Why You Should Avoid Using The Word Maybe

Why You Should Avoid Using The Word Maybe

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Maybe is not a word that we should use often. It causes us to become indecisive and slows us down. When we try to avoid making decision, we stay in an idle state. Staying in an idle state means that we are not progressing.

Putting Things On Hold

Do you like to put things on hold? If you want to achieve more in life, it is not wise to put too many important things on hold. Each important task that you delay will slow down your progress in life.

Saying maybe to these tasks is like putting a stop to taking action. Sometimes we use the word maybe to avoid making decision. Making decision means that we need to be committed to it and being committed to something can be daunting at times.

That is why people try to avoid making decisions and start saying maybe to put things on hold.

Some Examples

Let us look at real life examples. Do you have this moment when you avoid doing something important and you know doing it can help you get better results in life? Maybe it is to write a book? Volunteer to work on an important company project? Write a guest post for a huge blog?

Actually, most of us know what we need to do in order to succeed, but we delay our decision by saying “maybe I will do that”.

When you say maybe, nothing gets done.

When you say maybe, you put things on hold and you may probably be avoiding tasks that can bring you 80% of the results (refer to 80/20 principle).


This is not a long post today, but the point I want you to take note is to think whether you are putting off too many decisions for your own good? Are you saying too many Maybes and slowing down your own growth? If you are, it is time to decide to avoid saying maybe and be more decisive in life.

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  1. “Maybe” is an overused excuse for the undecided, apprehensive and the weak. Just to stay on the safe side and avoid risks, these people avoid taking the leap towards something they really want. Imagine how annoying it is to deal with them especially when they have problems. Or how annoying you are to your friends if you are this type, being in the same predicament over and over again, coz you simply couldn’t say yes or no, just maybe.

    • I find it annoying too when one is too indecisive and uses too many “maybe” for his/her own good. It seems like being decisive can help one to become much more likeable. 🙂

  2. Hey Vincent,

    Short and sweet post that brings our attention to stop saying the word “Maybe”. Let’s go start doing it and only trying can get us the results where we can monitor and change what we are doing along the way.


    • That is definitely true. Once we set our mind to it, we will find the ways to achieve our goals. This is not going to happen if we are just saying “maybe we will do it”.