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Interview #2: Interview With Celestine Chua From CelestineChua.com | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Interview #2: Interview With Celestine Chua From CelestineChua.com

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Interview Series

One of my goals is to go full time into doing what I love and the best people that I can learn from is from people who had done it. Therefore I am going conduct regular interviews with successful bloggers and entrepreneurs who had quit their job and and go full time into working on what they are passionate about. I believe this will be beneficial to all the readers of HealthMoneySuccess who are interested in being their own boss, working online or entrepreneurship. In the first interview, we had Glen Allsopp from PluginID and there are definitely much more interviews to come.

Interview with Celestine Chua

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I have been following Celes from CelestineChua.com for quite some time and I saw her success in the transition from working in a Fortune 100 company to starting her own business. She had succeeded in quitting her job and she is doing what she love right now. We definitely have lots of things to learn from her.

In the interview we had discussed about various topics that includes:

– What Celes is doing right now.

– Her thoughts before she quit her job.

– Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

– Her productivity system.

– Celes’s favorite blogs and podcasts.

– What she think about failures and mentors.

– How to motivate yourself to take action even though you feel like doing nothing.

– And many more!

Celes is a life coach and runs her own business at The School Of Personal Excellence. If you are interested to engage her as a coach or attend her courses in The School Of Personal Excellence, you can find her at www.CelestineChua.com and www.TSOPE.net

Enjoy the interview!

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6 Responses to “Interview #2: Interview With Celestine Chua From CelestineChua.com”

  1. First of all, I love how you’re following those you admire and learning from them. That’s so awesome! They are you and you are them; their success is yours, in a sense. I also liked listening to Celes talk about how she didn’t feel courageous in what she did; it’s just what she wanted to do. Her statement about having to feel fear in order to be courageous… That stuck with me. Good for her!
    Cool interview, and great way of presenting it!

  2. Vincent says:

    Hey Celes,

    Don’t mind about the rescheduling, it is small stuff. Thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview too! It is fun doing this interview with you and I personally pick up some great pointers from you too. 🙂

    Hi Mark,

    Great one Mark! There is a saying, “do what you love and money will soon follow through”. It is an example of what Celes is doing right now.

    Hi Javier,

    It is definitely inspiring to see others succeed and Celes is really a excellent role model for us. A huge amount of our time is spent on working and if our work is something that we enjoy doing, it means that we will enjoy more in our life. Isn’t it so? 🙂


  3. Javier Chua says:

    Wow. Another great interview with someone successful, I love to hear other people success story as it pushes us to join them in the journey to success. Glad to know Celestine is a fellow Singaporean and what she said really can relate to an audio book (The Richest Man in Babylon) I heard before which mention about “Do you have a soul of a slave or do you have a soul of a free man?” Go for what you loves to do and be determined that you will be successful as you proceed along the journey.

  4. Great interview! Well-done! Celes is sure a great inspiration to all of us. The fact that she is able to achieve all of her goals and open her own coaching school deserves a lot of respect. I wish more people, especially youngsters, would stop thinking about just making a living or how to make more money. They should instead seek to find out how they can make a great living doing what they love so that they will stop existing, and start living.



  5. Hey Vince! Thanks so much for inviting me for this interview! Sorry for the rescheduling that took place in between too and thank you for being so patient and understanding.

    By the way, I didn’t realize the lag / echo from my side was that bad! Hope the readers can make out what I was saying.

    Thanks again Vince! I had a GREAT time in this interview with you; I’m going to post it up on my blog now. 🙂