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Week 7 and 8 Fitness Update | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Week 7 and 8 Fitness Update

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If you have not read my previous weeks update, you can read it here.

I have been following the mantra of starting small and slowly. It seems hard for me to get into the groove after my holidays. For the past 2 weeks, I have been doing mostly body weight exercises and long runs.

I had switched to long distance running again because of my upcoming half marathon at September. I only got one more month to get myself into condition. The previous half marathon that I did was a night run. This time round, my half marathon will start at the morning (5.15am) and I hope to avoid the sunrise. The heat can easily take away a huge chunk of your energy.

It seems like I am not getting much results. I did not lose as much weight as I expected. In fact, my weight is stagnant at the weighing scale.

I felt that this time round, I might have bitten off more than I could chew. I am trying to tackle too many fitness goals at once. Right now I am participating every 3 months time in a long distance run and currently I am preparing for my half and full marathon at September and December respectively.

I thought that I could merge my 16 weeks fitness challenge with my preparation for my marathon but it does not seem so. My mind seems to define these two goals separately and sometimes the amount of workouts I need to do can be overwhelming. This causes me to procrastinate.

There are many things that I need to sort out and I think I need to draw out a more clearly defined plan for my remaining 7 weeks. I really want to have the results to show for at the end of the 16 weeks and in order to do so, I need to have a really solid plan in place plus lots of implementation.

Ah… It’s The Murphy’s Law Again

I got sun burned last weekend due to a beach volleyball session. I screwed up by not taking a sun block with me and I got some painful burns on my back, arms and shoulders. This means I could not proceed on with my body weight exercises for the next few days. I will carry out my plan B that is to jog and this is much better than not doing anything at all.

I believe I need to wait for a few days before the pain goes off. So right now, I will focus on jogging instead of doing any weight training. This time round, my 16 weeks challenge is not progressing as smoothly as the previous one. However, I am not going to give up any time soon. I will keep at it for the whole 16 weeks and see how much I can achieve by that time.

If any of you have started your own 16 weeks challenge, do share with me your progress. I would love to know more about it. I look forward to your comments. Last but not least, I really appreciate your support by subscribing to my blog and reading my articles. Thanks everyone!


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