Week 5 Fitness Update: Why I Abandoned My Colleagues And Ate My Lunch In My Own Cosy Cubicle

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16 weeks challenge to 6 pack abs

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In order to achieve my desired results in this 16 weeks time, I had decided to pack my own meals last week. I prepare three of my meals to bring to work every day and consume them at every 2 – 3 hours interval.

I think this is a great decision because my lunch with my colleagues always consists of eating processed food (carbs like white rice and noodles) which is making it difficult for me to lose weight. I believe eating these processed foods can slow down my progress and may even stop me from achieving my desired results.

Some Of My Fears

I thought it would be hard to stop going for lunch with my colleagues. Some of the things I fear are…

  1. Colleagues think that I am a weirdo
  2. Endless question about why am I packing my own lunch
  3. Colleagues sympathizing me
  4. People think that I am too poor to afford lunch

In fact, making this decision does not turn out to be that difficult. I was focusing on my desired outcome and I just decided to abandon my colleagues and eat my own lunch at my cubicle for the sake of getting my desired results.

My colleagues may find me a weirdo but I do not really care as long I get my results at the end of the day. There are still lots of questions from caring colleagues as they were puzzled by my decision to skip lunch. I just tell them honestly that I am on a diet to shed the extra pounds. In fact, more people talked to me than usual, asking me about why I skip my lunch etc. Therefore, I guess that skipping my lunch improves my networking ability.

Most of the fears are illusion in the mind. I find that most of them do not really matter when I finally decide to take the action to skip going for lunch with my colleagues. This is the same for most situations when fear tries to prevent you from doing something. The surprising thing is most of your fear will be so insignificant when you decided to take the action. Most of the fears you have in your mind doesn’t happen anyway.


Eating my own packed lunch is giving me some great results. The last week I had mentioned that I had gained a bit of weight. I lost it back when I started to eat my own healthy lunch. I also feel better now because all my meals are clean. One meal does make a difference.

Love His Bento

P.S: Do you eat lunch with your colleagues? Are they stopping you from losing weight? Do drop your comment below and share with us. Remember to subscribe to my blog to receive my latest articles in your inbox.

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5 Responses to “Week 5 Fitness Update: Why I Abandoned My Colleagues And Ate My Lunch In My Own Cosy Cubicle”

  1. Walter says:

    I haven’t got much of a problem eating lunch with my colleagues because we don’t really mind what the other is eating, nor his/her eating schedule. I also have a lunch of my own because I’m also preventing to gain weight. Much of what I eat are fruits, oatmeal and egg whites. 🙂
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  2. Credit Girl says:

    Oh my goodness! I have to turn down my coworkers all the time because i just can;t go out to eat like them! It’s such a bummer but at the end of the day I feel so much better that I didn’t eat something bad.
    Credit Girl´s last blog post ..How Your Online Activities Can Ruin Your Credit