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Blogging For A Better You: 6 Ways Writing Helps You Grow | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Blogging For A Better You: 6 Ways Writing Helps You Grow

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Bud Hennekes from A Boundless World


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Unless you’ve been living in a cave without internet, it’s safe to say you’ve come across a blog or two that has tremendously affected your life. Two blogs that have had a significant effect on me, are Zen Habits and Steve Pavlina. Both blogs have helped me gain an amazing amount of clarity on not only my passions but purpose in life as well.

I’ve found that regularly reading blogs is a powerful way to learn and grow. But the benefits of blogs extend even further. Not only can you learn a tremendous amount from reading blogs, you can significantly increase the quality of your life by having your own blog as well.

Today I’d like to share with 6 ways in which blogging helps you grow as well as a few practical tips to reap the most benefit out of each area.

Social Connections:

Having a blog and writing online opens a door of unlimited possibilities. Connecting with your readers is one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging. I personally have made friendships with people from all over the world through my blog. These relationships have been a significant part of my growth as a human being.

Through my writings, I enjoy making new connections and blogging makes this process almost effortless. I’m continually surprised at how many wonderful people there are out there in the world. I’ve made numerous friends online each of which is unique in their own way.

If you’re looking to spice up your relationships in life, starting a blog is a wonderful place to begin.

* Connect with a reader a day. Send a friendly email asking what you can do to help.
* Reach out to other blogs who share similar interests.
* Email someone who is in need of help.


Having your own blog significantly improves your personal brand which can pay off huge later down the road. When you blog you choose to let the world see the real you so your customers know what they are going to get in return.

People are attracted to inspired writing. If your writing has passion behind it, it’s only a matter of time before others start taking notice of the individual behind the words.

While not everyone can be a Pro Blogger, running your own blog will help you stand out as blogging becomes increasingly integrated in the business world. Your writing is your key to future business success.

* Use your blog to leverage possible business opportunities.
* Connect with other people in your niche to create a product that is truly magnificent.
* Have a passion? Teach people.


Believe it or not, writing makes you more intelligent. This is especially true when writing your own blog. Being able to coherently write is a very important skill. While it takes practice to become a good writer, the more you write the more intelligent you become.

Writing about any topic on a regular basis forces you to go out and learn more about it and in the process makes you a more well rounded individual.

Writing stimulates your mind and boosts your intelligence in the process. Having been blogging for almost two years now I have noticed a significant increase in my awareness of the world and my surroundings.

* Do some basic research and write a about a topic you know little about.
* Write for an hour each day and watch as your writing improves over time.
* Use your blog as a platform to ask questions you don’t have the answer to.

Communications Skills:

By far one of the greatest ways to increase your communications skills is to blog. Not only does this help your communication in your online relationships but also your real life relationships as well.

Your ability to communicate effectively is essential to your success. Being able to coherently express your thoughts and ideas will help you in any area of your life. Communication takes practice.

Try writing a blog post in which you explore a different writing style, be bold be different. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn.

* Write about a well known topic from a unique perspective.
* Expand your vocabulary.
* Communicate with your readers.


Your writing is a preview into your always flowing thoughts. Rereading your writing is a way to learn more about your state of mind. I know I’ve gone back to reread my older blog posts and have been amazed at how much I’ve changed.

Your blog is your journey in life, it’s a journal of your growing consciousness.

Writing down your ideas and opinions is a great way to stay focused and achieve more. Learning about yourself leads you to become more aware. Awareness is bliss.

* Reread your old writings. What does it reveal?
* Look for triggers for certain emotions in your old writings.
* Pose questions for your subconscious mind to work on.


Blogging also helps you in regard to motivation. Everyone can use an extra kick in the butt every now and then. Having a blog can give you that little boost.

Assuming you take your blog and writing seriously, just having a blog, is a good reminder to stay focused and on task.

Publicly stating your goals and aspirations is also a powerful tool for success. Having an audience (regardless of size) gives you a reason to put fourth your best work.

* State your goals on your blog.
* Ask for help when needed.
* Encourage others to join you.

Writing Your Way To Happiness:

Not only is blogging incredibly fun it also helps you grow. I can’t tell you how much I’ve benefited from blogging and I know you can to.

Without a doubt starting a blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done. The growth I’ve experienced over the past year and half has been unparalleled.

If you’re on the edge on whether to start your own blog, its time you begin writing yourself to happiness. Blogging will change your world.

Bud Hennekes is an 18 year old blogger who is dedicated to changing the way people think about themselves. His blog A Boundless World empowers people to create and live in a blissful reality. His hobbies vary depending the day but more often than not he enjoys meditating, reading, connecting, and writing.

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11 Responses to “Blogging For A Better You: 6 Ways Writing Helps You Grow”

  1. Erin says:

    I started using Livejournal about seven years ago- I felt weird doing the traditional pen and paper diary thing, writing for no one to read. It’s helped me in more ways than I can count. I honestly think I’d be a different person if I had never started journaling. That’s a small scale, but same idea. It does help!

  2. Adam says:

    Great post guys. Writing about personal growth has helped me grow for sure. Happy New Year to everybody.

  3. Blogging will challenge to learn more about the given topic you’re writing about. It also lets you understand what you’re really passionate about writing about, since your blog content seems to gravitate to whatever you love writing about most.

    The introspection point you made is really true. I think blogging/writing also allows you to sort your thoughts, thus communicating to yourself in a way that settles your thoughts.

    It also improves your communication, like you said. I suppose it allows you to think on your feet as well. It doesn’t improve verbal communication a whole lot, since you’re using different “muscles” there, but it does allow you to form your thoughts in a way that allows you to communicate and be aware of how you come across to the other person/people. (but after the fact, it doesn’t always improve grammar:D)

    Clinton Skakun

  4. Hey Bud and Vincent!
    Happy holidays! Keep up the good work 🙂


  5. Hey Bud.

    It certainly does help in all of these ways. The good thing is that we understand the value here.

    When you list it like this, it makes it seem as though anyone who isn’t taking part is missing out on a huge chunk of what they could be, which sounds about right. I learned like 1000 things thanks to writing and self-output. I think the same with true with those of us who are doing so.

    All of these points are underrated. This is a very detailed post by the way.

    I sure like making connections. There are people that are very similar to us in various aspects, and we can end up finding them very quickly through writing.

    To health, money, and success, Bud and Vincent.

  6. Love this post! As someone who has been blogging for less than a year, I really do still feel the benefits. Blogging — and writing in general — makes me a better person. Great post, Bud!

  7. Credit Girl says:

    Writing has definitely helped me in some of those ways mentioned above. For one, when I write just for plain writing pleasure, it helps to alleviate stress or nervousness so I like to just scribble down thoughts or ideas. It is a way to relieve stress. And I’ve never thought about writing as motivation, but I can see how that will work. I will try to use my writing for motivation to help me get started on my 2010 goals!

    • Vincent says:

      Writing definitely helps us in lots of ways and I personally have experienced it through blogging. Happy writing and have a great new year! 🙂