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Are You Watching Too Much TV Shows? - Why Watching TV Shows Is Bad For You? | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Are You Watching Too Much TV Shows? – Why Watching TV Shows Is Bad For You?

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Watching TV is one of the world’s favorite leisure activities. Studies have shown that on average, people spend 3 hours daily watching TV shows. This is about 90 hours per month or 1080 hours per year. This is a lot of time that we can spend on other tasks that can help us to move closer to our goals.

I also find that the news on TV is not really helping us to grow and in fact, it can plant negative thoughts in our mind. These negative thoughts can grow and affect the way we think and act. I will elaborate on these points below.

Why I Quit Watching TV Shows

1. Wasting Too Much Time

Spending lots of time watching TV shows can be really counter productive. Imagine spending 3 hours daily doing nothing but watching TV shows that includes re-runs, commercials and negative news. How productive can you be? These 3 hours can be spent on things that truly matters instead. Such as doing tasks that will bring you closer to your goals.

I believe moderation is the key here. If you truly want to accelerate your personal growth, limit your time on the TV and spend those times on tasks that truly matters. Just a reminder, how is your New Year Resolution going?

2. Negative News

Negative news is all around us. Go pick up your daily newspaper and look at the headline or watch the TV news. Most of the time they are announcing negative news about recession, natural disaster, robberies or murders.

Negative news sells and I don’t think they will ever go away. If you walk past a newspaper stand and the headline is “Weather is good and the economy is stable”, most likely you will take a look at it, smile and continue to walk off.

But if the news headline is “Recession is coming and there may be a typhoon around your area”, immediately you pay attention to it and rush off to buy the newspaper to read more about it.

If you are constantly putting fearful and negative thoughts into your mind, it will start to turn negative and fearful. You may than find that you become more of a pessimist and it affect the way you think and act.

I had read articles and books on successful people and the one thing they have in common is that they protect their mind. They refuse to allow negative news that they have no control over to enter their mind.

There isn’t any use for reading negative information but there isn’t anything that you can do about it. You definitely do not want these negative news to affect the way that you look at the world (example: reading about robberies and think that the world is hostile). A strong and positive mindset is one of the best weapons that you can use in the pursuit of success.

3. Wrong Influence

The media have the habit to portray the wrong images to the audience. One great example; they like to portray the rich as bad people and the poor as good people. How many times have you seen a rich person and you think that he must be a jerk? Or you saw a beautiful lady and you think that she must have a flirty personality?

Most probably it is due to watching too many TV shows that show you this type of content and it have conditioned your mind to think this way. If you truly want to be rich and successful, you definitely can’t have the thought “the rich are bad people” in your mind. If you think the rich are bad, how can you possibly want to be rich? You are creating an inner friction in yourself that will slow you down when you try to achieve financial success.

Parting Words

I have not watch any dramas or TV shows for about 2 years. As such, I am able to use this free time to train for my marathon, work on my blog, create websites and study for my school work.

I wonder how much difference will it make to your life if you start to spend lesser time in front of the TV? How much more productive you will be? How much stronger will your mindset become?

As always, discussion in the comments section is welcomed.



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24 Responses to “Are You Watching Too Much TV Shows? – Why Watching TV Shows Is Bad For You?”

  1. I was searching on bing when I found your site. So much of what you say is true. I got alot from this post, I’m going to add your rss feed to my Google reader. Thanks!

  2. I enjoy your stories really much because they are written in an understandable coherent. So I can learn them although I come from Austria and have any troubles to interpret English articles.

  3. Walter says:

    A lot of important things can be achieved if we spent less time on our television and more on the things that will benefit us the most. 🙂

  4. Blancheys says:

    Oh my, I’ve been watching TV shows since the day I grew a tooth. I don’t watch the news but I’m a sucker for reality shows (waiting for something bad to happen)..

    Media influences people so I guess it’s up to us to accept or disregard whatever we see on the idiot box.
    .-= Blancheys´s last blog ..Weekly Dose Of Famous Sayings 2 =-.

  5. I’m going to forward this post to a friend of mine. He is trying to get an online business going but he is such a tv junkie. He wastes so much time keeping up with all his favorite shows. If it weren’t for his tv obsession, he would already have his business going.

  6. I haven’t owned a TV since 2002. The mind-numb box is the greatest time waster ever, and the irony is that your brain is more active when asleep than when watching TV!

  7. Vincent,
    Excellent post. I was just thinking today that I like vegging out watching TV at the end of the day. It helps me relax. But, as you say, that is a good time to train your mind, body or soul.
    .-= Gary @ Nighttime Sleep Aid´s last blog ..Ambien Zombies =-.

  8. Congrats on reaching 1000 readers Vincent!!! 🙂
    .-= Diggy – Upgradereality.com´s last blog ..7 Ultimate Europe Travel Tips – Save Money And Time =-.

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Diggy,

      Thanks buddy. You are reaching yours soon too. I think we got to push up more guest articles to reach our goal by the end of the year. 🙂


  9. Vincent says:

    Negative news does sell and the media stations are not going to let go of this point. Anyway they do need people to watch the news everyday for the ratings. 🙂


  10. I definitely agree that tv can be a huge time waster. I too have given up most of my favorite tv shows. I do still have a couple favorites, but I avoid spending hours watching tv each day. When you want to do things to improve your life such as exercise or starting a business, you simply cannot afford to waste so much time like this.

    You also make a very good point about negative news and the stereotypes tv helps develop. News stations are constantly using scare tactics to boost ratings.

  11. Credit Girl says:

    So true… I know I spend a good hour or so a day watching Tv and even more hours on the weekend. While I know that I could be using that time by getting tasks done,sometimes I just like to sit down in front of the Tv and unwind after a long day so I feel like limiting yourself when it comes to TV is more important. I just simply couldn’t cut it completely. However, if I know I have a lot of things to take care of that day, I’ll cut my Tv hour to a 30 minute session instead.
    .-= Credit Girl´s last blog ..Valentine Ideas From Our Favorite Personal Finance Bloggers =-.

  12. omar says:

    thank you once again, and also thank you to everyone with their comments…… 🙂

    this is becoming my favorite website to check into on daily basis:)

  13. used tires says:

    I think TV, like any other mode of entertainment or enjoyment, has to be consumed in moderation. Going over the limit and taking in anything in excess is harmful to you. I mainly watching informational programmes like on science & wildlife channels. So at the start of the week, I look at the week’s TV schedule and select which shows I’m going to watch keeping in mind how much time I’ll need to set aside for my work. By planning my TV viewing in this manner, I’m able to keep it within moderation and not have it affect my work.

    Till then,


    • Vincent says:

      Hi Jean,

      Moderation is the key over here. Indulging in watching TV for a few hours a day can be counter productive. It seems like you are doing great and watching informational programs on wildlife and science definitely helps can help us to learn more.


  14. Hi Vince,

    My view exactly on TV watching. TV is definitely a waste of time when there is so little time and so much to do. Three hours a day is way too much, especially when the average person is not accomplishing a whole lot to begin with. I’m convinced that replacing just ONE of those three hours, every day for one year, with positive personal development material that teaches you about living a more fulfilling and productive life, would make more of a positive difference than 25 years of flipping channels, watching soaps, sitcoms, negative crap and pointless commercials. Most of this stuff on TV is so dry to begin with.

    Zig Ziglar said, “if you don’t like your output, change your input.”

    I admit I watch a bit of TV once in a while myself. Sometimes it’s refreshing to watch a movie or show or whatnot. I call it pleasure viewing. However, things like news, the weather channel and celeb gossip is off limits. Most of what you “need” you’ll hear about eventually. Fact is, you could never listen to the news and be the most “informed” person in the world. Besides that, being informed about the right stuff is number one compared to being informed about anything and everything. The rich and successful are selectively ignorant. When you make a commitment: “I will fill my mind with platinum information.” your life changes significantly. So to yourself, “No, I don’t need to know who got shot today, or what the weather might be next Friday or who’s bashing who is politics…”

    Ever notice how the mainstream media constantly promotes middle class thinking? Sitcoms are usually of middle class people who think like middle class people and quite frankly, and I hate to say this, are looser minded people who are portrayed as being as average as possible at best. Ever notice how the news pushes a cynical mentality towards jobs, life, politics that are over generalized. The word optimistic is used almost only when needing to contrast how extremely negative a situation is.

    It’s simple to see that when talented people are born into a default world they become default human beings, unless of course if they choose to think differently, set different standards and use examples of the rare 3%, the people we read about, as a standard.
    .-= Clinton Skakun´s last blog ..Not surprisingly, lack of money won’t buy happiness either! =-.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Clinton,

      Wow you got a comment that is almost the length of my article. I appreciate the effort and value that you have put into this comment.

      “Zig Ziglar said, “if you don’t like your output, change your input.””

      I love this quote that you have shared with us. It holds so much truth. I once heard Tony Robbins said, “garbage in, garbage out”. He is referring to our mindset and what we put into it will appear in our reality. So when we are not happy with our external surroundings (exp:weight, financial situation), it means that something is wrong with our way of thinking. To correct it, we need to input the right information into our mind and start thinking in another way.

      Being selectively ignorant is also definitely a good way to guard our mind. If we take in whatever others are feeding us, our way of thinking will turn out to be what they want us to be thinking about. Oh, and yes, the daily additional hour of reading up on personal development can definitely help us to grow more and live a much more fulfilling life. 🙂


    • helen says:

      You are right.We’d better live in a place where we assume it satisfies our hearts afterwards.
      .-= helen´s last blog ..No.1clicked Indie Folk Song in China,! By 翁乙仁 =-.

  15. helen says:

    Hio,vecent.I have read many inspiring blogs as yours.You all metioned how our positive mindset affects our thoughts and actions.I personally agree with you.Though most people were not trained this way as the successful does.
    .-= helen´s last blog ..No.1clicked Indie Folk Song in China,! By 翁乙仁 =-.