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Excuses No More - The Way To A Life Of Abundance | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Excuses No More – The Way To A Life Of Abundance

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I always have the belief that everyone have the potential to achieve a successful life filled with abundance. Even though everyone have that potential in them, they do not know how to unleash them and they stay stuck in life.

They also practice self sabotaging acts to prevent their maximum potential from shining through. Is it even possible? Who will want to stay in poverty, be mediocre or unhealthy? Nobody wants that to happen themselves but their actions speak other wise.

The Worst Self Sabotaging Habit

Have you ever given excuses such as you lack the time to do something, or you lack the money to be rich or you are too young or too old to do something? I bet most of you do and I admit that I had made the same excuses too.

So why do we create those excuses? We create excuses to help us escape our fear of unknown, change or failure. We fear the unknown because we avoid things that we are not familiar with. We are fearful of change because we are not able to predict what will happen(we love to predict things accurately). We avoid failure because it does not feel good and it make us look extremely bad or stupid.

These excuses are our ways to escape from those fear. However giving excuses denies our personal growth. The first step towards growth is to be aware of your faults. You can only correct it when you are aware of it.

However when you are faced with what you have to do in order to make the changes, you create some excuses for yourself to stop yourself from taking action. This whole cycle keeps on repeating and you will find yourself stuck and underachieving in life.

How To Kick Excuses Out Of Your Life

Every time when we come out with excuses, there are 3 steps we should take to help us out kick it out of our life.

1. Question yourself whether your excuse is 100% true?
2. Find evidence to show that your excuse is false.
3. Reframe your excuse and take action now.

Here are some of the common excuses that we frequently use.

Lack of time

There are lots of people who complain that they lack the time to achieve the things they want in life. (let us take earning money for example) But how true is that? Everyone have the same 24 hours but why is it that there are people who achieve much more in the same amount of time.

It is because you are not time challenged, you are priority challenged. You chose to watch that TV show instead of working on your side business. You chose to talk for hours instead of thinking of how to run your business more efficiently. It is all a matter of choosing the right priority. If you are complaining that you lack the time to achieve, I would like to remind you that time is of abundance and what you are lacking is the ability to prioritize.

Lack of money

This is one of the excuses that I am guilty of. I always think that it takes money to make money and I lack the capital to run a successful business. The regular use of this excuse cause me to stay in a rut and failed to achieve anything. Whenever I have a business idea, my mind would whisper to me that I lack the money to achieve that. After hearing my own excuse, I quit before I even started.

I noticed this unhealthy pattern and I knew that this pattern is not beneficial for me. Right now whenever this excuse pop out in my head, I will tell myself if I need the money, I will go out there and find it using any ways which are ethical. The result is that I stumbled upon internet marketing which do not need as much cash compared to brick and mortar businesses.

I’m too young/old

There are people who think that they are too young or too old to start a business. Is it 100% true that you must reach a certain age before you can start running a business and rake in big money? Nope, there are no age limit and the thought of we are too young/old is a self imposed rule upon ourselves. Instead of thinking that you are too young, reframe it as being young means you are energetic, dynamic and you are able to look at things in a different view. If you think you are too old, why not reframe your thoughts and think that being old means that you are wiser and your experience will be helpful to you.

I had seen young entrepreneurs who are successful. My buddy Glen Allsopp is a great example. (Check out the last interview I did with him) He is already earning a 5 figure income and he is just 20 this year!

If you think you are too old, how about Colonel Sanders who started his Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise at a age of 65. Or take a look at the 112 years old madam that I had met at Tony Robbins UPW Seminar. Suddenly your age doesn’t seems like a obstacle after seeing the above examples isn’t it? Our age is just a number and let us not make it an obstacle for our success.

Parting Words

What if your life is free from excuses? How much do you think that you can achieve? The sky is the limit! What is it that you want to do but you are not doing because your excuses are holding you back? Do you want to start your new exercise routine, run a business, create your own blog or go to college? What are your excuses and how much truth are there in it? Be aware of the excuses you have now and break free from it. You will get unstuck immediately and be more align to your true self.


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22 Responses to “Excuses No More – The Way To A Life Of Abundance”

  1. Travis says:

    Sadly, I think excuses are the biggest self-sabotaging act of our lives, and yet so many people run into them. It’s not until you REALIZE that excuses are created by US, not OTHERS, that you can understand that most of the times it’s yourself holding you back, not some outside force.

  2. Lisa says:

    Right on! Get to the bottom of your limiting beliefs by asking questions and exposing their flaws. After we have no more excuses and limiting beliefs, then we have a clear path toward positive action and a fulfilled life.

  3. Ken Siew says:

    Great post on how to kick excuses out of your life! Got to know about this post through Blisstree’s blog carnival by the way. The very first step in eliminating excuses is to be aware that they exist, which could be achieved by reading this post. Also, I think some people actually know that they’re giving excuses to themselves, but choose not to deal with it because they’re still in their comfort zone. They need a change in their mindset, and you’ve done a wonderful job. Keep the great work Vincent!

  4. Nate says:

    Excuses are usually fear based. They’re just a way to somehow justify to ourselves that not taking action is ok.

    Example based on your above post:

    I don’t want to start a business because:

    – I’m too young
    – I don’t have enough money
    – I don’t have enough time
    – I don’t know how
    – etc.

    Underlying all of these excuses is fear. Fear creates self-doubt, which stops our growth. This kind of questioning can creep up on you. If I find it happening to myself I usually turn the question around and I find that there is nothing to be worried about:

    – Am I really too young? Today is the first day of the rest of my life, so why not start now?
    – Why don’t I have enough money? Can I cut out some expenses? What action can I take to get the money I need?
    – Do I really not have enough time? Where am I wasting time? If this is important, how can I free up more time in my life to make it work?
    – How can I learn so I do know how to do it? What small steps can I take to gain more knowledge?

    See how it works? Turn the excuses around and force yourself to answer questions. Take actionable steps. It’s only by doing that we change.

  5. Briefcases says:

    Good post Vincent. I’m sure most of us are guilty of occasionally using these excuses like not enough money or not enough time. Very rarely are these excuses legitimate. Still I like to use the money excuse to help maintain a livable budget.

  6. Hey Vincent.

    Those excuses sure are garbage. I have seen that when you remove the item that the excuse is attributed to, you find out the person wasn’t being held back by it, but by their own thinking. This is why that “if I only had more time” argument has no merit in the majority of cases. Solid message in this article.

  7. Yea I am also guilty from time to time for saying I don’t have enough money to “do it”. Thanks for the article, it is inspiring to me.

  8. Walter says:

    It’s still a mystery why humans are stubborn to change. The effect of this is we resist anything that will bring abundance into our life. But frankly speaking it is hard to break free from the habits of the mind. Unless we become aware of this weakness we will never discover our true potential.

    What you have written is worth pondering:-)

  9. used tires says:

    Actions speak louder than words, often we can say one thing… but our actions are not reflect of what we are doing. I know alot of people who say they wish they were this.. and that… but their actions aren’t speaking for their words.

    Till then,


  10. Vincent says:

    Hi Glen,

    You are welcome. 🙂

    Hi Oscar,

    Hey buddy, I’m glad that you like this article.

    Hi Diggy,

    You had cited a great example! When we reflect back on our day, there will be periods where we spend time on things that are wasting our time. Those time definitely can be put into better use.

    Hi Clinton,

    Nice to see you back again buddy. “Why do they call billionaires in their 40’s young billionaires?” Great point here! Sometimes it is just our own perception that creates our reality. I love what you had written and thanks for your great comment. 🙂

    Hi Tim,

    Once we set our mind to revolve around our excuses, we are denying ourselves the best that we can be. Yes, questioning ourselves is the way to prove how true are our excuses.

    Hi Megan,

    Yes! We are the drivers of our life and the steering wheels are always in our hand. Wish you success in achieving excellence. 🙂

    Hi c(a)sh,

    It is just like what Clinton had said. There are people who think that they are too old to run a business or earn big bucks but there are also people who quote billionaires who are 40 years old as young. It all depends on our own perception to seeing thing.


  11. c(a)sh says:

    Age… it could be an excuse that we use for fear of failure. ultimately, it all comes down to courage i think. cos beside using age as an excuse, one could turn around and quote experience as ‘excuse’

  12. I absolutely agree with you: the sky is the limit. Our minds are the only things that ever limit us. I stopped making excuses awhile ago. It doesn’t mean I don’t distract myself sometimes or avoid my full potential, but I don’t excuse it any longer. I simply accept my behaviors – good, bad, right or wrong. I am responsible for where I end up in life. No one and nothing else is.

    I’m heading for the sky right now!

  13. Not only is your article sagacious but the way you presented it was intelligent and precise. It’s all too easy to revolve our lives around the excuses we set up in our minds because of our inherent fears that proceeded them. Questioning our thoughts and demanding evidence to back them up are some of the most logical ways to test their factualness.

  14. Hi Vincent,

    I got to admit for a while I used the money excuse as well. Then the other day I read something about how capital isn’t lacking, vision and imagination is. Take a look at a lot of multi-billion dollar companies now days. Most of them started with nothing, accept for a vision, or an experiment or an idea. It may be hell to get by without any money but it’s a blessing in disguise, you learn how to fend for yourself when you lack money. You learn business skills that you’d otherwise throw money at and hope for the best. So to the startup, MONEY IS A CURSE!!!! Unless you know how to handle it.

    As for the age excuse,

    Haha, I know a few people(wont name names) that uses this excuse, “I could go to college, but ahh, I’m too old now, I’d be in my xx’s by the time I’m out of school…” the funny thing is, lots of extremely successful people were poor until their 40’s or 50’s or 60’s. Why do they call billionaires in their 40’s young billionaires?:D People somehow think that they need to start young to become something. Starting old may be harder and means you may have a little less time left to your life, but if you have 30 or 20 years or less, you have plenty of time achieve something in life. Besides us young people could kick the bucket any time, what assurance do we have that we’re not too old?:D

    The lack up time one is good.

    I find it funny that people who say they lack time, as you said, lack priorities instead of time. If you would rather watch TV than do something that may bring a return you lack priority. I’m amazed at how quick time passes when I sit down and watch the news or some show. Even if it’s interesting and informative, you almost learn nothing because of the commercials etc. I get 10 * more out of a book in 1 hour than I do watching an hour of TV.

    Things like weekends, Time after work, etc are times that people utterly waste. They think that because their not at work, or not making supper or what-not, they’re entitled to waste as much time as they feel like.

    Like they say, how you spend your free time makes all the difference in who you become.

    Great blog post Vincent, I enjoyed reading your blog!


  15. 100% true Vincent!

    We make so many excuses, especially the time excuse, but often that I say I do not have time to do something, I end up wasting hours doing unneccessary stuff that day, that I could have easily used to do something productive which I made an excuse for 🙂


  16. ATV for Sale says:

    Great read. Excuses like this can really hinder our progress. It is far too easy to come up with an excuse to avoid starting a big project or trying something new. We have to train ourselves not to fall into the trap of being quick to find an excuse. Then once we break these barriers, we can achieve things much easier.

  17. Vincent, you are right. Excellent posts and thanks for sharing 🙂


  18. Glen Allsopp says:

    Thanks for the link buddy!