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Top 10 Healthiest Food That I Love

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I think that it would be fun to share this with my readers. Here are the top 10 healthiest food that I love.

1. Oats

Image courtesy of santos

What is good about it?

Oatmeal is high in fibre and hence it aids keeping bowel movement regular. It also helps in keeping your blood sugar steady throughout the day which will prevent you from succumbing to your cravings or pigging out. It is also a good source of food that can help to lower cholesterol level.

How I prepare it:

I don’t really drink milk nowadays after reading about so many articles that have negative news about it. I tend to just mix my oat with honey and hot water and it is ready to serve.

2. Salmon


Image courtesy of territu

What is good about it?

Salmon consist of the good fats such as omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the heart. Omega-3 fatty acids also help to prevent blood clots which causes stroke. It also consist essential nutrients such as B6 which your immune and nervous system need in order to function properly.

How I prepare it:

I don’t like to spend too much time on cooking and hence all I do is to bake the salmon and squeeze some lemon juice on it once it is cooked. It is ready to serve! You can also sprinkle some oregano on it to add some flavour.

3. Grape Tomatoes


Image courtesy of sygnetcreations

What is good about it?

Grape tomatoes have a high content of vitamin A and C. Vitamin A plays a part in a variety of functions of our body such as keeping our skin, immune system and vision healthy. Vitamin C also helps in removing free radicals from your body which can cause cancer or heart disease and it also helps in keeping your immune system healthy.

How I prepare it:

Do it the salad way. I mix it up with either lettuce or butterhead lettuce and add a handful of almonds in it and it is ready to be serve. Some times I snack just on it since I can easily grab it and no preparation is needed.

4. Kiwi

Image courtesy of macxoom

What is good about it?

Kiwi contains a high amount of vitamins such as vitamin C, E and A. It also has a high fibre content which can help in controlling sugar level and improving bowel movement.

How I prepare it:

You know how to do it. 🙂

5. Almond


Image courtesy of African Import Photos

Almonds are packed with nutrients such as iron, calcium, riboflavin, fibre and magnesium. They are also a great source of protein and fat which is good for the heart.

How I prepare it:

Almond is a great snack and I either snack on it alone or just add it into my salad for that crunchy bite.

6. Sweet potatoes

Image courtesy of pinch my salt

What is good about it?

First of all, it is sweet and tasty! It helps when you craving for something sweet. Sweet potatoes contain a unique protein that have potent anti oxidant effects. It is also an excellent source of vitamin A and C.

How I prepare it:

What I do is that I usually steam it. However the problem comes after this. I find that it is a hassle to peel the skin off and sometimes it can be quite a turn off.

7. Apples

Image courtesy of macxoom

What is good about it?

This is one of my favourite fruits. Apples are a rich source of flavonoid and polyphenois. Both of these are powerful anti oxidant that can help to eliminate free radicals. It also contains pectin that can help to remove toxic waste from our body. It is highly recommended as a healthy food and do remember the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

How I prepare it:

I usually eat the apple whole and do not peel the skin. It is said that there are high amount of fibres nutrients in the skin of the apple but I believe I just find it too troublesome to peel it. Eating apples are convenient since all you need to do is to wash it and eat.

8. Olive oil


Image courtesy of tomargh

What is good about it?

Olive oil has a remarkable amount of mono saturated acids and antioxidant substances. It is good for controlling bad choleric levels and protects us from heart disease. Research had also shown that taking olive oil can lower the risk of getting colon cancer.

How I prepare it:

There are a few types of olive oil and what I usually get is extra virgin and virgin olive oil. Virgin oil that are pure or extra light are usually processed and their beneficial properties may be lessen. The lesser the olive oil is handled or process, the more it is near its natural state and so does its properties.

There are times when I take a table spoon of it directly (it helps to prevent cravings) or I add it into my salad. I also cook with olive oil however over cooking can lessen the olive oil’s health benefits.

9. Carrot


Image courtesy of winemegup

What is good about it?

Carrots have anti-carcinogen properties which can help to prevent cancer. It also consists of beta carotene which is an anti oxidant that prevents cell degeneration and get rids of free radicals. Carrots are also good for the skin and eyes.

How I prepare it:

I normally juice my carrot as it helps to removes the indigestible fibre. There are lot so of nutrients that are in the indigestible fibre but you will not be able to get those nutrients if you are eating the carrot by itself. Juicing get rids of those fibres and you can thus get the nutrients in larger quantities.

10. Celery

Image courtesy of bethsweet

What is good about it?

Celery has been long recognized by Chinese medicine practitioner that it has the property of reducing blood pressure. It also has a high amount of Vitamin C which can aid in fighting cold and keeping your keeping immune system strong. Celery has diuretic properties which can help to clear up uric acid and provide some relief of health problems such as arthritis and rheumatism.

How I prepare it:

This is a regular item in my fruit as it adds a great flavour. What I do is to cut away the base of the celery (2 – 3 stalks) and juice the remaining of the celery.

Parting Words

As I had mentioned in my previous article, health is the foundation of our life. It is essential to take care of our body by giving it the fuel that it needs. I had shared with you some of my favorite food that are healthy, what about yours? I would love to know it and I’ll talk to you in the comment section.


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15 Responses to “Top 10 Healthiest Food That I Love”

  1. Great list! I integrated kiwi and apples in my diet everyday for 8 months and, in partnership with excercise, plenty of fluids and rest, lost 15kgs.
    The salmon looks too good!!
    .-= lickshunmewah´s last blog .."Don’t Murder the Word" =-.

  2. awesome healthiest food preparation, at our country, my mother love to buy and prepare healthy foods too that is healthy.

  3. used tires says:

    On side note about eating Salmon, I read and have heard from reliable sources that it is much healthier to eat salmon that has been steamed, as it retains its nutrients better compared to when banking it. But it is still a healthy choice to eat nonetheless! =D

    Till then,


  4. ATV for Sale says:

    Can you refer me to an article about some of the negative aspects about milk? I have always drank a lot of milk as I have cereal for breakfast nearly everyday. I sometimes joke that I grew so tall because of the steroids/hormones in milk. I wonder if I should be avoiding milk though.

  5. Hi Vincent, I’m a first-time visitor. I just LOVE your list! And the photos you chose are very elegant. Simply beautiful post!

  6. Interesting post Vincent. It is a good idea to give people some ideas on how they can eat healthier. A lot of people want to eat better, but they just don’t know which foods are good options.

  7. Thanks for the very good article!

    Definitely this is a great list of health food.
    I think everybody should take care of their food habits
    and eat healthier. I have been trying to do my best.

    Hey Vicente, I also don’t drink regular milk; I use soy milk or almond milk instead.

  8. How I do love almonds….I’m surprised pomegranates didn’t make your list…they are very tasty and extremely health as well.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this. I love all of the healthy foods that you listed (except tomatoes) so I was salivating while reading. I wanted to add that oatmeal lovers should try steal cut oats. If you eat the instant stuff, you’ll appreciate the change. The wonderful taste and extra health benefits are worth the extra time that it takes to cook these. Yum!

  10. Vincent says:

    Hi Oscar,

    Those food sure looks good yea? 🙂

    Hi Steve,

    Exercise is definitely needed. At the end of the day, it is still trying to achieve a balance between eating healthy and foods that we just want to eat.

    Hi Diggy,

    That salmon sure looks delicious! I made myself hungry too when I was writing this article. 😉

    Hi Armen,

    I love bok choy too! I prefer to add it into my soup to make the soup sweeter.


  11. Hey Vincent.

    I like a bunch of these. I eat a bunch of nuts like almonds, pecans, and walnuts. I try not to eat too many but they are so good.

    I eat oatmeal sometimes and sure do like the taste, and put cinnamon on it. Salmon and fish are just wonderfully good. I put those tomatoes in salads that I make. I make some real big salads with lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, avocado, beans, like 15 drops of vinaigrette, onion or green onion, peppers that are not hot, and so on.

    I have olive oil but don’t use it. I should probably use it for something.

    I cook sweet potatoes maybe once every week or two, and they are just great. Also I like cooking regular potatoes and putting some butter on them, or eating them by themselves in a sandwich.

    Celery, carrots, potatoes, and onions are things I cook together, or bok choy and vegetables like that. Cabbage is also included. I cook them and put them in as the inside of a sandwich.

    Thanks for this food-related post.

  12. Hey Vincent,

    I must say that you have mentioned every single thing that I like. Almonds and salmon is a part of my daily diet.

    Glad to see a yummy post. And I must state that the pictures of the food items looks wonderful.

  13. Hey Vincent!
    Great compilation of healthy foods! You’ve made me hungry with that picture of salmon:)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Hi Vincent, I love some of the foods you have listed here. I know I should eat more healthy but I prefer to eat what I want, less of it, and more exercise 🙂 Great post though.

  15. Hey Vincent, you’re making me hungry here 😀