The Art Of Generating And Capturing Ideas

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I have seen many people who frequently complain that they lack ideas. It may be ideas for starting a business, a blog post or an idea for creating a better life. Ideas may pop out of nowhere and they are important as these ideas may possibly be one that you need to improve some aspect of your life.

The Art Of Generating Ideas

Ideas are everywhere and there is an abundance of ideas out there waiting for us to capture it. People do not really suffer from a lack of ideas, they suffer from the perception that they lack the ideas. Ideas are freely available all around us and all we need is to be able to open our eyes to see them. Here are some of the ways that you can use to help you get more ideas to help you to make improvement to whatever aspect of your life.

1. Be Open

The first step to receive more ideas from our surroundings is to be open to them. Many of us suffer from the belief that ideas are hard to get. This is the wrong mindset to have. You cannot expect to receive ideas easily when you are thinking that getting ideas is hard.

Put yourself in the right mindset by thinking that there are ideas are overflowing from you and all you need is to catch the ideas that you think are suitable for you. Also, do not be quick to kill off ideas that come to you. There are people who I call ideas killer. They have the habit of trashing any ideas that came up to them by thinking how these ideas can’t work instead of thinking how can they make it work.

2. Be Aware And Explore Of Your Surroundings

Most of us are living in a rather hectic environment. We move so fast and we tend to do things unconsciously. Whenever we put ourselves in an unconscious mode, we tend to ignore things that are around us which may help us to generate valuable ideas.

I used to spend pretty much of my time in the unconscious mode and this cause me to fail to notice things that are around me. I questioned myself why others can get ideas from things around me that I had failed to notice.

After years of missing out from valuable ideas, I decided that I would shift myself into a more conscious mode by being aware of the things happening around me. One way to get into a more conscious mode is to ask yourself more questions of why things happen that way instead of ignoring it.

3. Steal Ideas

Ok, I may get some flak on this. However, I do not really mean steal others ideas and let me explain. Sometimes ideas from others may be used as a stepping-stone towards your next idea. Finding the strengths and weaknesses of other ideas and make changes to them by drastically improve the strengths and reduce the weaknesses will get you a brand new improvised idea.

Google is not the first to come out with idea of creating a search engine. They copied the idea of search engine from others and make drastic changes to it to become the number 1 search engine in the world. Or if you find that you are having trouble in thinking about what to write, you can borrow others ideas by finding out what others are writing in their niche and find out what points are they missing in their articles and write on that.

There are also many people who want to start a business but they think that they do not have any ideas to start one. Instead of thinking too hard about it, you can simply copy a business idea and try to improvise it to make it better.

4. Break Out Of Your Routine

If you are spending too much time in your usual routine, you will miss tons of ideas outside your routine. We tend to get fresh ideas when we are doing something fresh. It does not really make sense when you are trying to get new ideas by following your old routine.

Occasionally, you should try to learn a new skill, mix with new people, take a different route home or read a book that you normally would not read. Doing these can allow you to see things in different view and it will make you aware of things that you will normally miss out.

5. Read, Watch, Listen And Learn

Most of the time I get my ideas of writing my articles by reading new books frequently, watching videos, listen to audiobooks or just by observing things. I have been writing about personal development for a year and 4 months and HealthMoneySuccess right now have 142 articles published. If I lock myself up for this year and 4 months, I will definitely suffer from a lack of ideas to write.

To allow myself to keep on writing helpful content, I make it a point to keep learning by reading books, watching videos and listening to audiobooks and podcast. By constantly learning through these mediums, I always pick up new ideas that I can share with my readers. Therefore, it is almost impossible to suffer from a lack of ideas if you are constantly learning.

The Art Of Capturing Ideas

How many times do you have a great idea only to find yourself forgotten all about it? If you have all the ideas in the world but you fail to remember any of them, it is the same as having no ideas at all. Ideas come and go and that is why you must make it a point to capture them down so that you can reflect upon them later. Here are some of my preferred ways of capturing my ideas.

1. Physical Note Book

I have a small notebook that is 2 inch by 2 inch. It is a rather small notebook so that I can bring them out easily and whenever an idea spring into my mind, I capture them down immediately. I use it to capture article ideas and right now, I have too many article ideas to write about instead of suffering from a lack of ideas.

2. Digital Gadgets

Since I got my iPhone, I have used it more often to capture my ideas. I use either the default note application or Evernote to write down my ideas, which I had included in the article “My Top 11 iPhone Applications“. Evernote allow you to capture your ideas in your phone but you will also be able to access it online by logging into your account. However, I still prefer the method of using the pen and notebook as I find it to be much faster than using the iPhone.

Parting Words

Ideas are everywhere around us and every new idea can help us to improve some aspect of our life. All it takes is to put in some effort to find them and utilize them. If you are able to generate more ideas, capture them and take action, how positively do you think it can affect your life?

As usual, I welcome your comments in the comment section. 🙂


P.S: If you are a blogger and you are suffering from a lack of ideas for your next post, did you notice that I did not cover on the part on taking action on your idea. You can write an article about it and send a trackback to this post to share with everyone. 🙂

  1. The great art in capturing ideas is to get them jotted down while they are still fresh in your mind. There is nothing worse than having a moment of absolute enlightenment, only to catch yourself wondering about what you were thinking fifteen minutes later. Write them down as quick as they come, folks!

    • Hi Raja,

      Thanks for freely sharing your pictures. I appreciate that you took time to visit my site and read the article. 🙂


  2. Great stuff Vincent. I esp like the bit about taking one’s self out of the comfort zone for ideas to flow. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great article Vincent. I recently had tremendous writer’s block and I sat in my room for about 4 to 5 hours thinking of what to write about. It was stressful feeling. I realized that I was trying to force the situation to happen. When I stopped doing this and took a break, I found what to write about – struggles of blogging with writer’s block. 🙂 But the point is that often times when we force ourselves to think of an idea; nothing happens. We have to explore, get out there, and do something (sometimes even unrelated to blogging or our niche) the answers will just come to us. Thanks for this post!
    .-= Hulbert´s last blog ..Do Your Blogging Struggles Still Bother You? =-.

    • Hi Hulbert.,

      It is hard to force an idea out and I always believe that ideas come naturally when we allow them to. Anyway it is always great to take a break when we are out of ideas, I do it often too and I’m always amazed how ideas can come to us naturally when we are calm and relaxed. 🙂


  4. Hi Vincent,

    To add to what you said here: Putting yourself into certain mental states allow ideas to flow much easier. Things like drugs or alcohol, even though they inhibit your reasoning power, opens up your mind to new ideas. I wouldn’t encourage drug use, long term it can mess you up depending on the drug. Solitude is another method of capturing ideas used by a countless number of high achievers and great people: getting rid of the distractions, of the day, for about an hour. It’s amazing what comes to you during this time.

    .-= Clinton Skakun´s last blog ..4 Benefits of Empathetic Listening, How to Improve Your Listening Skills! =-.

    • Hi Clinton,

      I wouldn’t recommend using drugs or alcohol but being in solitude do allow us to generate ideas that we wouldn’t have thought of before. Many great ideas came from people when they are alone and without distractions. That is a great point. 🙂