Are You Giving Others Permission To Kill Your Dream?

Protect Your Dream

This is a scene taken from The Pursuit Of Happiness. I totally love this movie and I had watched it twice. The story is based on a true story of Chris Gardner, a homeless salesman to a millionaire stock broker. If you have not watched it, I recommend that you go borrow it from your friends or get it at Amazon.

I believe many others have allowed others to kill off their dreams. Many people are fearful of going in the opposite direction of where the crowd is going. Hence, the social pressure can make one to give up their dream just for the sake of going with the crowd.

I believe some of you may have faced friends who had failed in their business and tried to convince that you can’t succeed. Or maybe you have friends who are overweight and think that it is ok to be overweight and convinced you not to make any changes? Maybe there will be people out there who are telling you that blogging is a waste of time?

Are you doing something that is different from others and they are disapproving of it and tell you to stop dreaming?

If so, are you allowing their words to get to you and kill off your dream?

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  1. This is all too true of society. We tend to get sidetracked too often by what others have to say. Of course, sometimes the advice they give might be helpful but more often than not, it can be discouraging and not even spoken with full information of the facts that have led you up to making your decision.

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  2. Not just social pressure from peers and associates, but pressure from conservative family members too, who are so fearful of failure that they happily settle for mediocrity…..

  3. Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for reminding me of this inspirational movie. I’ve seen it a couple times, though it’s been a while. But it leaves you with a great feeling.

    I think most of us never get far because we stop where most people stop-doubts. People will always pick on others who are going against the grain, unfortunately.

    Time to prove ’em wrong 🙂
    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..7 Steps To Get Out There And Crush It! =-.

  4. Doubters are just apart of the process, it raises a question, “Are you serious about this?”. If you keep going you often win!:)

    That was a pretty good movie, I think the book is good to.
    .-= Clinton Skakun´s last blog ..Measuring Your Business or Personal Objectives..Be Accountable to Yourself =-.

    • As long as we do not stop, we will definitely reach our destination. Most people fail to even start due to doubters.

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  5. I agree that this was a great movie….very inspirational story.

    In your life you will always run into pessimistic people. They will discourage you from following your dreams and try to convince you that you’re just a dreamer. Well dreams can come true if you are motivated and work hard enough. While sometimes their input may be valid, you shouldn’t let them discourage you. You won’t know for sure if something will work out until you give it an honest shot.

    • You are totally spot on. You never know when you never try. When others failed trying something, it doesn’t mean that we will fail too.

  6. Totally agree with you. Only you know what you can achieve. Others mean good because they care. But only you’re answerable to yourself.

    • Most people think that they need to answer to someone and hence their action is limited. If we shift our mindset and think only about answering to ourselves, we will be able to achieve more in our life.


  7. Was that ever a powerful lesson for a child. I love the enlightened turnaround right after conveying to the kid that he shouldn’t go for his dream – which is nauseating to watch. Yet, it’s understandable coming from the main character’s perspective. It’s a lesson in how you are what you think, as well as the choices you make. It also shows that the most common path is the one of least resistance and that means avoiding failure and making excuses. Not just from others, which you explain so well in the post, but from your inner voice.
    .-= Zen Choices´s last blog ..Simple, Creative “Rock Your Goals” Tactic Makes Unappealing Tasks and Stale Goal Setting Strategies Sing =-.

    • “It’s a lesson in how you are what you think”

      I always believe in this. Our inner thoughts will determine our reality. So to change anything in our physical world, we first have to create that world in our mind.


      • I couldn’t have put it better myself, Vincent! Visualisation is a very important aspect of shaping your future into the one that you wish for. Big dreamers never sleep…. 😉

  8. This is a great movie! I absolutely loved it. Chris Gardner’s story is so truly inspirational and we can see that through the movie he does everything possible to pursue his dreams. We see him go through the ups and downs of rejection and not having a home at times…yet he still kept on going! Definitely recommend this movie as well.
    .-= Credit Girl´s last blog ..How to Settle with the IRS =-.

  9. I got used to the “doubters” – between my blog and startup, I pick up a fair amount of criticism (even if its possible). It became imperative for me to learn how to deal with it from an early stage so I could develop my dreams. Don’t ignore “doubters” just learn to deal with them.
    .-= Anthony Feint´s last blog ..Yeah About that Twitter Widget =-.

    • Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for stopping by. Learning how to deal with doubters is definitely something that we all need to know. I believe it is an essential skill to have.

      Congrats on your blog and your startup. Go out there and prove those doubters wrong. 🙂