My Top 11 iPhone Applications

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Since I got my first iPhone 2 months ago, I started to integrate its useful applications into my life. I’m amazed by how huge their user applications market is and there are really tons of applications out there in their app store. There are really some great iPhone applications out there that can help us to improve our productivity or just make our life easier for us. There are also some junk apps out there which are expensive and not really useful or user friendly. So read on for my top 11 iPhone applications.


Price: $4.99
You can get it here: iXpenseIT

iXpenseIt is a budgeting application which can help you track your expenses. I had tried other budgeting applications but I find that none come close to iXpenselt. Other applications are either not user friendly, lacks functionality or simply too complicated to use.

There is a function that you can on it to track your business or personal expenses separately. There are also pre-made expenses categories that you can just tap to select whenever you enter an expense which makes it much more convenient. There is also a function to take a photo of your receipt or things that you had bought.
You are also able to view your monthly expenses summary in bar or pie chart which is kind of neat. There is also an export function that you can use to back up your data into your PC.

2. iMapMyRun

Price: Free
You can get it here: iMapMyRun

After I had decided that I will complete a full marathon this year, I had started training for it. I prefer to run around my estate or in new territories to keep things fresh but I have a problem in tracking the distance I had covered and the time I took to complete my run.

iMapMyRun uses the GPS system of iPhone to track the distance you had covered. With iMapMyRun you will be able to check your speed, timing and distance that you had ran. There is also a function that allows you to record your route which you can refer it other time or tweet about your work out to share with others.


Price: Free
You can get it here: Tweetdeck

I have nothing but praises for Tweetdeck. I had tried other Twitter apps like Twitterific and etc but I’m still used to Tweetdeck’s interface as I am using it in my PC. Tweetdeck is simple to use and you can create separate columns for different categories (e.g: Separate columns of people who had mentioned your name, colleagues, all friends and etc). If you are using TweetDeck in your PC or Mac, you will be able to sync your original columns into your iPhone just by entering your account details.

4. Evernote

Price:Free (able to upgrade to premium)
You can get it here: Evernote

Evernote is one of the coolest iPhone app and it is one of my favourite. It works like a notepad where you can jot down ideas or anything that you want to remember. Once you had updated your note, it will sync to your online account and you will be able to access it through iPhone or on Evernote website.

There are also options to record voice memos, take pictures and you can also use iPhone’s GPS system to tag a location to it so that you can remember where you took the note. For example if you have the bad habit of forgetting where you park your car, you can snap a picture of the lot that you had parked in and tag the location. So when you want to get back to your car, you can access your note and your GPS system will guide you back to your car. Pretty neat, isn it?

5. eTodo

Price: $0.99
You can get it here: eTodo

eTodo is basically a digital to do list. Nothing fancy over here but this app just helps you to create a simple to do list that you can keep track of. Since the last update, they had added an optional task repeat function. When you turn on this function, the tasks that you set to repeat will reappear in your to do list for every __ days that you had set. This function helps when you are lazy to repeat keying in tasks that you do every frequently (e.g sending your laundry, tidying your room, work out and etc).

6. PDF Word Excel File Viewer

Price: $0.99
You can get it here: PDF Word Excel File Viewer

There are some essential functions that are lacking in iPhone and one of them is the lack of the function to open PDF files, Words and Excel. eBooks are easily accessible as all you need is to download it and you can read it immediately. By the way if you have not downloaded my ebook “Unleash Your Maximum Potential”, you can download it by clicking on the link below.

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PDF Word Excel File Viewer allows you to read the files as had mentioned in its name. It works by using Wi Fi to sync with your home connection and all you need is to upload your files through the link that it gives you. After uploading your files, it will then appear at the home screen of the application.

You are also able to bookmark your page so that you will be able to resume from where you left off after exiting the application. You can also call “play” your ebook and it will start to auto scroll down at a constant pace. This will allow you to read comfortably without the need of scrolling manually.

7. NetNewsWire

Price: Free
You can get it here: NetNewsWire

(Note: If you do not know what is RSS, you can check out this article that I had wrote about RSS. Read What is RSS now.)

NetNewsWire is a free RSS reader application which you can use it to sync with Google reader to download your RSS feeds. There isn’t much other functions here but it gets the job done of downloading the RSS feeds.

If you have a better recommendation for a RSS reader in iPhone, I’m all ears. 🙂

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8. WhatsApp

Price: $0.99
You can get it here: WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a smart phone to smart phone messenger. It uses the Push function in iPhone to receive messages and media files like audio and video. It also auto detects your friends in your contact list who are using WhatsApp (I think they can detect whoever is using iPhone) and adds them into the favourite list found in WhatsApp. You can bypass international SMS and call charges by using WhatsApp to contact your friend (provided they have Whatsapp too). The $0.99 is well spent if you are a heavy text user or you spend a lot of time overseas.

9. eBuddy

Price: Free
You can get it here: eBudddy

Whenever I’m on the go and I want to get connected to my friends, I log on into eBuddy. It is able to sync various messenger clients into one account and it make things convenient to have all your contacts in one place. The application is also user friendly and most importantly; it does its job well. 🙂

10. The Secret

Price: $4.99
You can get it here: The Secret

The Secret application consists of 365 days of teachings. Every day it will teach you something about how to apply The Law Of Attraction. I got it for free when it just got out and I love the daily teachings as it helps me to feel more at ease with myself. But right now The Secret app costs $4.99 right now. If you believe in The Law Of Attraction and want to have daily lessons for 365 days straight to teach you how to attract what you want, you may want to consider downloading this app.

11. Best Camera

You can get it here: Best Camera

Best camera is a photography app that allows you to edit your photos by adding effects and filters. You can also upload your photos to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr by a touch of a button. It works pretty well for me and sharing my photos is made easier with Best Camera.

So here are my top iPhone applications, why not share yours with me? I look forward to your  comments below.

iPhone Lover

  1. Those are some pretty cool apps for the iPhone, kinda of gives me the incentive to possibly get an iPhone myself! But I have to wait until my current 2 year contract is over LoL.

    Till then,


  2. Vincent it looks like you have really found some useful apps to use. I think if I ever get an iphone, I would mostly only use game apps. I guess that’s part of the reason I still have not invested in this luxury.

  3. I really like the photo app as I am a fan of facebook and taking pictures! That seems like a simple enough application. For my iphone, I am mostly a fan of games! I have many games that keep me occupied such as bejeweled.

    The iphone is truly a great buy as I probably cannot live without it now…It offers so many practical applications and some of them even free, too!
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  4. I’ve been resisting the mobile craze until prices become realistic (I don’t do contracts) and the clear winner in the handset wars emerges, but I cannot hold out for much longer, and the iPhone really appeals to me. All these wonderful apps are not hurting the iPhone’s cause either!

    • Buying a phone without contract would cost a bomb. The wonderful apps is what make iPhone such a great phone, I don’t believe it would do as well if there is not a huge supply market for its app.


  5. Hi Vincent,
    I’ve held out so long from getting an iPhone. However, after seeing what can be done on it, I think I may treat myself one when I get back to New Zealand later in the year.

    BTW, Vincent, I left you a small homework assignment on my latest post. Enjoy! 🙂
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