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Others Want To See You Make Decisions - Start Being Decisive Now | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Others Want To See You Make Decisions – Start Being Decisive Now

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Armen Shirvanian from Timeless Information

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If it is a common occurrence for you to have one person or another who is disappointed in you, decision-making is a key component of handling that issue. Others who we deal with will not usually say this directly, but will hope that you make a decision, either right or wrong, and not stay indecisive. Decisions show a healthy sign of life, as they represent you taking a stand for something. One might say that you can either make decisions or let them be made for you.

Indecision Makes Others Think You Have A Problem

One of the first things that come to some one’s mind when you are indecisive in some way is that there is a problem in your mind, or in your activities, which you are not handling. This makes sense, because if you didn’t have any problems, you would certainly pick one end of a decision or the other. Next time you are indecisive, watch how another person responds, and you will see that they start to see you as a little more weak than they did before the occurrence.

If you don’t want others thinking you have issues you haven’t yet gotten control over, you have to hit them back with decisions right when the time is set for you to respond. Decisions can include saying “no” to propositions, or adjusting what the other person proposes to better suit your interests, but they can’t include hesitation or postponement, unless the postponement is realistic, and meant to give you ample time to research or assess in some way. Any form of trying to add extra fluff time to a decision is what we call ‘indecision’, and use of that will lead to your personal score decreasing in the eyes of those you deal with.

Watching A Movie Example

If a friend asks you if you want to see a certain new comedy movie at the theaters, you have a few options. This is a seemingly simple decision to make to some, but some can get hesitant here, and those same folks are likely to be hesitant in other opportunities to pick one option over another. In this case, you could either say “yes” or “no”, or suggest another movie, which would all be good for you, and your friend would understand your interests. On the other hand, if you said “maybe”, and then didn’t provide any more information, your friend would wonder if you had some issues.

There are only so many times you can say “maybe” before the other person thinks you either have a problem you haven’t conquered, or are treating them as less important than you should. Since no one wants to think you are viewing them as not that important, they will default to the thought that you have some internal issues, and that doesn’t help you when you next want to work or play with that person.

Think The Way Others Are Thinking

For the next time you have a decision to make in relation to someone else, remember that the first priority is to make the decision, and that they won’t be offended in any way if you turn them down, or adjust their proposition in some way, as long as you do it respectfully. Others are people just like you.

Author’s bio:
Armen Shirvanian writes words of wisdom about mindset, communication, relationships, and related topics at Timeless Information. You can follow him on Twitter at @Armen.

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16 Responses to “Others Want To See You Make Decisions – Start Being Decisive Now”

  1. If you don’t make a decision, you have made a decision to let someone else decide for you. That is no way to live life to the fullest.

    A great post by Armen. Thanks.
    .-= Gary @ Nighttime Sleep Aid´s last blog ..Ambien Zombies =-.

  2. Mario says:

    Indecisiveness is a sign of weakness. And when people see you as one, they will more often than not, make the decisions for you. They won’t see you as a person of character and integrity but a timid, “play-safe,” and cowardly.
    Who wants to be perceived as one. Nobody. But if you have the habit of playing it safe, or you never dare go out on a limb, then you are.
    This post is an excellent reminder. Thank you, Armen.

  3. You should only be a product of your high expectations or other high expectations of you. Keep your mind on the magic of thinking big, set goals and persevere. You can all do it. Great post!

  4. Moon Hussain says:


    Another great post. I have to experiments with this: of course when I choose to take lead, then people suddenly pitch in haha.

    For someone like me, this could be a full-blown exercise!
    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..Holy Sh#%! She Quit Her Job! =-.

  5. A quote I found a while ago “Make a decision, any decision.” Even if it was the wrong one it might have been better than never making one at all, and wasting time. I find that time moves so quickly that if you’re not actively making decisions you’re falling behind…1 … 5 … 10 years passes and you’re still talking about renovating the bathroom or going on a vacation.

    I often have trouble coming to a decision. What changes my mind though is just moving forward and making ANY decision, just to get on with it.

    Clinton Skakun
    .-= Clinton Skakun´s last blog ..Make Friends With Uncertainty and Stop Worrying about the Economy =-.

  6. Credit Girl says:

    I agree. Indecisiveness can be really annoying sometimes and it isn’t only annoying to the person who is not getting the answer they want but it’s also annoying to themselves as well. There must be a reason to why someone is indecisive and there are conflicts that they are unable to resolve so it’s really a sticky situation when it’s hard for you to make a decision.
    .-= Credit Girl´s last blog ..Haiti Contributions Approved for 2009 Tax Deductions =-.

  7. brian says:

    A lot of indecision comes from not wanting to make a mistake or to be ridiculed for failing. The quicker the decision the quicker we can get on with our lives and find what works and what doesn’t. I work on this all the time.
    .-= brian´s last blog ..An Alternative to One Way Flights – Repositioning Cruises =-.

  8. Hey Armen and Vincent!
    Cool post! I’m seeing Armen post everywhere, he is taking over the internet 🙂
    Good stuff brother!
    .-= Diggy – Upgradereality.com´s last blog ..What Message Will You Leave Behind =-.

  9. I think decisiveness is a very sexy trait. Not to mention useful for yourself. It shows that you know what you want, that you think on your feet and that you are willing to take some risks. This is the kind of person I would want to work with and I would trust. Nice one Armen!

    • Hi Eduard.

      It sure is an attractive trait. It takes energy to be decisive, and we like people that put out energy. Showing all of those things you listed is what leads others to want to be around us for it.

      Good addition there about trust, because we trust that people who are decisive are being that way for a reason, so we are more inclined to team up with them. Indecisive folks seem like they are that way for some reason, so trusting them is a bit less likely.

      Thanks about the topic.

  10. Gordie - Lifestyle Design For You says:

    One thing I take my students here in China, is that they should never give away the power when given a choice or the decision making power, by saying, “I don’t know” or “You decide”. By taking the opportunity, you can choose to eat where you want to eat, go to a movie that you want to see, etc. 🙂
    .-= Gordie – Lifestyle Design For You´s last blog ..Six Things You Should Do Daily To Succeed. =-.