The Most Powerful Weapon That You Can Use To Drastically Improve Your Results In Life And Achieve Your Goals

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What is the habit that you want most to help you create more excellent results and success in life? I have thought long about it and I came out with the habit that I want most. It is the habit of constantly striving for improvement.

There are so many people who are masters in what they do and I believe that they all have the common habit of constantly striving for improvement. They practice constantly on what they are doing so that they can make small improvements each day.

Even though the improvements may be minor, years after years of making gradual improvements can end up in a snowball effect.

The Power Of Constantly Striving For Improvement

Everyone wants to make improvement in some aspect of their life. It may be financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually. However not everyone can attain their desired level of improvement and results. It is simply because they do not have the habit of constantly striving for improvement.

For one to attain their desired level of success, they need to do something every day to help them to reach their goals. Nevertheless, most people simply give up half way or they complete their most important tasks that can bring them nearer to their goal one day and skip them the next day.

The nemeses of the habit of constantly striving for improvement are giving up and the lack of consistency. No matter how good you have started your marathon, it does not make any difference if you are going to give up half way along the road. Lacking of consistency also means that you will lose the valuable momentum that can help you to push yourself towards your goals.

Just take personal development as an example. You can try to pursue personal growth by reading books and blogs but giving up means you are stopping your own growth altogether. You will also not be able to grow as fast as you like if you are trying to grow yourself one day and stop for a few weeks before continuing again.

Think about the difference it can make to your life if you are able to take small steps everyday towards your goal. No matter what you do, you will definitely see small improvements every day until you become a master at what you are doing. In the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, he mentioned the 10,000 hours rule. This rule simply states that for you to become a master at anything, you will need to commit at least 10,000 hours of practice to what you are doing.

Simple Calculation For Your 10,000 hours Mark

If you want to hit your 10,000 hours mark in whatever you are doing, just do this simple calculation.


I want to be excellent in writing and I decided that I would commit 2 hours every day to hone my craft.

Legend: A is the amount of days needed to hit your 10,000 hours mark.

A x (the amount of hours you want to commit each day) = 10,000 hours mark

A = 10,000/(the amount of hours you want to commit each day)

A = 10,000/2 = 5000 days

5000 days/ 365 days = 13.7 years

If I am only spending 2 hours daily on honing my writing skills, it will take me 13.7 years to become a master at it.

I bet most people after doing this calculation will simply think twice about whether they want to become a master in what they are doing. Most likely it is due to the overwhelming effect as the “it-will-take-too-much-time-and-effort” thought will pop out in your mind. This thinking will lead you to give up on what you are doing or being inconsistent with your action.

But the people who decided that they will follow through no matter what, they will be the one who achieve great success in what they are doing.

The Link Between Constant Change And Constant Improvement

Those who do not grow and improve die.

This metaphor is popular in the business world. Change is happening faster and faster right now. You can see that the industrial age is already gone and right now, we are in the information age where kids can become a millionaire just by creating an application for iPhone.

Businesses that refuse to change their strategies and improve can go bankrupt in a short amount of time. People who refuse to change and make improvements become obsolete in their industry and retrenchment may be just around the corner.

I’m not trying to inflict negative emotions here, I just want to bring the point to you that the only way you can deal with this rapid change is to have the habit of constantly striving for improvement. Changes are happening fast because everything around the world is growing and only by making constant improvement to yourself, you can keep up with it.

Parting Words

To help yourself to get the results that you want, you will have to have the habit of constantly striving for improvement. It may take time and effort, but time is going to past anyway even if you are not committing the time to improve yourself (Got to thanks Glen for this quote.)

If you have decided to commit yourself to get into this habit of constantly striving for improvement, you will be able to reap the rewards later and get the bigger share of the pie. Have you decided to have the bigger piece of the pie or are you satisfied with your share now?

Constantly Striving For Improvement

  1. That’s a really nice post Vincent.

    “To help yourself to get the results that you want, you will have to have the habit of constantly striving for improvement.” — that’s absolutely true..!!

    I look forward to reading more at this blog.

  2. You make a great point here! That’s so right because those who are constantly striving to improve will be able to make new adjustments with themselves in order to better fit their environment. What I mean is that those who already think they are the best in their craft will miss out on all the innovative technologies and ideas that may be developed because they refuse to keep their mind open to new improvements/change.
    .-= Credit Girl´s last blog ..A Look at Challenges College Students Face =-.

  3. In today’s day and age you can not rest on your laurels, because you’ll be overtaken in double quick time and will be last season’s news…and that you can put in your pipe and smoke it. Great post Vincent, you raised a very pertinent issue here.

    • Hi Hulbert,

      Small things do eventually lead on to bigger results. All we need to do is to not give up and keep refining our strategies and we will definitely reach our goals. 🙂


  4. Wow – you’re a smart guy. I first learned about that 10,000 rule from reading Outliers. The Slight Edge talks a lot about CANI and constantly improving, until listening to that I never put much emphasis on constant improvement.

    It’s truly amazing stuff Vincent! Any one can do 10,000 rule, as long as their still young enough and are committed enough.

    .-= Clinton Skakun´s last blog ..Your Business Will Not Flourish Unless You Have THIS…! =-.

    • Hi Clinton,

      I believe anyone can do the 10,000 hours rule too. But most will shun away from it as I think they are fearful of the hard work required to hit the 10,000 hours mark.


  5. You’re absolutely right about CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement). I’ve found it useful to begin the process by making sure that my goals are “chunked down” small enough so that I’m not too overwhelmed to even begin.
    .-= Hans Hageman´s last blog ..Move or Die =-.

    • Hi Hans,

      It is definitely a great move to break down our goals. Breaking down our goals into bite size chunks will prevent the overwhelming effect and it also helps to make our goals measurable. Keep going for your goals! 🙂