How to Turn Your Luck Around

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Ralph from Potential 2 Success.

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Do you have a pair of lucky socks?  Is there a particular shirt that you wear when your favorite team is playing that brings them good luck?   In business, love, and life, there are some who believe if you are lucky, you will succeed in these areas.  But what if you had the power to change your luck?  Well, I believe it is possible.

First, let me say that I don’t believe in luck in the traditional sense.  I do not think that luck is something that is given to you at birth and you either have it or you don’t.  I prefer to believe that luck is a result of how we react to the things in life we encounter.

There are things in life that we can control and things we cannot control.  For example, we had no control over when and where we were born. We also have no control over who our parents were when we were born. But from there, we have the power to choose how we will react to those things.  There are people who are born under favorable circumstances but their lives end in disaster.  There are others who are born in the most trying conditions whose lives are examples of great success.

Blue Moons, Green Clovers and Purple Horseshoes

As a kid, Lucky Charms was one of my favorite cereals to eat.  I used to love to fill a big bowl on Saturday mornings and plop myself in front of the TV to watch 3 straight hours of cartoons.  It was great!  Besides having great tasting marshmallows, I somehow felt lucky after I ate the cereal.  I knew deep down that the green clover was just an oddly shaped marshmallow with added food coloring.  But I liked the idea of having something that made me lucky.

“Poof”, back to the real world.  It would be nice if horseshoes were lucky but the reality is that they aren’t.   Luck isn’t something that can be contained in a horseshoe, rabbit’s foot, or four leaf clovers.  Many successful people believe that luck is something that can be created.  I like the quote by Langston Coleman that said, “Luck is what you have left over after you give 100 percent”.

Still, some people just feel that they are unlucky.  They feel like they are not lucky enough to find the relationship they want.  They feel that only lucky people are able to land a dream job.  What they do not realize is that by thinking they are unlucky; they are actually making themselves less likely to change their luck.

So why does it seem that some people have all the luck when others can’t seem to get a break?  While researching for this post, I found that many “lucky” people shared some of the same characteristics.

Focus-Lucky people focus on the good things that happen and ignore the bad things.

Positive attitude-People who have a positive attitude tend to attract positive people into their lives.

Confidence-In studies of people who consider themselves lucky, most of them also consider themselves confident.

Resiliency-People who consider themselves lucky seem to be able to bounce back quicker when bad things happen.

“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.”- Brian Tracy

Turning Your Luck Around

In order to change your luck you must start by changing yourself.  We all have the power to choose how we will react to our circumstances.  If you choose the right actions, you will begin to produce better results.  Here are some ways you can turn your luck around.

Expect to Be Lucky

When you expect that good things will happen, they usually do.  If you feel that you are unlucky in love, then you are less likely to recognize a new love interest that enters your life.  Low expectations will lead you to give up faster.  When you expect to be lucky, you will continue to try to succeed no matter the circumstance.

Your actions will follow your beliefs.  If you believe that you are lucky, then your actions will follow that belief.  You may begin to take more chances because you expect a positive outcome as opposed to a negative one.  Changing your belief is the first step to changing your luck.

Be Active

When we encounter a streak of bad luck, we can sometimes feel discouraged and defeated.  At these times, the worst thing that you can do is throw a pity party.  Instead, remain active in whatever you are doing.  By being active, you will begin to see changes in your outlook on the situation.  Also, when you are staying active, you create opportunities for a change in your circumstances.

Lookout for Opportunities

Professor Richard Wiseman author of The Luck Factor set out to examine the role luck plays in the lives of people.  He put an ad in a newspaper asking for volunteers who felt that they were particularly luck or unlucky.   In the experiment, he gave both lucky and unlucky people a newspaper and asked them to count the number of advertisements in the paper.

He secretly put a message that said, “Tell the experimenter you have seen this ad and win $50” half way through the newspaper.  The message took up half of the page and was very easy to see but somehow the unlucky people tended to miss it.

Wiseman concluded that unlucky people tend to be more tense thus unable to see opportunities that were right in front of them.  In order to change you luck you must be able to lookout for opportunities that present themselves every day.  You never know, the opportunity could be staring you in the face.

Experience Something New

When we experience something new, we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to discover hidden advantages.  My first trip to New York City happened because I was in a stagnate stage of my life.  I felt like everything in my life wasn’t going well.  So, I decided to hop a plane and spend a few days in a city that I’ve never been to.  Just making the decision to fly to New York turned my outlook around.

I began to make strides in my professional and personal life soon after that.  The experience left me energized and inspired.  I don’t think I would have been able to bounce back if I didn’t take a chance to experience something new.

How do you go about changing your luck?

Author’s Bio:
Ralph is not only committed to his own personal development, but he is also committed to the personal development of everyone he comes in contact with.  He is the main writer for his blog Potential 2 Success, a site that focuses on result driven personal development.

  1. The successful auto racing team owner Roger Penske once said luck is when preparation meets opportunity. But I still believe, in this huge universe of unexplainable mysteries such as creation itself, things like luck still have a place.

    Till then,


    • Absolutely! There are so many things in the universe that cannot be fully explained. Those are the things that I wrote about that cannot be controlled. However, the things that can be controlled are our responsibility to manage.

      I’ve heard that quote echoed by many people. I wonder who said it first.

      Thanks for the awesome comment Jean 🙂
      .-= Ralph´s last blog ..How to Stay Focused and Accomplish Any Task =-.

  2. Hi Ralph.

    Luck is a cool thing when it arrives, as in something occurring in the 2 section of a 2/5 probability. It’s not so reliable though, so it is good to not base much on luck.

    Your point about changing ourselves to turn our luck around has a good dosage of pro-activity to it, so I do like that. I have increased my odds of good results when I started to approach things differently. Sometimes it is easy, and sometimes it is difficult.

    Resiliency sure is a big portion of the success of some. When you bounce right back, you don’t lose time, and people are usually pretty impressed as well, although impressing others should not be a goal because it is also not reliable.

    Good stuff.

    • Well put! Luck is great when it shows up but its not wise to sit and wait for it to come. Thanks Armen!
      .-= Ralph´s last blog ..How to Stay Focused and Accomplish Any Task =-.

  3. I read something the other day that resonates with this, “The harder I work the luckier I get”.

    Most of the people we find lucky are usually just harder workers.

    Good post:)
    .-= Clinton Skakun´s last blog ..Power of the Team, Why you can’t do without Co-dependency =-.

    • Absolutely true! I think that goes along with staying active. When you work to make good things happen, good things usually happen.

      Thanks for your comment.
      .-= Ralph´s last blog ..How to Stay Focused and Accomplish Any Task =-.

    • Yeah I love Lucky Charms. Those little marshmallows are delicious! I agree with you, confidence is crucial in creating luck. Thats why in studies of people who consider themselves lucky, most of them also consider themselves confident.