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Are Your Doubts Killing You? - How To Clear Your Doubts And Live A Life Of Excellence | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Are Your Doubts Killing You? – How To Clear Your Doubts And Live A Life Of Excellence

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Are Your Doubts Killing Your Dreams Find Out Now

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Your doubts can kill you. It does not kill you physically, but it can kill the inner genius within you. For us to start achieving in life, we need to have the beliefs that it is possible to achieve what we want. The presence of this belief unlocks your potential to help you move faster towards your goal.

Your doubts act like a lock. It stifles your inner genius and lock out most of your potential. If we want to start growing exponentially, the first thing that we need to work on is to clear out the doubts in our mind.

You Have To Clear Your Doubts

When you think everything is possible, you will take a shot at anything that interest you. That is how we are when we were kids. The process of growing up took a toll on our inner genius due to negative influences of others and maybe, the media.

As kids, we do not take ourselves too seriously. We can make faces, shout in the public, make mistakes and we don’t really care about it. However, things changed when we grew up. We started to take ourselves too seriously. Every mistake we made seems like death penalty, and we try our best to avoid making any mistakes.

When you want to avoid making any mistakes, doubts start to grow in your mind. Your doubts act as a protector to prevent you from making any mistakes.

This is when factors like fear, procrastination and lack of confidence will start to surface in your mind. It makes it hard for you to keep on moving forward when you experienced all these negative factors. It also seems harder for you to make significant progress in life.

My Marathon Training

I have a symptom, which I call TTM (Think Too Much). I think too much about things (negative thoughts) that do not matter and one negative thought just lead to another. It is hard to function positively and make significant progress when you have so much doubts and negativity in your mind.

In fact, I believe most people have this TTM syndrome. They waste too much time on negative thoughts that are not helpful, which create doubts.

I am currently training for a half marathon and one of my goals is to complete a full marathon by the end of the year. (You can read about my goals for 2010 here.) I have not done something like this before and I think it will be fun to run a marathon and experience how it is like.

When I focus about how exciting the new experience will be, my body fills up with positive energy and this inspires me to grab my kit and go out to train. However, when I have doubts about whether I can complete a full marathon, my confidence got affected.

When you have doubts in your mind, you experience physical and emotional weakness. When I train with doubts in my mind, I start to breathe heavier and my legs seem to become heavier. My doubts try to slow down my progress and make things appear harder as it is.

How To Clear Your Doubts

1. Awareness

It is impossible to clear all your doubts. Doubts will definitely pop out at anytime and you can do nothing to stop it from appearing.

To stop your doubt from creating a chain of negative thoughts, the first thing you need to have is awareness. Without awareness, it is impossible for you to catch doubts surfacing in your mind.

It is hard to teach others on how to have more awareness. You have to experience this yourself by listening to your inner voice.

Jogging is a great way to listen to your inner voice. When you jog for a longer distance that you are not comfortable with, your inner voice tends to surface and you can listen to it more clearly. In this situation, your inner voice usually tells you things like your legs are tired or you cannot complete the longer distance.

It can also be situations when you are out of your comfort zone. The same inner voice will appear, fill you with negative thoughts, and try to discourage you from getting out of your comfort zone.

As I said, it is hard to teach this and you can only experience this yourself by trying to be more in tune (awareness) with yourself.

2. Acceptance

Awareness of the existence of your doubts is the first step to clearing your doubts. Acceptance is the next course of action you should take.

Accept your doubt as it is. Do not abuse yourself because doubts exist in your mind. It is normal for people to have doubts and I think they serve the purpose of protecting us against changes, regardless of whether the change is good or bad.

You should know that your doubt is there to protect you but doubt itself does not have a thought of its own. You need to take control of it instead of letting it control you.

3. Draw From Your Past Successes

You cannot stop doubt from appearing in your mind but you can diminish it until you are able to conquer it. To make your doubt appear “smaller”, you need to draw from your past successes.

What you need to avoid is to draw upon your past negative experiences. If you are drawing from your past negative experiences, you feed your doubts with food that can accelerate its growth. This is counter intuitive to what we are trying to do over here.

Focus on positive experiences in the past. If you have doubt that you can lose weight, think about how slim you were In the past or your past successful attempt at losing weight.

If you do not have any positive past experience in regards to what you are trying to achieve, tap on others successful stories. The point here is to reinforce the positive feeling and belief that you can do it.

4. Action, Action And Take Action

Taking action makes doubts appear smaller. Do you have this experience when you have so much doubt about something previously, but when you took the necessary action, the things that you are trying to achieve seems to be much easier than expected?

It works the same way as fear. Fear diminishes when you take action.

Our doubts grow bigger when we focus on them too much. We tend to play mental movies in our head and creating lots of negative “what if…” situations. Our doubts will feed on these thoughts and keep on growing bigger until it robs away your will to take action.

The remedy is to action instead of spending too much time thinking. That is why you should always know your outcome and start brainstorming for a list of actions that you should take. You can read more about creating action plans and goals from this guest article that I had wrote over at MarcAndAngel. (How to achieve your goals)

Parting Words

Your doubts kill your will to take action and this will eventually kill any dreams that you have. One doubt is all you need for this to happen. Conquering your doubts is never easy but it is possible. If you still want to keep your dreams intact, protect it by first killing off your doubts.


P.S: For my next article, I will be updating you guys on the progress for my goals in 2010. Stay tune! Be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you will not miss the latest update. See ya then!

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13 Responses to “Are Your Doubts Killing You? – How To Clear Your Doubts And Live A Life Of Excellence”

  1. ann says:

    I was trying to confirm my subscription and received a 404 nothing found to confirm.


    • Vincent says:

      Hi Ann,

      I saw your email and I believe you got to the confirmation page now. If you need anymore help, do drop me a mail.


  2. jack says:

    this is good and very nice in health tips Great post up there. The TTM sickness that you mentioned in the post is what I’m trying to conquer. So

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Jack, thanks for dropping by. I believe this TTM sickness is something that we all need to overcome. There are just too many benefits when we overcome the TTM sickness.


  3. I can’t figure out why google sent me over to your blog but I must say I am now actually intrigued by the posts you have together. How many years did it take to end up with so many arriving to your blog pages? I am new to this WWW thing.

    • Vincent says:

      I have been blogging for about near to 2 years now. The collection of articles over here is the work of nearly 2 years of blogging. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by. Do stick around and check out some of the articles that you may be interested in.


  4. Clayton says:

    One thing I’ve found very helpful it to try and test your negative thoughts.

    If you think something like “I could never start my own business” go out and find out if that’s true or not. Chances are, most people are capable of a lot more than they give themselves credit for.

    Once you actually prove to yourself that you can do something. POOF! Self-limiting belief gone!
    .-= Clayton´s last blog ..Website Building Update – Week 40 =-.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Clayton,

      I like your point. If we are able to do a test on our negative thoughts and prove ourselves wrong, we will be able to get rid of the limiting belief. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Hey Vincent,

    Great post up there. The TTM sickness that you mentioned in the post is what I’m trying to conquer. Sometimes, I think we have think too much and didn’t take the necessary actions that have already set aside for us from other people’s ways of achieving and doubting our own potential is something bad that we need to solve.

    .-= Journey to Success´s last blog ..Mastering The Art of War =-.

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Jav,

      Time is going to pass anyway. We should spend more of it on taking action rather than doubting ourselves.


  6. Credit Girl says:

    Have you been super busy lately? You haven’t been updating as much!!!

    Anyway, in terms of TTM, I also have that “sickness.” Sometimes we just like to over-analyze things! I’m like that as well.
    .-= Credit Girl´s last blog ..Who Goes to Credit Unions? =-.