Why Bankers Only Lend Money To The Rich?

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Have you noticed this? The bankers normally refuse to lend you any money when you need it desperately but they will go right to your doorsteps to offer you money (loan) when you are rich (you don’t need the money now). Why is it so? It is because bankers only offer to lend you money when they think that you are qualified (able to repay the loan).

Some people may find it weird and think that why the banks only lend money to people who don’t need the money (the rich), and just refuse to lend it to those who need it urgently. But this is just how the banks work; they only lend money to those who are qualified by their standards so that they can earn profits through the interest.

This applies in our life too. In order to play our game at a higher level, we will need to qualify for it as well. There will be people who complain about life saying that they don’t have the money, time or network to help them get the success or money that they want. But if all they do is complain, they will be stuck at the “lower level”.

It is definitely easier to earn more money when we have the right people or capital to help us along the way. But the issue is this network or capital will not just appear right in front of your face. You will need to qualify for it.


As you can see in the above diagram, the line is kind of stagnant and going upwards slowly but once it reaches the turning point, the growth is exponential. The turning point is the point when you hit the qualified bracket and you have access to all the resources that you need to push for results.

For people who whine and complain about their lack (lack of money, time, skills, experience or money), they are usually caught in a limbo state just right around the starting point of the line. The point I want to drive home here is that instead of complaining that you lack the resources to succeed, put in the effort and time to move forward slowly until you hit the point where you are in the qualified bracket.

It is only once you are in the qualified bracket, you are granted access to the valuable resources (great network, capital, expertise of others) where all the other successful people in your field have.

Nobody is willing to work with someone who has not yet proven themselves. Put in your hard work and crawl to the point where others had seen you effort and results and decided to help you in your journey.

It is going to be a struggle before the turning point but once you reach the turning point, things get easier and you will find yourself playing in the higher levels with abundance of resources. This is why bankers go to Microsoft and while others go to the banker.

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10 Responses to “Why Bankers Only Lend Money To The Rich?”

  1. Credit Girl says:

    Great analogy with the bank! It’s true- make yourself qualified and you will receive it. I had to go back and read your previous posts because I didn’t catch them all. Your stories are truly inspirational and I hope you continue to write w/ such great success for 2010. =)

  2. Walter says:

    I find it more struggling to wallow in misery, this is how most people think. I’ve learned this the hard way. Now I understand that success requires a different mindset–it is better to act and persevere than to decay in complaining. 🙂

  3. Vincent says:

    Hi Oscar,

    I got to agree with you! Internet marketing takes effort and it does take time and effort before we can see the huge returns.

    Hi Diggy,

    The Dip is a great read and I love the concept that Seth Godin had shared with us. Quitting after a couple of months will not get us any results and there are even cases that people just gave up before they even got started.

    Hi Arnold,

    Yup. You are right. 🙂

    Hi Jean,

    It is just devastating to see people gave up when they are about to reach the finishing line. Patience is the key over here. 🙂

    Hi Megan,

    Haha, I’m a Buddhist too! But the key over here is to listen and learn with an open mind. 🙂


  4. I can totally relate to this post. My side business is close to blossoming. It really needs a greater investment of time and money, but I simply do not have much of either right now. So I am stuck slowly plugging away until I can build up to the point that I’d have investment money and enough incoming money to quit my daytime job.

  5. This sort of reminds me of the line “fake it ’til you make it” in terms of acting as if we already are where we want to be. By acting as if, I think we sometimes can trick our subconscious and attract those people/things we want to us faster. (Boy, this really flies in the face of Buddhism and accepting our current reality, so please DO NOT rat me out to my Buddhist friends!)

    I liked your diagram, and could think of the times in my life when I was at the slow moving end, versus the turning point and then fast moving end. We attract what we are — that much I know from firsthand experience.

  6. used tires says:

    It is so true, and also a very simple concept that if everyone were to follow it we would all have much more successful people in this world. But I see people giving up way too easily and way before they reach their point where they are about to turn things positively.

    Till then,

  7. That graph applies perfectly to internet marketing. you need to keep at it and after a certain point, your income will explode.

  8. Hey Vincent!
    Great point that you’re making. It is so true, everyone needs to bring their part and put in the work and effort before seeing results.

    Seth Godins “The Dip” book is a great example of this, where so many people put in effort and work, but quit after a couple of months without seeing results. Most of the time they are just before that turning point where they would have seen great results from their hard efforts!

    Have a great week!

  9. Great article, and I like the concept of the turning point. I think it can be applied perfectly in internet marketing because you create a lot of assets until they start to pay you back and from that moment they grow every day. Stumbled!