Are You A Serial Idea Hopper?

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Do you hop from one idea to another? Too many times we committed this mistake and it causes us to end up achieving little results. In order to really achieve our desirable outcome, we need to avoid being an idea hopper. Hopping from one idea to another too frequently can only cause you to achieve mediocre results.

The Negatives About Being An Idea Hopper

There are lots of methods that we can use to achieve our desired outcome. Let us use earning money as an example. It is possible to earn money by investing, getting a great job, trading, running a business or online marketing. There are tons of methods to help you earn more money.

The mistake that most people end up frustrated with their lack of results in earning more money is because they tend to focus on everything and end up achieving nothing. You can have lots of idea to earn money, but if you do not have laser like focus on one method and end up jumping from one idea to the next, most probably you will not achieve your desired outcome.

The internet marketing industry is filled with 101 methods to help newbies earn more money. There are article marketing, selling through email list, blogging, PPC, PPV etc. However if one is distracted and try to dabble in all the niches he can find, I don’t think he will be successful in any of it.

Limited Time, Energy And Focus

There is no lack of ideas. All of us are creative and we have enough ideas to help us improve the quality of our life. However, most of these ideas go into waste as no action is taken. If you took action upon the idea, there is a higher possibility for desirable results provided one could be faithful to their idea and see it through.

If you have a new idea that can help your business grow faster, by all means use it. However, once you start to get off track and is seduced into another fancy idea, you are going to receive mediocre results.

Nurture Your Idea – It Is Your Baby!

Every idea that you can think of is your baby. Treat your ideas as if it is your baby. Nurture them, care for them and put in all your effort into seeing it grows. You will not treat your abandon your current baby for the next baby and you should do the same to your ideas.

Ideas take time to grow and many kill off their idea before it can produce results. Microsoft started out as an idea. Wal Mart started out as an idea. These companies will not become where it is today if their founder abandoned their idea in the initial stages of growth.

Coming out with an idea is easy. Nurturing them into fruition is difficult.

Parting Words

You may have tons of ideas for your next business, books or money making opportunity. Stick to one and put in more effort into them to see them grow. You may be surprise by how big the idea can grow when you put in all your focus on them.


P.S: What do you think? Do you think sticking to your ideas faithfully can help you achieve a more significant result?

P.P.S: I have created a resource page where you can see the tools and books that I use and read which may be helpful to you. Check it out over here.

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7 Responses to “Are You A Serial Idea Hopper?”

  1. Bruce says:

    Failing to following through can be costly. For one to see the results, they must persevere to reach the finishing line.


  2. I found this on Yahoo and just wanted to thank you for the tips in your blog entry. I will take my time and browse other sections of your site and email my family about this.

  3. Coming up with an idea is easy. Nursing them into fruition is another. I couldn’t have put it better myself. I think this is an affliction we all suffer from in one way or another, but the inaction in following through can be due to a variety of other reasons, the primary ones being lack of cashflow and time.

  4. Steve says:

    Vincent, you have hit me on the head. I have been an idea hopper for a couple of years and have just recently began to focus on one thing. I learned last week that my blog was started a couple of months earlier than a very popular blog on the same subject. So in answer to your first question yes I think sticking faithfully to your ideas will help you achieve more significant results.
    .-= Steve´s last blog ..Friday Follow-up 2010-04-30 =-.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for dropping by! It seems like all is well with your blog. Do keep it up and I do agree with you sticking to our ideas is a better choice.


  5. Credit Girl says:

    One of the setbacks of being an idea hopper is that they never fully carry anything out. The plans are never completely implemented because they’ve already jumped onto something else. This can certainly hold someone back from reaching any set goals because they never followed through enough to see the results.
    .-= Credit Girl´s last blog ..Record-Breaking Zero Percent Auto Loan Purchases Made in March =-.

    • Vincent says:

      Failing to following through can be costly. For one to see the results, they must persevere to reach the finishing line.