The Story Of A Butterfly

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The story of the butterfly

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly.
One day a small opening appeared.
He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours
as it struggled to squeeze its body through the tiny hole.
Then it stopped, as if it couldn’t go further.

So the man decided to help the butterfly.
He took a pair of scissors and
snipped off the remaining bits of cocoon.
The butterfly emerged easily but
it had a swollen body and shriveled wings.
The man continued to watch it,
expecting that any minute the wings would enlarge
and expand enough to support the body,
Neither happened!

In fact the butterfly spent the rest of its life
crawling around.
It was never able to fly.
What the man in his kindness
and haste did not understand:

The restricting cocoon and the struggle
required by the butterfly to get through the opening
was a way of forcing the fluid from the body
into the wings so that it would be ready
for flight once that was achieved.

Sometimes struggles are exactly
what we need in our lives.

Going through life with no obstacles would cripple us.
We will not be as strong as we could have been
and we would never fly.
So have a nice day and struggle a little and teach well.

This story was shared with me by a friend I met in stumbleupon. I find this story very inspiring and I decided to share it with all of you guys over here at the blog. What lessons can we learn from the story?

First Lesson

We learned that sometime struggles are needed in our life to propel ourselves into greater heights. We need to solve problems to evolve and learn how to change to a better person. Problems can be a helpful obstacle that once we manage to get past it, we will gain tremendous insights and experience that will be most helpful to our personal growth.

We can either see problems as something desirable or something undesired. Most people will find that they would like to have no problems at all in their life and some people see problems as challenges that will propel them to greater heights. It is our own perception that derives the meaning of problems. You can see problems in a good way or bad way and either way you are right. The only thing that matters is how you define them.

Most people want to have a smooth sailing life with no problems at all. It is definitely not possible and so what if you have life without problem? Wouldn’t it be boring if everything that happened was what you expected? If you can achieve anything without hard work, will there be a feeling of ecstasy after you achieve something great? Why people like sports, start a business or playing games? Because it is hard,challenging and winning it makes you feel proud of your achievement.

Life is definitely full of problems and we will learn to view it as challenges and be stronger and better each and everyday.

Second Lesson

In the story we have seen that the guy helped to cut the cocoon and allow the butterfly to come out of the cocoon easily out of his kindness. But is he really helping the butterfly? He indirectly caused the butterfly to crawl on the floor for the rest of its life even though he don’t want to.

We have learned that we need to be more aware of the situation before lending help. Do not offer help that allows the person a temporary relief and cause him to lose out more in life. Do not offer people the easy way out when you know that they can do it. Allow them to shine and prosper! Do you let your classmate copy your work because they don’t know how to solve the questions? Do you offer to help people around you and let them have the easy way out and unknowingly causing them unable to shine on their own? If you are, don’t do it. Let them grow and shine, I am sure that down the road they will be grateful to you.

Let me share with you a story of mine.

If you had read my previous post, I had mentioned that I hated maths and was really bad at maths when I was young. ( how bad can it be when 6 x 5 = 11? ) I can’t do multiplications and got a huge problem with solving mathematical questions. I am so bad in maths that I would totally flunk my maths exam even with a open book test.

I decided to solve this problem with a short cut. I found others to allow me to copy their work and surprisingly, there are lots of people who were glad to “help” even though they knew that they were harming me instead.

I was gladly copying in every test and exchanging test papers behind the teacher’s back. ( Even when copying I can’t get good marks in my maths. Something was very wrong. ) I got through a few test and exams like this and one day something terrible happened. Our class teacher changed our sitting plan for the exams and I was sitting beside a guy that I did not copy from before.

During the test, I was still wondering whether should I copy from him and what is the possibility of him selling me out. I turned my head back to the paper, flipping from the first page to the last page and I was really worried after I had seen the questions. I can only answer a question or two! I had no choice but to turn to him unless I want to have a sea of red crosses in my paper.

I was signaling to him and seeking his attention but he ignored me coldly. I did not give up and continue to seek his attention. Finally he gave in and asked me what I want and I immediately ask him for the answers. To my surprise, he rejected me without any hesitation. I was rejected straight in the face and dared not ask him for any answers again. I was really annoyed by his actions and thought badly of him.

After the test he came straight up to me and gave me some advice and encouraging me, saying that I can get good grades in maths and all I need is to put in more effort studying the subject. I was angry with him but his words resonated in my mind.

From that day on, I knew that I could not depend on others in my test anymore. I put in effort into practicing my maths and solving questions everyday. The funny thing is the subject that I hated so much in the past had turned into such an interesting topic. The more I find the subject interesting, the more effort I put into it and thus resulting in a tremendous improvement in my grades. I started to pass my mathematics tests with my own capability. Time passes and I was getting straight As in my maths even till my higher studies.

Till today, I am still grateful to my friend who refused to let me copy his work. For that he knew if he provided me with the “help” during the test, I would not have shine. So let others shine and don’t ever rob others of their opportunity to show their ability and talent.

Quote of the day

“Child of mine, I will never do for you that which I know that you can do it for yourself. I will never rob you of an opportunity to show your ability and talent. I will see you at all times as the capable, powerful, effective creator that you have come forth to be. And I will stand back as your most avid cheer leading section. But I will not do as which you have intended to do for yourself. Anything you need from me, ask. I’m always here to compliment and assist. I am here to encourage your growth, not to justify my experience through you.”
Abraham Hicks

Personal Development Blogger

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  1. Hi Tim,

    I love that butterfly picture too. =)
    This is really a great story that depicts the truth in human life and I am glad that you have read it (even though this is quite a lengthy post as I am quite naggy)

    All the best to you Tim. Good luck and be sure to check back often or subscribe to my rss feeds for new articles.

    Personal Development Blogger

  2. Hi Vincent,

    This post attracted my attention powered by the butterfly picture. ^_^
    This story tells us about the truth of life.
    Everybody is provided with their own cocoon. Some manage to go out, some go out with the help of the “guy” (leads to “crawling” situation) and some stay inside the cocoon forever (Give up easily). Everybody who reads this “butterfly story” will surely become nice and beatiful butterfly if they continue on striving to go out.
    All the best to everybody and thanks to you Vincent..

  3. Hi c(a)sh,

    We can always view problems as challenges and the positive thought of problems can help us bring more positive energy to us.

    Personal Development Blogger

  4. Enjoy this post very much!!

    jus my tot: life is full of challenges and not problems. over-reliance + overprotection would only lead to destruction in the long term. jus like how a captured animal would gradually lose its ability to survive in the wild after being kept in cage for too long.

    challenges are there to let us grow. after each challenge that’s overcome, one would certainly grow stronger and braver.