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100% Guaranteed - How To Reach The Finishing Line (Your Goals) Without Fail | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

100% Guaranteed – How To Reach The Finishing Line (Your Goals) Without Fail

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I found this inspiring video from Facebook recently. I am inspired by Derek Redmond’s never give up attitude. Even though he suffered a setback during the race, he never gave up and still managed to cross over the finishing line.

At the later part of the video, there are mentions about God. Religion is not the key point in this article. What I want to focus on in this article is the attitude of not giving up.

Where Is Your Finishing Line?

Do you know where your finishing line is? When I say finishing line, I don’t only mean the finishing line that you find on the race track. Your finishing line is any goals and dreams that you have. It can be the financial part of your life, social part, career, health or anything that you want to achieve.

To reach your finishing line, you have to know where it is and what the rewards are. Don’t ever make the mistake of running the wrong race. If you are racing for something that you do not want, you will never get it because you lack the passion and enthusiasm to push you through.

There are people who have worked hard and spent years to climb the corporate ladder. However, at the end of the road, they found out they had wasted 30 to 40 years chasing after things that they don’t want. You do not want that to happen to you. Know your race and your due rewards before racing.

Even If You Know Your Finishing Line, 80% Of You Don’t Achieve It – Do You Know Why?

I may sound contradicting. Especially when you refer to the blaring article title that I wrote for this post – “How you can reach the finishing line without fail”. The “100% Guaranteed” at the front of the title does not help in this case.

The difficult truth in life is that most people will not reach their finishing line. They dropped short. They allow others to bring them down. They think they are not good enough. They have doubts. They simply gave up.

The harsh reality and hardships awaiting them during their race to their finishing line is just too difficult for them to endure. The short cut here is to simply give up and walk away. They give excuses why they can’t achieve instead of focusing on how they can achieve. They settle for mediocrity instead of trying to achieve excellence. (If you have not pick up your copy of The Personal Excellence Ebook written by Celestine Chua, you can get your copy here.)

People give up at moment they faced hardships. Keep in mind what I have to say here. Anything that is hard is worth accomplishing.

If running a marathon is easy, nobody will join one. If climbing Mount Everest is easy, nobody will climb to the top and think it is an achievement. What is easy gives you little sense of accomplishment. No want will pay you big bucks or give you much respect if you know how to ride your cute little tricycle. But it will be a totally different story if you know how to fly a plane and know which button to press to land the plane. If nobody respect that, the passengers in the plane definitely will.

Key point here. Your rewards are directly proportional to the level of difficulty of task. No one in the right mind will pay the janitor the same amount of money they pay to the CEO. If you want something better, do something that is harder to accomplish. People will respect you for this and you will get your due rewards.

This is a great quote from Jim Rohn.

Don’t wish it is easy, wish you were better
~Jim Rohn

How To Reach Your Finishing Line

On your way to the finishing line, there will always be obstacles. There will be disappointments, doubts, overwhelming difficulties, and any possible screw-ups that you can imagine. These are bound to happen. However, you don’t live your life fearing these obstacles and stay at the same spot. You live with the attitude that you know there will be obstacles but you will still keep on moving forward no matter what.

If you screwed up, you learn from your mistakes. If things don’t work, you try another way. Use the Ultimate Success Formula. Keep trying, trying and trying until you figure out how to get what you want. The last thing on your mind is to quit. You only lose the game at the moment you decide to quit.

Michael Jordan took 7 years before he won his 1st NBA championship final. He went on to win 6 championship, 6 times NBA finals MVP, featured 14 times in the NBA all stars team out of his 17 years career. Doesn’t look too shabby, am I right? (You can read this article that I had wrote previously – 7 Lessons We Can Learn From Michael Jordan)

He was cut out of high school basketball and his coach thinks he lacks the height to play good basketball. What if he quits when he met all these obstacles?

If you are reading my blog now, I assume that you want to unleash your maximum potential and achieve your desired outcomes in life (if not, why are you here?). To reach your finishing line, you need to be prepared for the obstacles that I had mentioned…

  • Doubts
  • Fear
  • Disappointment
  • Social pressure
  • Inadequate skills
  • Difficulties
  • Mistakes
  • Screw ups and more screw ups

Some articles that can help.

You have to learn how to deal with these problems. Invest your time and money in seminars and workshops to improve your skills. Read more books. Listen to audiobooks. Learn how to act in face of fear. Learn how to take action regardless of how sucky you feel. You will need these vital life skills during your race towards your finishing line. Check out any of the overachievers around you and you will find that they are particularly good at dealing with problems, adversity, obstacles and challenges. Their success comes with a story of their struggles and how they overcome their challenges.

Nobody have a very smooth journey during their pursuit of their dream but everybody have their own share of troubles. The ones who turn out successful are the ones who know how to deal with their troubles and keep on moving forward. You can bet quitting is the last thing on their mind.

Parting Words

I hope you are more prepared for this rough journey ahead after reading this article. Nobody say that achieving is easy. I know you already knew nothing easy is worth accomplishing. Only things that are challenging are worth accomplishing.

If you picked up only one thing from this article, I hope you had made the commitment not to quit in your own race. Stay committed to reaching your finishing line. Don’t quit, keep trying, keep moving forward, focus on putting one foot before the other and reaching the finishing line is not just a dream anymore.

Moving step by step towards the finishing line

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4 Responses to “100% Guaranteed – How To Reach The Finishing Line (Your Goals) Without Fail”

  1. helen says:

    Hi,vincent! I haven’t been here for a while.Sorry for my late visiting.. I feel so sucky about my life recently.this article reveals the truths that The successful ones know how to overcome fears and doubts. I will apply these tips to my life.. And let you know my result! Keep writing great artiles, I will come back soon!
    helen´s last blog post ..No1clicked Indie Folk Song in China-! By 翁乙仁

  2. Alex says:

    Great articel Vincent !
    It gave me a lot of Power. thank you for that !
    and very inspiring video you found there. it brought me to tears.

    keep it up man. =)