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Gymboss Interval Timer Review - Increase The Intensity Of Your Workout Now | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Gymboss Interval Timer Review – Increase The Intensity Of Your Workout Now

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Gymboss Interval Timer Review

As promised last week, I am going to write a review on the Gymboss interval timer that I am using for my workouts.

My workouts consist of circuit and interval trainings. Circuit training consists of doing a set of exercise in a specific amount of time. There are no set numbers of repetitions in each of the exercises. All you need to do is to do as much repetition as you can in that fix amount of time.

I prefer doing circuit trainings as compared to doing exercises with fix repetitions. Our body can get used to the fix amount of repetitions and this can delay muscle growth and weight loss. Circuit trainings is the solution to this problem and it keeps your intensity level high during your workouts.

I used to use my digital watch or iPhone to time myself (45 seconds exercise, 15 seconds rest) when I am doing my circuit training. However, I find it too troublesome to keep an eye on my stopwatch and press the start and stop button for every 45 seconds.

Doing this affects the quality of my workout. It is impossible to be 100% focused and concentrate on your exercises when you are worrying about when are you going to hit the stop button at the 45 seconds interval.

Gymboss Comes Into Play

This gadget comes in handy for situation like this. Gymboss Interval Timer has 3 main settings; auto, auto with number of times to repeat and manual setting.

  1. Auto: It will continue to beep for the amount of time that you set. (example:beep every 10 seconds until you stop it)
  2. Auto with number of times to repeat: 2 timings are involved here. For example; beep at the 45 seconds (you can change the timing) mark and beep again at the 15 seconds mark.
  3. Manual: Instead of auto restarting itself when it reaches the time that you set, you need to press the start button to restart the countdown again.

Gymboss Interval Timer is hardy and it can take any of your rigorous workouts. It runs on a AAA battery and it has a clip that you can use to clip the it on your workout gear.

Check out more about Gymboss Interval Timer in this video that I did.

The Gymboss Interval Timer Is Suitable For…

If you are currently doing interval training or circuit training (or you want to start one soon which I recommend if you want to lose weight), the Gymboss Interval Timer is highly recommended.

However if you are doing a fix amount of repetitions for your workouts or long distance running, this gadget isn’t for you.

If you decide that Gymboss Interval Timer is the right gadget for you to get fit and healthy now, you can get yours by clicking here.

I had written this article right after my workout. It is time for me to take my well-deserved rest and I will talk to you soon. 🙂

Fan of Gymboss Interval Timer

P.S: I will post the update (week 5) of my 16 weeks fitness challenge next week. If you have not read my previous update, you can read it here. Remember to subscribe to my blog to receive my latest updates.

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3 Responses to “Gymboss Interval Timer Review – Increase The Intensity Of Your Workout Now”

  1. Daniel Wood says:

    Hi there

    For those of you that have an iPhone or iPod touch you should consider getting Seconds – Interval Timer for iPhone. It allows you to create workouts in seconds with it’s easy templates. Best of all you get to listen to playlists or songs for specific intervals. So you can have fast music for your high intervals and relaxing music for your low intervals.

    Here’s the iTunes link:

  2. Credit Girl says:

    I might just have to get this gadget! I’ve heard that if you do intervals you burn so many more calories than just stay at the same pace. You can really apply intervals to anything you not just circuit training. I tend to run intervals on the treadmill, too.
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