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Week 1 Update: 16 Weeks Challenge To 6 Pack Abs | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Week 1 Update: 16 Weeks Challenge To 6 Pack Abs

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It is near the end of week 1 of my 16 weeks challenge to 6 pack abs. I will update weekly (Friday Singapore timing) to let you know about my progress and provide some tips that you can incorporate into your work out.

What Have You Been Doing Vincent?

I jumped into this challenge without much planning and that is why right now I am rather disorganized. I did not have a very specific plan that I am going to follow yet and I am still designing my workout as I go along. Here are some of the things that I did last week.

  1. Read books on fitness and health. (Truth About Abs, Body For Life)
  2. Invested in a Gymboss timer.
  3. Studying about supplements and invested in meal replacement shakes
  4. Having an outcome in place and designing a plan to gain physical prowess!

1) Read books on fitness and health. (Truth About Abs, Body For Life)

The first thing I did after I decided to start my 16 weeks challenge is to find some helpful fitness and health books. The first book I got was Truth About Abs by Mike Geary, which is one of the most popular book online on fitness and achieving 6 pack abs. I just want to see what the hype is all about and it did not disappoint me though because I picked up some great information about nutrition and working out.

The next book I got was Body For Life, by Bill Philips. This book is an inspiration and the number of people who turn their life around by losing their excess weight amazes me.

I will do a review on each book at a later date, so remember to subscribe to my blog to make sure that you receive the updates.

2) Invested in a Gymboss Timer

I need a timer that can help me time my run during my interval training (short sprints). My digital watch have the stopwatch function but I find it troublesome to sprint and look at my watch at the same time. Doing this distracts you from giving your 100% during the sprint and Gymboss Timer comes in handy in this situation.

I set the timer to beep at certain timing and all you need is to set the interval that you want and listen out for the beep. I have not receive my Gymboss Timer yet, but once I do I will create a video and post it up either at my blog or through my Twitter account.

3) Studying about supplements and invested in meal replacement powder

My previous 16 weeks challenge helped me lost a total of 13.2 lbs. However, there are still fats around my abdominal area that is hiding my abs. I did not consume any supplements at that time and right now, I think I need to pay more attention to this area to help me achieve better results.

I need the extra protein to build muscles and I am planning to have 5 to 6 meals a day. Consuming small but frequent meals can help to keep our metabolism rate constant, hence burning more fats in the process. Having a higher amount of protein in your diet can help to keep you full for a longer period. It also has a higher thermic effect which means more energy is needed to digest it.

Preparing 5 to 6 meals a day is troublesome and hence having a meal replacement shake can be helpful. I am currently using EAS Original Shake(Chocolate flavour) and it tastes great. This can easily help me to replace one or 2 of my meals daily and it saves up lots of time for me.

4) Having an outcome in place and designing a plan to gain physical prowess!

Having a clear outcome for what you want to achieve is the first step to success. I already know my outcome, which is to achieve a healthy body and experience abundant energy. Not forgetting my 6 pack abs too which can help me to look good and feels great! 🙂

I had also taken some “before” photos that I can refer back after my 16 weeks challenge. I am somewhat surprised when I look at my photo, because I did not realize that I was out of shape even though I am training regularly for my marathon. I thought my body is fine(self denial) until the photo brought me back to reality. I highly recommend everyone who wants to start exercising to lose some pounds and look good to take a “before” photo of their body.

The photo can help you to see where you are now. Taking a photo every 2 to 4 weeks can help you to keep track of your progress, and not to forget it can keep you motivated when you see the progress that you made.

My workouts consist of one day of resistance training followed by another day of interval training (sprinting). To lose my fats efficiently, I need to gain muscles that can help boost my metabolism rate. This is the reason for including resistance training in my workouts.

From my research, sprinting is a more efficient way to help me keep my metabolism rate high for the rest of the day as compared to long distance running. Since I am training for my half marathon at September and a full marathon at December, I will include one long distance run and 2 interval trainings in a week.

This is all for today as I seem to be getting a little long winded :). Remember to subscribe to my blog to stay updated and receive regular personal development and fitness tips! If you have any questions for me, do not hesitate to drop a comment at the comment box below. I respond to each and every comment and your comment will definitely be replied by yours truly.

If you want to start your own 16 weeks challenge but do not know where to start, drop me a comment or contact me by clicking here. I’m glad to help if you are willing to ask. 🙂

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13 Responses to “Week 1 Update: 16 Weeks Challenge To 6 Pack Abs”

  1. Clayton says:

    Hey Vincent, are you psychic or something?

    I just started promoting Truth About Abs as an affiliate on one of my sites. I haven’t actually gotten around to reading it yet, but it seems like a great program.

    And I literally just started the Body for Life program yesterday (!) after hearing some good results from a few of my friends.
    Clayton´s last blog post ..Website Building Update -8211 Week 43

    • Vincent says:

      I’m a psychic in training! Lol. It seems like I have some talent in this field. 😉

      The Body For Life program is a great plan and I believe it works after seeing so many before and after pictures of individuals who had completed it.

      I’m curious about how you will implement the Body For Life program. I look forward to seeing your updates at your blog. 🙂


  2. Credit Girl says:

    Oh I’ve never heard of the GymBoss timer! but you’re right it does get super annoying having to check the clock on the treadmill or your stop watch! That would certainly solve the problem.
    Credit Girl´s last blog post ..Savings Account Rates Deal of the Day- Great Midwest Bank- SSB at 85 APY

  3. omar says:

    yeah i run on one day the next day i work out and i do that till sunday……

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Omar, you are fast. I just replied to your comment and you immediately replied back haha. Anyway keep up with your work out and I will update about mine on this Friday again. Looking forward to hear your results.

  4. Walter says:

    Hey, that’s a worthy challenge you’re facing. I’m also in the process of achieving six pack and I have been very meticulous about the food I eat. So far it’s been working. 🙂

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Walter,

      Thanks for dropping by! Great to hear that you are seeing results from your challenge. Diet sure plays a big part in helping us achieve 6 pack abs. I’m still trying hard to adjust my diet. I bet it will take some time for me to adapt to it.


  5. omar says:

    dude……you got me hyped up…i am so very glad that i checked this before going out on the run…..i am going to piggy back on your workout and design a carbon copy that will fit my need……i am going to do sprints tonight (probably 20 minutes after writing this)…..Sundays i always take off……but i will add resistance on every other day…….and also my goal is to run a marathon one day, but the first thing i have to do is be able to run 5k lol……so that is what i am training for and since i live in nyc they have those pretty much every month…….

    i dont want to take my picture……but i think i will since you are a third person that said this…..

    ok….on to running……and keep this stuff up cause i need a mentor!

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Omar,

      Try to rest a day between your resistance training. Over training can result in little results. If you want to work out everyday, maybe work on your upper body on one day and your lower body on another.

      This will ensure that your body have sufficient rest to grow and recover itself. Or you can try including resistance training for a day and a cardio exercise for the other day.

      Go ahead and take a photo of yourself. You don’t need to show it to anyone, but it can show you where you are right now. Keep on going and enjoy your work out! 🙂