you lose in that 5 week time? Did you get stronger – can you do more pullups, pushups, etc. right now? What is your waist size? If I see improvement in these areas, it really psyches me up and gives me the energy and motivation to keep going…otherwise 16 weeks is a really long time.

    Anyway, I think you did a great job.
    Eric´s last blog post ..Starcraft 2 Strategies and Guide Reviews

  3. Vincent says:

    Hey Clinton,

    Its been quite some time since I last heard from you. How are you?

    It can be frustrating when there is too much planning and a lack of action. Try the ready fire aim approach. It gets you to take action faster this way. It works for me. You may want to try it.


  4. The problem I often have is planning too much and not getting started, it’s frustrating sometimes.
    Clinton Skakuin´s last blog post ..The Luck Factor- 4 Principles Of Good Luck – How To Improve Your Luck In Life And Business