3 Great Reasons To Forget About Your Past Mistakes

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Our past mistakes and failures are great lessons for us to learn from. However, instead of glancing on their mistakes and moving on, most people dwell on it too much. When you focus on your mistakes too much instead of learning from it, you tend to put yourself into a negative state.

At that state, it does not do anything good except making you feel miserable. Here are 3 reasons why you should forget about your past mistakes and move on.

1. They Make You Feel Miserable

Feeling miserable is not a great state to be in. Our emotions affect how we think and act. When we start to feel miserable about ourselves, we get into a negative state. It can also cause others to shun from you, as it isn’t fun to hang around a negative person. Who wants to listen to complains all day long?

When your mind is full of negative thoughts, you attract other negative thoughts and matters to you. That is why when you start your day in a negative state, nothing seems to go in your favor for the rest of the day.

2. They Affect Your Performance Now

It is not possible to be efficient and effective when you are in a negative state. When you dwell upon you past mistakes and failures, it affects your confidence. It can cause you to feel fearful and make your fear cast a bigger shadow than before.

If you had suffered from criticism in your work, you may fear to express yourself more in your work due to the fear of criticism. Dwelling on this fear will affect your future work quality as boldness and creativity will be lacking (read this article on how to unleash the creative genius within) because of the presence of fear.

3. It Just Doesn’t Do You Any Good.

Your past failures are great lessons for you and it only helps if you are approaching it using the right mindset. You should approach your past failures with the mindset of learning from it and moving on. It is not smart to be so faithful to a single mistake.

If Thomas Edison dwelled on his mistakes, he will be stuck on his first light bulb that failed instead of going on to test another 9999 prototypes to invent the world’s first working light bulb.

Your past mistakes are only feedbacks that are there to help you alter your route direction to get you to your destination. You will not be doing yourself a favor if you are focusing on the negative aspect instead of the positive aspect.

When you made a mistake, just keep moving forward. It is the probably the best decision you can make.


  1. Dwelling on past mistakes can really hold you back. It is never easy, but you need to take the lesson out of the experience, without associating any emotion to it, file it away and move on. Otherwise you’ll end up being stuck in the lesson until you’ve learnt and assimilated it. This is the nature of the universe.

  2. Hey Vincent,

    The past does not determined the future. Sometimes, when I think back about my past mistakes and ponder about it. It do brings me some insights that those are the things that bring up my standards in my life. It’s always great to keep on moving forward just like running the marathon as you will definitely see the destination if you keep moving forward in the right direction.

    .-= Javier Chua´s last blog ..Stories to Learn: The Obstacle in Our Path =-.