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Are You Neglecting The Most Important Thing In Your Life? | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Are You Neglecting The Most Important Thing In Your Life?

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I believe the majority of you who read this blog have goals that you want to achieve. Having goals is fun because it gives us something to aim for and to look forward to. However are you doing all you can to achieve your goals yet you are neglecting something that is the base for your success?


Health pyramid
The health is the base for your life.

Health is the base for our success. You cannot be anything when you are seriously lacking in the health department. It acts as a base or springboard for success to come into our life. There are people who would do anything to get the results they want and kudos to them for their tenacity. However if they forgo the health department in their life, any success they had achieved will be short lived. How can you truly enjoy the fruits of your labour when you are sick and feeling miserable? Or worst, you don’t even have the time to enjoy your success. Basically, without health, you are nothing.

I was hospitalized some time ago and that incident knocks some sense into me. I was working almost every day and earning money is the priority at that time and health had taken the second seat (maybe not the second, somewhere near the last few seats). I had never even given health a thought because I felt that I was in my prime of my life and health isn’t an issue to me. (Being young can spare me from diseases, am I right?) But I knew I was wrong when I find myself ended up in the hospital for a week and a half.

Neglecting our health is also the same as trying to saw a tree with a blunt saw. When you push your body too hard and don’t take care of it, your energy level drop drastically and you will feel tired easily. If you feel tired easily, how are you able to harness your maximum creativity, energy and passion into doing something for the best result?

Healthy Living

Healthy living isn’t about eating supplements all day. It is about changing your lifestyle. In our time now, we search for immediate results and speed. We want fast food, ready to cook food, immediate weight loss diet or anything that doesn’t takes up a lot of our time. Our time is precious and we want to save up those times to do things that we want to do. But adopting an unhealthy lifestyle only shortens the time you spend on earth alive. Contradicting.

The first thing you will need to do is to start out my taking note of your diet. Are you eating processed food, fast food, refined carbohydrates, canned food or any other junk food daily? If you are, you will need to start making it a habit to cut those foods out of your diet. You do not need to eliminate it completely and minimizing the intake of those foods is a great first step. To fight off your cravings, substitute those foods that you minimized with natural food such as vegetable and fruits. These are real foods that are packed with nutrients for your body.

Do hydrate yourself adequately daily. I start out my day with 2 cups of water with slices of lemon to help alkalize the body. It is also recommended to drink around half your body weight in ounces.

(Formula: [Body weight (lbs)/2 ] = Answer (A). Take Answer (A) X 29.57 = Amount of water to drink daily (mL)

Lastly, you will need to introduce exercises back into your lifestyle again. If you are watching more than 3 – 4 hours of TV programs per day, you need to get your ass out the couch and start moving again. This reminds me of what Tony Robbins said at his last UPW seminar in Singapore.

Motions = Emotions

Which means your physiology and action will in turn lead to how you feel. Most likely you will only feel tired after seating at the couch for hours.

These aren’t rocket science and everybody is able to do it. Everyone have the knowledge of living healthier but they just chose to ignore the knowledge and go with the flow and only do what they feel like doing. By the way, did I mention that if you go with the flow in life, you may end up at somewhere that you do not want to be at?

To your healthier living,

P.S:What do you think you can do to have a healthier lifestyle? I would love to hear your thoughts.
P.P.S: In the next post, I will put up a list of top 10 healthiest foods which are part of my daily diet. Enter your email below or subscribe to my RSS feed so that you will not miss the next article.

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11 Responses to “Are You Neglecting The Most Important Thing In Your Life?”

  1. Hey Vincent, I really loved this article! I agree : “Health is the base for your life.”

    You are so right when you said that you can achieve success but without health it seams that everything was worthless.

    Health is the vital source for your life. Are you taking care of your life?

  2. Alex Hudish says:

    Thank you for this post. I fully understand and agree with your thesis of Health as the base of the pyramid.

    I have a question, though.
    Why is it that we KNOW something is bad for us but we do it anyway?
    Why do we smoke, drink or eat unhealthy/junk food?

    This is not a theoretical question, I’d love to get an answer from you or your readers.
    The goal is not to feel “very guilty” like ATV for Sale in the comment above me. Guilt is not the best motivation-builder. So what is? And why do we feel guilty after reading a post like this?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. ATV for Sale says:

    Vincent you are making me feel very guilty about my poor diet. I am a sucker for most junk food….both sweet and salty. I like the convenience and I love the taste. So it is tough to drop those foods for better choices.

  4. Interesting post Vincent. I have definitely neglected my health over the years. It sure doesn’t make sense to be building for the future if we might not be around to enjoy it. It is just tough to start changing out bad habits. Sure we can cut down on junk food, but if the food you replace it with is not as tasty, you will eventually go back to your old cravings. So I guess the trick is to find lots of healthy foods that you really enjoy.

  5. Hey Vincent,

    Health is undoubtedly the primary factor that plays a major role in getting your other goals of life fulfilled.

    If you are not healthy you won;t be able to pen down your goals on paper,this much importance health have in our life cycle.

  6. Vincent says:

    Hi Eduard,

    Sometimes people do forget about caring for their foundation. Health makes the base for every other things in life and neglecting it means getting a shaky foundation.

    Hi Carol,

    I bet you made the right decision. We can always find ways to earn money but w cannot replace our health or loved ones.

    Hi Diggy,

    Spending all the money earned to get back their health is making them running in circles. Great point made there!

    Hi Jean,

    It seems like he is not looking for long term results. Redbull doesn’t give you wings, it just give you a temporary surge in energy due to sugar rush. Maybe you would give him some advice on that? 🙂

    Hi Clinton,

    Balance is the key here. Nothing is good when done in a extreme extent. It is just like working out in the gym. Working out more doesn’t mean that you can gain muscles faster It is those who know when to rest their muscle get the greatest muscle growth.


  7. Hi Vincent,

    I think you have to push the limits often and discipline yourself but if it ruins your health and wrecks your life, slows down your pace and end up burdening you instead of aiding you or acting as a spring board to success than it’s a god idea to take a step back and understand your health needs. I admit I push the clock a little, get up a little too early and go to bed a little late, but I’ve found it produces serious results, because I have more time and I have to defeat myself each and every day which helps me face less harder obstacles throughout the day. However when I feel a lack of sleep kicking in or when I feel drunk and start hallucinating because I haven’t slept in 18/20+ hours I know I need to take notice of this and get more sleep every night or drink more water or more/better etc etc. I also don’t want to go too soft on myself because then I take it for granted and always get lazy.

    But yes i must agree that health is extremely important. You can’t enjoy your success if you’re dead.

    All the best and have a massively successful day!

    Clinton Skakun

  8. used tires says:

    I think it is highly important to maintain a healthy life style, I am a big firm believer that what you eat, and consume every day has an effect on how you feel threw out the day. A perfect example is my roommate… who drinks about 3 redbulls per day… he drinks it to try to gain more energy, but in the end he becomes more lethargic than ever before.. If he changes his sleeping patterns, exercises more, eats better and drinks water, he would have alot more energy.

    Till then,


  9. Vincent 🙂

    Great article man.It’s so true, many people waste spend their health making money, and then they have lost their health so they spend their money to try to regain their health. It’s all about balance, getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and remembering to love and laugh 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  10. carol says:

    In my own experience, it took me my daughter’s health to make me recognize what i was missing while busy making money. because of that, I decided to stay at home and be with her regardless of how successful I was in my profession. sometimes, you really need to make sacrifices just to meet your true priorities in life.

  11. Ignoring your health doesn’t make sense to me. If you thing about it, needs like love, respect, success, all evolved as ways to help us survive as human beings. They’re adaptive mechanism. Yet a lot of times, we follow these needs and we end up ignoring the core element of survival: health.