Have You Forgotten How To Enjoy Yourself?

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Funny Way To Order Mac

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Are you smiling when you are watching this video? I did! It seems like they are enjoying their mini concert and this lead me to think about the need to enjoy ourselves.

As we grew older, it seems like we are putting more and more restrictions on ourselves. These restrictions then cause us to stop enjoying ourselves as much as when we were young. We also tend to worry much more about image and that stop us from doing lots of things. Take a look at the kids around you, they sure know how to enjoy themselves. Give them some toys and they can imagine that they are flying a plane or fighting a monster and all this while they are truly enjoying themselves with their imaginations.

Difference Between Adult and Kids

When a kid saw a puddle of water, they may jump and stomp on it. Even though they are getting dirty, you can look at the smile on their face and their laughter. It is totally real and they are really enjoying what they are doing.

But what if an adult saw a puddle of water? The first thing they would do is to stare at it, give a frustrated look and walk around it. That is not all! The adult will then start to complain and bitch about why is that puddle of water in front of them after walking away. Can you see the difference?

I had once read from a book that kids are good teachers and adults should learn more from them. It is true because as we grew up, we forgot about little things in life that are important. Have you forgotten about the little things in life? Have you buried yourself in the hectic pace of the society and forgot all about enjoying yourself?


One More Video – Funny Way To Order Taco Bell

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16 Responses to “Have You Forgotten How To Enjoy Yourself?”

  1. The Taco Bell video was hilarious. Makes me hungry watching it though.

  2. Thanks for sharing this videos with us. It really made me smile when I was watching it
    Really awesome article!!! Very funny videos! Loved!!!
    I know, that is so true, that we forgotten to enjoy ourselves when we grow up. Life should be more fun!
    You’re bringing up a great point here.
    Lets laughing, loving, and enjoying ourselves more.
    Life should be more fun!

  3. Travis says:

    Lol, I definitely wasn’t expecting that! I think it’s good to break out of the box every once in a while. It’s good for the creative process 🙂

  4. What cool videos!
    I more or less became an adult at age 10. I left childhood behind, and now, at age 27 (eh hem… give or take six years), I’m trying to recapture silliness.
    I’m not always great at it, but I try here and there. Loosening up is something I could use a few lessons in, but each days gets better and better!

  5. Life is much more enjoyable when you remind yourself of the things that matter most. And I believe that laughing, loving, and enjoying yourself are at the top of the list.

  6. Faye says:

    Really funny thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Walter says:

    The problem with adults is that we become cynical. We torture ourselves of our bitter experiences that we go blind to the beauty of the things around us. 🙂

  8. used tires says:

    It’s funny how these videos have really gone viral, and I even saw a commercial on TV, I think it was done by Taco Bell, based off these videos on youtube. And yes, I did smile while watching the video =D

    Till then,


  9. Vincent says:

    Hi Oscar,

    I enjoyed that video too and I just think that it would be great to share it here. 🙂

    Hi Diggy,

    If you happen to do videos like this, do remember to share with us. I believe it would be fun!

    Hi Alex,

    It is always great to try to make things fun to do. Fun s the reason that will make us more incline to do it. Thanks for the stumble buddy.

    Hi Javier,

    Thanks for sharing and I believe your followers will love the videos.

    Hi Armen,

    We do lose our side of playfulness as we grow up. It may be due to the society and environment that demands us to be discipline and stay “normal”.


  10. Hey Vincent.

    You’re bringing up a great point here. We lose all this material when we discount all such activities, and call them childish. The degree of restriction that is in our minds is a fair amount higher than the amount of restriction we would want to maintain to not bother others. Like in the first video example there, most people would start thinking of how they would bother the worker, or the others in line, not understanding that folks like these, who took over the occasion, made it an event they are all glad they were there for. The opportunities for events like these are all over the place, but the vast majority of us will let them pass by out of worry of bothering others.

    Thanks for the uplifting message and examples.

  11. Javier Chua says:

    Hey Vincent,

    This post is super awesome manz. First time seeing people order food this way, really very unique and catchy. Will gave this post a retweet on twitter to share with my fellow tweeters. Cool manz… have a good laugh at it 🙂

  12. hey Vincent!!

    awwwwwsome article 🙂

    one of my favourite things to ask myself, in any situation, is “how can i make this fun?”

    not only does it make you feel like a superstar – but it instantly flips you into flowing with life mode, constructive magic glory – and THAT is what makes you successful.

    super awesome.

    gave it a stumble

    keep well and in touch mate
    alex – unleash reality

  13. Hey Vincent! 🙂

    Yeah we totally get too serious as we get caught up in work, and often the more fancy the job, the more boring and serious we become!

    LOL, really cool video , enjoyed it! These are the kind of videos I want to make when I go on holiday end of the year.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding!

    Have an awesome day!

  14. Hey Vincent,

    You are right, we care a lot when we grow up. And most of those worries are quite useless. And we just forget to live our lives, and we just keep on worrying.

    Thanks for the vids pal.

  15. Lol, very funny video, I’ve never seen anything like that 😀 Thanks for sharing.