This Is Why You Need More Energy – My 16 Weeks Challenge To 6 Pack Abs

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6 pack abs journey

I am working on a time management system to help me increase my productivity level. If you want to achieve your desired success in life, you will need to be a master in utilizing your time. I see time as a currency that is more valuable than money and whoever can get the most out of it will achieve more results in life.

Whatever outcome we want to achieve, the first thing that we need to invest is time. Other factors such as money and labor are secondary issues. If you are able to invest more quality time into your desired outcome, the chances of achieving it are much higher.

Time And Energy

In order for you to invest more quality time into achieving your goals, you need to have an adequate amount of energy. You can have the greatest GTD (getting things done) or time management system but there is no point in having one of these systems when you do not have the energy to execute your action plan.

I have started working recently and I find that I need a time management system to help me utilize my time more efficiently. On top of working, I am still studying part time in college and I have to work on my personal projects over here at HealthMoneySuccess and my niche marketing sites.

If I am not able to manage my time and energy, efficiently and effectively (this is where a time management system shines), I am not going to achieve any of my desired outcomes (goals). In order to make your time management system effective, you need to have a remarkable amount of energy to work on your essential tasks.

The Plan For Manifesting Remarkable Amount Of Energy

If you start your day feeling full of energy, will it make a difference to your productivity level? Of course! A higher productivity level means that you will be able to complete more tasks that are important and move faster towards your goals.

However, most people do not feel this way every morning. I am not excluded too.

Here are a few bad habits that rob me of my energy.

  • Sleeping too late.
  • Eating processed foods that depletes energy level.

If you have attended one of Tony Robbins seminars, you will be amazed by his energy on stage. That guy can speak for hours without breaking a sweat and he seems like he is able to speak for one full day without taking a break! Check out one of his presentation at TED over here

Think about what changes will happen in your life if you have the same amount of energy like Tony Robbins? I bet you could tackle more things in life and that will lead to better results and fulfillment in life.

I am going to start a 16 weeks challenge. I had previously completed a 16 weeks fitness challenge and a 30 days healthy living challenge and lost a total of 13.2 lbs. I had gained a few pounds back and I think it is time to put a plan in place to get some amazing results.

The main objective of this challenge is to increase my energy and fitness level. I will also make use of this challenge to kill off some of my bad habits that have been robbing me of energy. I will also replace them with healthier habits.

Even though I had lost 13.2 lbs previously, I did not achieve the goal of having 6 pack abs. This time round, I will spend more time to research on what I can do to achieve this outcome. I will also update on my challenge every week over here at HealthMoneySuccess, so remember to subscribe to my blog so that you will not miss any of my updates.

My current weight is 158.3 lbs. Let us see what will happen at the end of the 16 weeks challenge.

I am going to give you an update of the plan that I am going to use and what I will be doing in this 16 weeks challenge next week. So see you then!


P.S: I welcome anyone who wants to join me in this 16 weeks challenge. You can blog about it too and we will see what will happen at the end of the 16 weeks challenge. See you at the finishing line. 🙂

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18 Responses to “This Is Why You Need More Energy – My 16 Weeks Challenge To 6 Pack Abs”

  1. Vincent says:

    I got it wrong. I mean 6 times per week haha. 6 times a day will kill me. Currently my week 1 program consist of only working out with body weight, which includes doing push ups, lunges, pull up and etc. I will slowly progress to using resistance bands and dumb bells.

  2. Billie Tropp says:

    Weightt lifting exercises with a sound workout program along with a good nutrition program may be the best way to drop fat

  3. omar says:

    6 times a day????? you mean a week right?……what do you do for resistance training?

  4. omar says:

    Vincent how do you incorporate sprints into your workout……im assuming you’re a long distance runner…..i would like to try it out let me know please….i have been slacking with sit ups tho….i didn’t do them last night so i have to make them up tonight

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Omar,

      I set a schedule to work out 6 times a day. One day of resistance training will follow by one day of sprinting session (interval training). Interval training is a better way to burn fats as compared to long distance running. You should try it out too. 🙂


  5. Credit Girl says:

    Alright, well this past weekend I didn’t really have any plans for myself because there was nothing that really needed to be done. So I ended up lying around all weekend and just napping all day. Very unproductive weekend. That mentality basically wiped all my energy! I had no energy to go to the gym! I felt very groggy all weekend. I mean thinking that I was getting extra sleep would help me feel better did the exact opposite.
    Credit Girl´s last blog post ..Passport Savings Accounts and Health Savings Accounts

  6. helen says:

    Hi,My friend recommended Eben Pagan to me. He also has wake up productivity stuffs(semiar),I have listened some of the lectures. Its cool. He said our culture and tech world has been changed more rapidly than our environment.
    We should be more productive , and learn how to do it.
    helen´s last blog post ..No.1clicked Indie Folk Song in China,! By 翁乙仁

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Helen,

      I heard about the course too. I love Eben’s work. Although I never attended Wake Up Productive, I heard lots of raving reviews.

  7. Hey Vincent,

    Great to see you are having another challenge for yourself. Keep up the great workup and I think it will help in your upcoming marathons too.

    Journey to Success´s last blog post ..Great Marketing Plan That Entice Customers

    • Vincent says:

      Yeah, I bet it will! I’m gonna include short sprints into my workout and I bet that will help out in my marathon too.


  8. omar says:

    ok….i got myself a p90x workout dvd packet……there are 12 dvds for all sorts of workouts including stretching and yoga…….im about to pop the “ab ripper x” dvd……im a man of my word…..and even though i really don’t feel like doing this and rather taking a shower and going to bed…….i have to stick to my word…16 damn weeks it is!…..damn you sweet vincent!

    • Vincent says:

      I heard that the P90X is a great workout package. Do follow through and update with us weekly. I will be updating my work outs weekly, so remember to share with us about your progress in the comment section.

      All the best to us! 🙂


  9. Clayton says:

    I really should do this challenge too. Sometimes I think I spend too much time sitting in front of the computer…

    If I’m going to travel in October, I’m going to need to get in shape. Okay…. you got me. I’ll do this too. Starting on Monday 🙂
    Clayton´s last blog post ..Website Building Update – Week 42

  10. omar says:

    its been a long time since i commented on any of your posts……i recently started running again and i am back up to 2.5 miles……my goal is to run 3.5 under 20 minutes……….but this 6 pack challenge seems very interesting and i want in….how do i sign up?

    • Vincent says:

      Hii Omar,

      Nice to see you commenting again. You don’t need to sign up for this challenge, we just see our results at the end of the 16 weeks challenge. 🙂