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One Big Secret You Can Should Know To Help You Achieve Your Goal At The Speed Of Light | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

One Big Secret That You Can Use To Help Your Goals At The Speed Of Light

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I am still pursuing personal growth in my life and I am still far from my desired standards. I immerse myself in books, audio tapes and blogs of successful personnel so that I can gain the knowledge that they have that made them successful in the first place.

I believe the differences between someone who is successful and someone who is not are the things that they know. Successful people definitely know something that others do not know and that is what made them successful in the first place.

I Need To Share This With You

I picked up something very valuable and I believe I need to share this with you.

Think about what needs to be done, not whether you can achieve it or not.

Most people doubt themselves before they even attempt to try. This is why many people fail to live up to the high standards that they are capable of. They failed before they even reach the starting line.

When I am in my unproductive state, I always doubt my capability instead of focusing what needs to be done. This causes me to stay stuck at a certain level and slow down my progress.

But if I flick the switch in my mind and think about what needs to be done and proceed on to do it, I usually can achieve rather incredible results.

Move Towards Your Goal At The Speed Of Light

Your doubts can kill your dream. Giving up before you even reach the starting line is regrettable.

What we focus on can affect how we feel and act. When we focus on the negative, it is natural to feel depressed. On the other side, when we focus on the positive, we tend to feel up beat and enthusiastic.

In order to move towards your goal at the speed of light, you need to learn how to focus on the right things. Nobody can focus on the positive side of things every time. But if you are able to focus on the right things 60% to 70% of the time, you are on track to achieving great results.

If you are experiencing plateau in your personal growth or whatever areas in your life, it is time to stop and reflect. It is good to ask questions at times like this and one great question to ask yourself is, “Am I focusing on what needs to be done or whether can I do it or not?”

My Example

Let me share with you an example. I know I need to be doing more marketing with my blog (things that need to be done). There are tons of methods to do this. It can be writing more guest post, commenting on other blogs, participate in forums or even creating a free ebook to share around with others.

I know that if I am able to do the tasks that I had mentioned above, achieving my goal of 2000 blog subscribers at the end of the year is definitely feasible. (By the way, if you have not subscribed to my blog, click here to subscribe now. :))

However, sometimes I have doubts in my mind that stop me from doing the tasks I had mentioned. I still have doubts in my mind to create guest articles. Sometimes I doubt my capability to create great articles for other blogs (this is the part where I am focusing on whether I can do it or not). Focusing on my doubt kills my desire to take action.

By flicking the switch in my mind to focus on what needs to be done instead of doubting my capability, I instantly know what I need to do to get the results. I know that by doing what needs to be done, I am able to achieve greater results faster. When you cast your doubts aside and set your mind to achieve your desired goals, you are on the highway towards achieving your goals.

Parting Words

To move to the highway to achieve your goals at the speed of light, you have to change what you are focusing on right now. Imagine how much more you can achieve when you are constantly completing what needs to be done instead of walking in circles and doubting your capability. What do you think you are capable of when you are operating on the highway?

As always, I welcome your comments and I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.

On The Highway

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5 Responses to “One Big Secret That You Can Use To Help Your Goals At The Speed Of Light”

  1. Walter says:

    Doubt is a very powerful hindrance Vincent and I wish it could be easy to cast our doubts aside and push through with our goals. Success in any of our goals has but one catch–you have to keep on going despite the heavy load of doubt.

    I recommend that you read the book ” A Rich Man’s Secret.” It’s a powerful short novel that will enlighten and inspire you. 🙂
    Walter´s last blog post ..Five simple ways of expressing love

  2. Farouk says:

    i strongly agree with you, lots of people consider themselves failures even though they didn’t give a try!!!
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    • Vincent says:

      Hi Farouk,

      That is why they didn’t manage to achieve any great results. All they need is a better quality way of thinking and things will start to change for them.


  3. Long says:

    Hi Vincent,

    As a regular reader of your blog, I find your material inspirational and good source of motivation. However, as a reader, I must say the material as of late is somewhat ‘general’ and lacks real substance –a strong philosophical/principle approach is important but not enough. In my opinion, I’d like to hear more about some tactical approaches you’ve taken to make incremental improvements in your own work and daily life –this perhaps will help myself and other readers grasp the application of the principles you’ve discussed.

    For example, can you be more specific after “By flicking the switch in my mind to focus on what needs to be done instead of doubting my capability, I instantly know what I need to do to get the results.” –is this the mental process you use? what are the common pitfalls? how is the actual results measured? what are the feedback loops to the process? etc.

    Please take this as constructive criticism that aims to improve the content of this blog –both for readers like myself and you, as the blogger. And as always, thanks for sharing your ideas and tips!

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Long,

      Thanks for your feedback. I understand where you are coming and I believe it is my job to make sure that the content quality at HealthMoneySuccess is top notch and is helpful to the reader.

      I took note of what you had written here and I will use it to help further improve the content of the blog. Thanks!