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My 2010 Goals Update - Warning! Unglam Shots In The Article | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

My 2010 Goals Update – Warning! Unglam Shot In The Article

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Time flies and it is June already. I hope you are still keeping up with your New Year Resolution. I believe there are many people who have forgotten all about their New Year Resolution. If you are the minority that are still working towards your goals, congrats! If you had strayed from your goal, this is the time to bring yourself back onto the right path.

2010 Goals Update

1. Run A Marathon

Things seem to be going great in this category. I have completed my half marathon recently and the above unglam photo is the finisher photo for my half marathon. I plan to run a competition for every 3 months and I did it successfully till now as I had completed a 10 miles competition (16km) during March and a half marathon during late May.

I had already registered for my full marathon on December 2010 and it seems I am well on course to complete this goal for the year.

2. Have a Successful Affiliate Site Earning $200 per month.

To be frank, things are not going great in this category. My affiliate site is not really raking in big money. Every now and then, there may be a sale or two but it is not consistent at all. Affiliate marketing is not as easy as I thought. There are a lot more things I have to learn.

I have neglected it recently as I felt demoralized due to the lack of results. This is the time to pick myself up and start working on it again. There are doubts in my mind whether I can succeed in this goal. I need to work on my mindset before I continue this project. It is not possible to succeed if I have these doubts in my mind.

I am not going to quit this anytime soon. I can quit at any moment, so why quit now?

3. Grow Subscriber Count of HealthMoneySuccess To 2000 Readers.

I have 6 months left before the year-end. Right now the subscriber count is at 1330. If you want to keep up with my progress, learn more about personal development tips to help unleash your maximum potential and want to help boost my subscriber count, you can subscribe to my blog by clicking here. 🙂

Once you had subscribed, you will receive my latest article updates from either RSS feeds or email updates.

I need another 670 subscribers to reach my goal. This means that I need at least 112 new subscribers per month until December. From the rate that I am going now, I doubt I will be able to reach it.

I have a few tricks up my sleeves and I am going to start marketing my blog more aggressively to reach this target.


There is still serious work to be done if I want to complete all 3 of my goals. These goals do not seem too far fetch when I broke them down into smaller pieces and take consistent action. At the start of the year, I doubt that I will be able to complete a half marathon but I did it now.

I believe you can achieve whatever you are aiming for. All it takes is some careful planning and consistent execution.

Last but not least, thank you everyone for your undying support. I hope you will stick around and let us see how much we can grow together.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog, you can subscribe to it by clicking here!

To Our Success!


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12 Responses to “My 2010 Goals Update – Warning! Unglam Shot In The Article”

  1. Vincent says:

    Hi Susan! Thanks for dropping by. I’m working hard towards them and I believe these goals are definitely obtainable. 🙂


  2. Susan Liddy says:

    Hi Vincent!
    Just wanted to show my support of you accomplishing your three goals! I agree that they are totally obtainable. Here’s to an amazing 2010 for you! Wooot!


  3. helen says:

    At least,you blog has won my passion and attention! You really do a great job ! keep going on ! We’ll see our acheivements in the end of this year!
    helen´s last blog post ..No.1clicked Indie Folk Song in China,! By 翁乙仁

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Helen.

      I’m glad that I still have the support of loyal readers like you. I would like to see how much you have achieved this year too. Do give us an update at the end of the year!


  4. Credit Girl says:

    Unglam? PSHHH!! That’s awesome, Vincent! I think what’s really important is that you didn’t get too in over your head and set a million goals and then fail because you realized you can’t achieve that many goals. You set realistic achievements and I’d like to say congrats because you’re doing great! Keep it up:)
    Credit Girl´s last blog post ..Are Free Business Checking Accounts Available?

  5. Joshua Noerr says:

    I agree with your affiliate marketing comments. But every time I do get a sale, I feel re-energized to keep up my efforts. Stay the course my friend, it is possible, and it will happen for you too!

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Joshua,

      Thanks! It never fails to make my day whenever I make a sale.I would definitely try my best to stay on course to get my desired results.


  6. Clayton says:

    Hey Vincent,

    Don’t feel bad about the lack of results with your affiliate marketing. It’s definitely a very tough business (at least for me). I know from personal experience that a lack of sales can make you feel down sometimes. Take things one step at a time though. Focus on getting traffic first. Once you get traffic to your site, focus on getting clicks to affiliate offers. After that, focus on getting sales.

    Focus your energy on getting more traffic. If you get more traffic this month than you did last month, consider yourself successful!

    Good luck
    Clayton´s last blog post ..Website Building Update – Week 40

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Clayton,

      Thanks for the advice. I love the affiliate journey that you are sharing over at your blog. I trying to improve my SEO skills to help me to improve my Google ranking. It is not easy but I will definitely keep at it. 🙂


  7. Hey Vincent,

    Great to see that you are on target as well. If you said every 3 months one marathon, you should joined the AHM in Sept too. Left 6 more months to go, so do whatever you can to achieve your goals and promises.

    Journey to Success´s last blog post ..Steve Jobs Words of Wisdom at Stanford Commencement Speech